7 fun hobbies to make money online

7 fun hobbies to make money online in 2022 (3rd is fully passive source)

Fun hobbies to make money online in 2022?

Making money online has become more simple and easier with time. Today, anyone can make money at home simply with the help of a reliable internet connection and a laptop.

Many people have made a living working online everyday right from the comfort of their couch. There are certain skills necessary to achieve this, but it is not difficult to do so.

If you are someone who is skilled in a specific hobby, you can make money from such a hobby as well.

Today we are going to list down 7 such fun hobbies that can help you make money online in 2022.

Fun hobbies to make money online in 2022 (Best 7 list)

People have a wide variety of hobbies which can be an endless list altogether. 

If you have a hobby which is marketable and can be taught to others, then you are in the game of making money soon.

The list specified here is a general common list of hobbies for people to make money online in 2022.

1. Hobby of writing can make money online

Do you love to write stuff?

Well writing is something which many people enjoy doing in a day. This is a highly skilled hobby that can help make money for you.

How is it possible, here’s how:

a. Becoming a freelance content writer

A content writer is someone who writes on any topic of his choice for the purpose of use of the content by others.

Content writers are usually hired to help someone who is in need of quality content for their work.

These writers are paid for each work or for each project delivered for delivering work to their client.

It’s a highly demanded skill and one that can make a really good amount of money.

Freelance content writers are usually paid $400 / month as a beginner depending upon the project work and the assignments.

b. Making money from a blog

A blog is a place where readers come to read about stuff that you share with them.

If you hold knowledge about something and want to share it with your readers then you can consider blogging.

This is a really powerful mode of business and one that can make a huge amount of money even for the introverts.

Blogging has created several million dollar businesses online.

No matter if you are a student looking for ways to make money online or someone trying to make money without a 9 to 5 job in 2022.

Blogging can be the way to go for it.

2. Hobby of reading books can make money online

Many people share in their resume for a job that they love to read books.

But did you know this can also be a money making skill online. Yes, indeed it is!

Someone who has a knack of reading books can tell others what he has read about.

What I mean to say is that you can summarize what you read during the day in the form of videos.

These videos can be uploaded onto YouTube or even written down in the form of blogs to gather an audience.

Once you start doing this you will eventually have a good following who would be willing to what you read about.

Then you can earn money from it with the power of affiliate marketing with the sale of books or even from Adsense.

This is just the beginning, there’s much more to it.

3. Drawing can be a money making hobby

When you love to draw stuff, you can make money out of it as well.

People love to see art coming into fruition and anyone who has a hobby of drawing can make money out of it as well.

Consider these YouTube channels such as Dan Beardshaw or HamRib Art who showcase their drawing skills from the YouTube platform.

There is a huge following for such content and people want to know how they can draw as well.

How can you make money from it?

Well you can simply create a digital course of teaching about drawing from beginning to expert and sell it to your viewers.

YouTube and Blogs are the go to platform for this as well.

Moreover you already have adsense and affiliate marketing available besides courses as well.

Besides this if you love to create unique designs that can be imprinted onto any kind of merchandise you can make money from Print on Demand as well.

4. Cooking and preparing wonderful recipes can be a money making hobby

If you find yourself in the kitchen cooking stuff every now and then, then this can be another money making hobby as well.

Start spreading your knowledge to others about what you know about cooking and help others to cook as well.

When people like to cook what you have to present they will love to associate more with you and learn gradually as well.

Many YouTubers and bloggers cook regularly and showcase their recipes to others everyday.

This has again a massive audience and people are looking for more creative ways to make recipes everyday.

5. Photography is another wonderful hobby that has a lot of money making potential

If you love to click pictures and can’t resist the temptation to capture the beauty of what’s around you.

Then this is a great hobby to make money as well.

If you hold a good collection of some stock photography, consider selling it online onto different sites to make money online.

This is another side hustle that you can do online and earn money in the process. 

It’s a process of making passive earning online as you can sell it to different customers time and again.

Besides this you do have an option of creating a course and launching a blog or Youtube channel around it as well.

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6.  Gardening is a fun hobby that can make money online

Planting a small plant and growing it in your garden is not a cup of tea for all.

This takes a lot of effort and patience to nurture the hobby into something which can be saleable.

If you are someone who does this effortlessly and loves to do it as a hobby, Congratulations!!!

You are already one step closer to making money online from it.

Teaching others about gardening can be a fun hobby as well.

How do you make money out of it?

I guess you already know the answer, right!!

Yes use YouTube and a blog towards it to your full advantage. Start uploading videos onto the platform and get viewers onto your channel.

Once you get enough traction onto your blog as well, making money becomes simple with affiliate products or even with adsense as well.

7. Playing instruments can also make money online for you as well

If you are good with playing an instrument such as a piano or even a guitar, then consider teaching it to others as well.

Playing any form of instrument and knowing how to strike the right chords is something which many don’t know.

Teaching this online has a huge market altogether again with YouTube and even a dedicated blog as well.

Again you can create a dedicated course for beginner to advanced level to teach playing instruments to others.

Thus making money online from your hobbies is not a difficult thing when you know how to market your hobbies into the market.

Key Takeaways

Here are 7 fun hobbies that can help to make money online:

  • Writing is a fun hobby to make money online.
  • Reading books can make money online.
  • Drawing can make money online.
  • Cooking is a hobby to make money online.
  • Photography is a hobby to make money online.
  • Gardening is another fun hobby to make money online.
  • Playing instruments can make money online

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