how to make money doing nothing online

How to make money doing nothing online in 2022 [7 money making ways]

How to make money doing nothing online?

How amazing would it be if one can make money literally doing nothing. Laying on the couch, watching your favorite movie on Netflix and just chilling out.

And the cash would keep rolling by…just like that🤑.

Well, as much as you dream of the money coming in, in reality it is never possible.

If that would be the case then we all would be living an altogether different life. 

But having said that, there are indeed some ways to make a few quick bucks by doing “some” work upfront rather than doing nothing at all.

Making money online has been getting easier with each passing day.

All the ways discussed below are a collection of ways that you generally do regularly everyday.

These are applicable to all categories of people even if you are a student.

Here’s a list of 7 ways on how to make money doing nothing online in 2022.

1. Make money by listening to music

Yes, you heard it right. You can make money online if you love listening to music.

There are ways on how you can make money online through music.

Typically these involve earning money by:

  • Rating music, 
  • Reviewing music, 
  • Listening to radio stations or 
  • Transcribing music online.

Which websites offer to make money online listening to music?

The websites which offer money to listen to music online would include:

How much money can be made listening to music online?

One can expect to earn around upto $0.05 for each song they listen and review for in HitPredictor.

MusicXRay pays around $0.1 for 30 seconds of song and an amount of $1 for the entire song.

SliceThePie pays equivalent upto $0.2 for each review of the song.

Cash4Minutes pays around $0.08 for each minute of audio.

Typically these websites pay money in the form of reward points,e-gift cards, shopping, cashbacks and more.

2. Make money doing nothing but typing online

Typing is probably one such skill which doesn’t require any effort whatsoever.

We all have mastered this ever since social media took over the good old days of sending letters.

Well, the best part is you can make money by typing too.

Usually one can make money by typing through:

  • Translating things from one language to another,
  • Writing reviews online,
  • Making captions, subtitles 
  • Filling out captchas online
  • Working on data entry jobs
  • Participating in surveys

Which websites offer to make money online by typing?

The websites which offer money for typing online includes:

How much money can be made typing online?

Rev offers around $1.5 per video minute to caption for a video, upto $7 for each audio minute for transcription with foreign subtitles.

Crowdsurf pays around $0.20 for each audio clip.

2Captcha offers around $0.5 for each 1000 captchas submitted online.

3. Watch videos online and make money online

One of the easy ways you can make money online is to watch videos online and make money in the process.

Popular websites such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Ibotta, FusionCash offer money for watching videos online.

The payment usually comes for watching videos, seeing ads and much more.

The payment rates are usually the following:

  • InboxDollars offers $5 joining bonus and upto $5 for tasks completed,
  • Swagbucks also pays upto $5 in a day for the tasks completed successfully,
  • Ibotta users can earn upto $20 for some users online,
  • FusionCash offers upto $5 while cashing out the money earned.

4. Sit at house keeping a watch over other’s house to make money

This is another absolute no brainer to make money.

You need to simply keep a watch over another’s house and make money on the process.

People who leave their house unattended leave their house and move out for vacation, or meeting a friend and other work.

At the same time they need someone to keep a look over their house while they are away.

You can house sit and make money in the process.

People can earn around $30 per hour for house sitting.

You can find work online such as TrustedHouseSitters, Nomador, HouseCarers and much more.

5. Walk a dog and make money doing nothing

Similar to house sitting, walking a dog for money requires no skill.

Taking care of pets is another fantastic side hustle to make money in the process.

If you love pets this will be the ideal job to try your hands on to make some good money.

Popular websites which offer work include Rover, Wag, BarklyPets and much more.

The pay is usually in the range of $10-$15 per hour.

One must have a good understanding of how to deal with pets and take care of them while owners are away.

6. Put your car on rent to make money

If you own a car which is lying idle in your house, it’s time to put it to good use now.

Renting your car for use by advertising about it online is one of the best ways to make money doing nothing.

There are websites like Turo, Getaround, GigCarShare and much more.

The earnings are usually determined based on the year of make, model or location of the rental services.

As an estimate, 

One can expect to earn around $50-$70 per week considering a car is rented for 10 hours in a week.

This can convert into around $200-$280 for a month as a gross amount without any deduction of expenses.

7. Play Games and make money online

Playing games is in genes and is a fun time hobby for many as well.

If you love to explore new features and love what games have on offer, this is a great way to make money online.

There are many apps which can help make money just by playing games such as CashCrate, Inbox Dollars.

Payments are usually done for installing a new game app or playtesting a new game which creators want to get in front of others.

This usually depends on the game that is being played and the experience put into it.

Professional gamers can earn around $50000 – $60000 per year just playing games professionally.

This requires special skills to be able to play on a professional level and compete with others.

If you love to play games online this might be the goto thing for you.

Today we have discovered about 7 such ways to make money doing nothing online.

Here’s what we have learnt so far.

Key Takeaways

7 ways on how to make money doing nothing online:

  1. Make money listening to music
  2. Earn money doing nothing online but by just typing everyday
  3. Watch videos online to make money doing nothing
  4. Sit at house and make earn online
  5. Walk a dog and make money online
  6. Put your car on rent and make money doing nothing
  7. Play games and make money as well 

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