How to make money online by mobile phone

How to make money online by mobile phone in 2022 (6 ways to do so)

How to make money online by using a mobile phone?

We are living in an absolutely fantastic period right now. Information is transmitted with every second of what we do.

This is the beauty of the digital age we are a part of.

Most number of users totaling to approximately 6567 million are mobile phone users in 2022. This is expected to grow by 17% to reach 7690 million users by 2027.

What do these numbers speak about?

The trajectory of growth of mobile phone users in general speaks that people are using more of their smartphones than ever before.

This in itself presents an opportunity like never before for someone who wants to make money by mobile phone.

Today we are going to discuss exactly how you can make money online by mobile phone in 2022.

6 ways to make money online by mobile phone in 2022

1. Do blogging from your mobile phone to make money out of it

If you look around users who are using phones a good number of people are consuming written forms of content digitally.

This is because people will bever stop searching for ways to fix things, especially by reading about it.

Blogging is really a great side hustle especially to do on weekends.

Talking about ease of doing it from your smartphone, it is as good as doing it from computers.

Infact people like the ease of blogging right from their mobile as and when they are on the move.

Basically you can start a blog today talking about your interest right from voice typing from your phone.

In this process you don’t need to write down the whole thing.

What else do we need from blogging?

As far as the potential for earning money is concerned people have built multi million dollar businesses right from a blog.

So the potential is huge if you can carry on this fun productive hobby in 2022.

2. Create a YouTube channel today using your phone

YouTube is a great business idea that you can actively start today itself.

An estimate says to have around 161.4 million viewers in the US alone in 2023.

Videos will play a really crucial role in the time to come especially for content creators.

You can directly shoot videos from the help of your smartphone and can upload videos onto the platform.

If you are consistent enough and do your job with discipline you can build a good audience around your content.

This can be a great source of passive earning for you as well.

Usually there are several forms of monetisation options available which includes:

So learn to make videos as this will be one of the most demandable skills in the time to come.

3. Selling photos to make money online by using mobile phone

If you love taking photos and are looking for ways to make money from it, then we have some good news for you.

Photography is one of the demandable skills today and many people are looking for good photos online.

People want to use the photos for their commercial purpose and other projects.

If you have got a good collection of stock photos you can consider selling those online.

Stock photos sell well on various platforms such as iStock, Shutterstock, Getty Images etc.

People sell stock photos from their collection for as low as $5 and even get paid for subscription of it as well.

Not only this, you can teach people around photography right from your phone recording videos for making a digital course.

We click pictures all day along from our mobile phones and making money out of it can be an obvious choice.

4. Play games on your smartphone to make money from it

You can play games all day along and also make money from your smartphone in the process.

We all love playing games when we get the time to do it. This is one of the most funtime activities that you can do ever.

But there’s also a money element attached to it as well.

Many applications are available which can help money for playing games such as:

There are several ways usually for which a payment is made for a game which involves:

  • Playtesting or 
  • To review a game to make money from it.

This is done by the creators of the game in order to improve the quality of the game and overall performance for the same as well.

So you can use your smartphone to play such games and start making money from home.

5. Participate in the surveys to make money online by mobile phone

Surveys are another additional way to earn money especially with mobile phones.

Participating in the surveys from your home and filling up upon the survey questions helps to make money.

There are websites which pays people money in exchange of sending their response in surveys, such as:

You can complete this task within an hour to make some money from participation in the surveys.

The money is usually earned in the form of rewards, e-gift cards and stuff like that which can be redeemed for several uses.

So this can be another cool way to earn money online by taking part in surveys.

This task is literally like doing nothing to make money online but using smartphones.

6. Start a Print on Demand store online using mobile phone to make money online

If you talk about one of the evergreen businesses out there that would be selling merchandise.

And if you would see the possible ways of doing such a business the options are plentily available.

Print On Demand means printing any merchandise for sale as per the demand of the customer.

It is a low cost investment business model that can be set up online completely for free. The entire operations can be done from the mobile phone itself and can upload cool designs online too.

There are many such forms of selling merchandise which are usually T-shirts, mugs, caps, pillows, masks etc. 

This can be implemented using right from your mobile phone and you can make money online in the process.

Here’s what we have learned so far on how to make money online by mobile phone in 2022.

Key Takeaways

Making money online by mobile phone in 2022 usually involves using several ways such as:

  • Blogging
  • Create a YouTube channel
  • Selling photos for making money online
  • Playing games on smartphone to make money online
  • Participating in the surveys to make money online from using smartphone
  • Start a Print on Demand store online from the use of mobile phones. 

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