make money walking dogs

Make money walking dogs (In-depth Guide for Dog Walkers in 2022)

There’s great news for all pet lovers!!! You all can simply make money walking dogs around, in your neighborhood even when you don’t have one.

Dog walking for money has been picking up the trend for a while, and even “Google Trend” validates that (especially in the United States).

This doesn’t come as a surprise at all and here’s why.

Around  63.4 million people (67%) in the U.S. have a dog as their pet.

Studies show that almost 60% of these dog owners are not able to take care of their pets.

This presents an opportunity for people who are looking to make money walking dogs for others…(or simply say pet sitting for money).

What’s more interesting is that people can make upto $15 per hour for walking dogs in 2022 which is around $ 979 million in industry.

In fact, this can be a great side hustle, especially for a teenager with earning potential of upto $100k per year…😮

Interested in getting started, but don’t know how and where to start?

Don’t worry that’s what we will look at on how to make money walking dogs and related topics.

Let’s get started…

7+ Best platforms to make money walking dogs in 2022

If you are looking for information such as:

  • What is a dog walking all about, 
  • Who is a dog walking suitable for, 
  • How to increase income as a dog walker, etc 

We have covered all the topics below.

Here we have listed our favorite top 2 picks from all the platforms listed:

Best Overall RatedRover
Best app for ease in paymentsPetBacker

Let’s start with the first platform to make money walking dogs.


Rover is one of the most preferred platforms among dog walkers when it comes to making money walking dogs.

Established over a decade ago back in 2011, Rover has grown into a business hub for pet sitters and dog walkers.

With a simple objective to be able to give unconditional love and care for dogs and other pets, Rover has risen as one of the most platforms for all pet owners.

This platform has received immense love with millions of 5-star ratings alongside 2+ million pet parents that have used Rover.

Having a presence across 10 countries, here is what you can expect from using Rover.

Quick Insights about using Rover

Here’s what you can expect to earn using Rover:

How much money can you earn using Rover$20 – $40 for 30 mins dog walk
Countries applicable for using the RoverU.S., Canada, U.K., Europe
Referral Bonus for using Rover$20 when a friend completes a service
Platforms supported for using RoverWebsite, iOS, and Android
How is the money paid via RoverDirect deposit to the bank account from Stripe
(2 – 5 days for receiving the payouts)
RatingTrustpilot – 4.6 / 5
Google Play Store – 4.6 / 5
Apple app store – 4.9 / 5

How much money can earn using Rover

Rover has stated that one can expect to make upto $1000 per month for providing pet services.

The best feature about using Rover is that dog walkers get to set their own price for walking dogs at their own time and convenience.

A standard pay rate for dog walkers using Rover has been observed to be around $20 – $40 per walk (usually this is about 30 mins of walk).

Along with this users can also expect to earn additional money for the following:

60-minute rate walks$11 – $22 for each walk
Holiday Walks (pricy due to holidays)$25 – $50 per walk
Additional Dog Rates (per dog per walk)$12 – $24 per dog per walk
Puppy Rate per walk$22 – $44 per walk

People who offer dog walks at $20 per walk seem to look for pay rates as shown in the above pic.

While people who offer dog walk at $40 per walk look for higher rates as mentioned above.

Some individuals even set for a higher rate as much as $100 per walk…🤑.

But this does mean less business opportunity and less money in the end.

Besides this, you don’t get to keep the entire earnings by yourself. Rover does have service fees as shown below.

Service fees for using Rover

Rover charges a service fee based on when your profile was approved of.

The service fees are as based upon below:

Profile Approval DateService fees per booking (as a %)
Before March 1, 201615%
On / After March 1, 201620%
Sitters using RoverGO25%

So, if someone has set a price for offering dog walking services for $40 per walk, then they can expect to earn around 80% of $40 (after service fees).

This means the net earnings would be $32 per walk.

Thus, one can accordingly set a price to earn well using Rover for dog walking.

Besides dog walking, one can also earn from other services as well.

How much can you earn from other services using Rover

Here’s a quick glance at what other services can offer for using Rover:

Services OfferedExpected Pay Rate (as per Rover)
Boarding Services (in the sitter’s home)$32 – $80 per night
House Sitting (in your home)$33 – $80 per night
Drop-In Visits$16 – $60 per visit
Doggy Day Care$33 – $50 per day

As you can see you can supplement your income levels by offering these additional services along with dog walking as well.

Who is eligible to use Rover

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age is eligible to get started using Rover.

What can you expect from using Rover

Rover can offer several services for dog walkers to make money from such as

  • Boarding
  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Doggy Day Care
  • Drop-in Visits
  • House Sitting

How do become a dog walker using Rover

Here are the steps necessary to start using Rover for using dog walking services:

  • Register on the Rover platform and create a profile on the platform.
  • Select from a wide range of services offered on the platform, such as boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, doggy daycare, or even dog walking.
  • Compete specified sections dealing with safety quizzes, background checks, or even adding testimonials for yourself from past clients.
  • Once all the steps are completed, you can proceed to submit the same.

Once all the above steps are completed, dog walkers will receive an email for some modifications to your profile if needed.

This may take for upto 10 – 20 days before you can start taking services on Rover.


Wag is the next platform on the list when it is about how to make money walking dogs around.

Wag works on the motto of owning a dog shouldn’t be considered a headache but rather a breeze among dog owners.

They offer a variety of services which includes:

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Care
  • Training for dogs and more.

Dog walkers can enjoy services for different time schedules such as 20 mins walk, 30 mins walk, or even 60 min of walks.

As of now the platform has offered over 11 million services to its users and has donated over 10 million meals as well.

Established in 2015, this has got over 400k users listed on the platform who care for dogs and want to look out for them.

Quick Insights for using Wag

Here’s all you need to know about using Wag:

How much money can you earn using WagUpto $37 for walking dogs (60 mins)
Countries applicable for using the WagThe U.S. 
Referral Bonus for using WagFor referring Pet Parents
Pay $5 Wag credits to Pet Parents and receive $20 as a payout for the first service completed by the Wag caregiver.

For referring Pet Caregiver (Dog walker)
Receive $10 for each first service completed by Pet Caregiver (referrals) on Wag.
Platforms supported for using WagiOS and Android
How is the money paid via WagDirect deposit to the bank account through Stripe
(within a few days to the account)
RatingTrustpilot – 3.9 / 5
Google Play Store – 3.2 / 5
Apple app store – 4.7 / 5

How much money can you make using Wag

Dog walkers can earn upto $37 per dog walk (for 60 mins) using Wag.

Wag allows dog walkers to set their own price (dynamic pricing) along with additional fees for other service offers such as drop-ins or overnight care etc.

Here’s what dog walkers can earn walking dogs using Wag:

Duration of Dog WalkAverage Pay Rates for Dog Walking (Estimated Prices for 1 dog)
20 mins$12.75 – $19.99
30 mins$17.00 – $26.99
60 mins$25.50 – $36.99

The above charges are stated on the Wag site, while the final amount payable to a dog walker can be higher or lower than this.

Besides this, dog walkers get to keep 100% of their tips if offered by dog owners.

Fees charged for use of Wag

Users would be required to pay a fee of 40% for taking up dog walking.

Dog walkers using Wag can expect to set their price at a multiple of 1.67 times their original price.

This means Wag will keep a 40% fee on the price set on the platform excluding any tips or payout increases related to featured services (if any).

Let’s calculate how much you can expect.

Suppose you have fixed a price of $40 for a dog walk, this means Wag will deduct $16 from that.

The dog walker will get to keep $24 after deduction of the charges from Wag.

What are the other ways of making money from using Wag

Dog walkers can expect to make additional money from the following services using Wag as follows:

20 mins Dog Walk$8.1 – $9.9
30 mins Dog Walk$10.8 – $13.2
60 mins Dog Walk $16.2 – $19.8
Drop-In Visit (20 mins dog visit)$8.1 – $9.9
Sitting (per night)$21.06 – $25.74
Boarding (per night)$26.46 – $32.34

These are an illustrative list of prices that Wag Dog walkers can expect after requisite fees by Wag.

So one can definitely make a good amount of money not only dog walking but also by offering additional services alongside that too.

What can you expect from using Wag

Wag has a similar services profile when compared to using Rover:

  • Dog walking.
  • Drop-Ins for dogs.
  • Training for the dogs.
  • Boarding services for the dog.
  • Dog sitting.
  • Vet chat services (24 / 7).

Besides this pet owners can track their dogs from the GPS services enabled that see where the dogs are heading with their dog walker.

Alongside this, there are also in-app messages to build a connection between the dog owner and the walker.

There is also a provision to provide photos and videos in real-time through the use of smartphones.

Who is eligible to start using Wag

Users need to be at least 18 years of age to start using Wag as stated in the Terms of Conditions of the site.

How to make money walking dogs using Wag

Here’s what users need to do to start using Wag to become a dog walker:

  • Users have to register as a dog walker on Wag by providing all the necessary basic information.
  • Give email details of some people who can provide personal or business recommendations for you.
  • Wag will send a form to all the recommendations as given by you and they will fill it up accordingly (more the recommendations better it is for your business)
  • Watch some training videos on the app and take quizzes related to the safety and care of the dog.
  • Complete a background check of yours to establish you are a genuine and nice person…😀

Once all the formalities are done (usually a few days to a week’s time) you can start to offer services on Wag.

Some of the checks done on Wag include dog handling safety checks, phone screening along with background checks as well.


DogVacay is the next platform on the list of platforms for dog services.

The platform is set to partner with Rover and use their services.

The platform shares the same mission as Rover and thus the merger to achieve bigger goals and objectives when it comes to dog care.

The users have backed this platform with an amazing experience and easy-to-use platform.

Also, the platform has been praised for its excellent payment process in place as well.

Let’s look at what the platform can offer for dog walkers.

Quick Insights about using Dog Vacay

Here’s what you can expect from using Dog Vacay:

How much money can you earn using Dog VacayUpto $50 per dog walk (around 30 mins per walk)
Countries applicable for using the Dog VacayU.S. and Canada
Platforms supported for using Dog VacayiOS and Android
How is the money paid via Dog VacayPayment directly to the bank account via Stripe (as is the case with Rover)
RatingTrustpilot – 4.8 / 5

How much can you make using Dog Vacay

Users can expect to make upto $40 per walk (which is usually about 30 mins of walk).

Note that this is the same as anyone using Rover as both are going to merge and will work together as one.

One can find work in their neighborhood depending on where they live and how often they are willing to provide their services.

Who is eligible to use Dog Vacay

Anyone who is at least of 18 years of age is eligible to start using Dog Vacay (although not specified in the platform).

What you can expect from using Dog Vacay

Dog lovers can expect to have the following services on board using Dog Vacay:

  • Dog Boarding services
  • Pet Sitting services
  • Dog Day Care
  • Walking Dogs.

Dog owners simply need to browse the platform to find dog caretakers. 

Once selected, they need to simply book and pay them online.

Barkly Pets

Barkley Pets is another platform that offers services in relation to pets.

Barkley Pets don’t keep any commission for offering their services to dog walkers.

Dog walkers get to keep all the money that they earned from walking the dogs to themselves.

Barkly Pets helps pet owners find their match looking on the platform with custom local background checks and trained dog walkers that suit the profile of pet owners.

The app operates between 6 am to 10 pm each day.

Some of the other additional services provided by Barkly Pets include:

  • Pick up/Drop-off notifications.
  • Walk reports for the users through GPS tracking
  • Visit photos
  • Instant feedback
  • Cash-less transactions

Quick Insights for using Barkly Pets

Here’s all you need to know about using Barkly Pets:

How much money can you earn using Barkly PetsUpto $28 for 60 mins of dog walk
Referral Bonus for using BarklyPets$5 of walk credit
Countries applicable for using the Barkly PetsThe U.S.
Platforms supported for using Barkly PetsiOS and Android
How is the money paid via Barkly PetsReceive the payment with the help of Stripe
RatingTrustPilot – No reviews found
Google Play Store – 3.8 / 5
Apple app store – 4.4 / 5

How much can you earn using Barkly Pets

An average dog walker’s earnings as reported by BarklyPets stand to be $15 – $21 for a dog (for 30 mins of walk).

Here are some more rates for reference to using Barkly Pets.

Some of the pay rates as per the duration of the walk are as follows:

Time for walkPay Rates
30 mins of walk (1 dog)$18
60 mins of walk (1 dog)$28

An additional dog walk can cost from $5 – $10 for each dog.

This pay rate also varies as per location on Barkly Pets such as:

  • New York City dog walkers charge around $20 (for a 30 mins walk)
  • Washington DC dog walkers would charge around $18 (for a 30 mins walk)
  • San Jose, CA dog walkers would charge around $16 (for 30 mins of walk)

What are the key things to know about using Barkly Pets

Things to know about Barkly Pets (from a dog walker’s perspective)

Here are the important things to be aware of before using Barkly Pets like a dog walker:

  • Barkly Pets charges the dog walkers activation fees of $10 for using BarklyPets (one-time activation fees).
  • Ongoing activation fees will also be changed from the dog walkers on monthly basis for getting access to the platform or receiving certain services on the platform.
  • Dog walkers have to pay a small membership fee of $8.5 once their income exceeds $100 in a month.
Best features of BarklyPets (from the dog owner’s perspective)

Here are the key things that a dog owner would love to have from Barkly Pets:

  • Completely vetted dog walkers with experience, rates desired, recent activity, and ratings obtained.
  • Set up a free meet and greet session with the dog walker before appointing anyone to find the perfect match for your pet.
  • Walkers have to meet the highest expectation and safety standards for using the platform.
  • Available nationwide, Barkly Pets has customer service available 24/7 for the users.

Who is eligible to use Barkly Pets

Anyone who is at least of 18 years of age is eligible to start using Barkly Pets.


HoliDog is quite a unique name and has been in the business for a long.

Established exactly a decade back in 2012, this platform has been growing significantly as well.

The community of around 1.6 billion people is connected to the platform on Facebook and has around 451k pet sitters across the world available as well.

There is no commission charged for using HoliDog (which is 100% free).

The platform provides 4 types of services for the pet owners such as:

  • Dog care at a host family
  • Providing dog care services at own home.
  • Daily visit for a 30 mins period to provide cats food, water, and love.
  • Dog walking services for taking dogs on a walk in the neighborhood.

Let’s know more about using HoliDog.

Quick Insights about using HoliDog

Here’s a quick glance to know more about using HoliDog:

How much money can you earn using HoliDog$12 for a dog walk of 30 mins
Referral Bonus for using HoliDogNot Available
Countries applicable for using the HoliDogFrance, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand
Platforms supported for using HoliDogSmartphones
How is the money paid via HoliDogNot Mentioned
RatingTrustpilot – 3.7 / 5
Google Play Store – Not Available
Apple App Store – Not Available

How much can you earn using HoliDog

Dogwalkers get to decide upon their pay rates.

HoliDog states that on average a Dog walker can expect to earn around $12 walking dogs for 30 mins of walk-in U.S.

Who is eligible to earn using HoliDog

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age is eligible for using HoliDog (not specifically mentioned on the website).

How to make money dog walking using HoliDog

Dog walkers can start to use HoliDog in the following 3 steps as mentioned:

  • Create a profile and fill in your availability, rates, and why you want to do this.
  • The quality team reviews and validates your profile (may contact via phone)
  • The profile is activated usually within 24 hours and is displayed on the platform. is the next platform on the list and indeed it takes care of several things.

The platform offers services related to several things such as:

  • Child Care services
  • Senior care services.
  • Tutoring services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Daycare services
  • Pet Care services

The pet care services even expand beyond Dogs to cats as well.

The platform hosts around 55964 dog providers who accumulate an average experience of 3.4 years.

Let’s dig deeper to know more about

Quick Insights about using

Here’s all you need to know about using

How much money can you earn using$13.50 per hour for walking dogs
Referral Bonus for using$20 referral bonus when 
Countries applicable for using the Care.comThe U.S. and Puerto Rico
Platforms supported for using Care.comiOS and Android
How is the money paid via Care.comPayment directly goes to a bank account
RatingTrustpilot – 1.1 / 5
Google Play Store – 3.5 / 5
Apple app store – 4.6 / 5

How much can you earn using

As per, an average pay rate of $13.50 per hour has been reported for July 2022.

Here’s a list of the top 10 dog walkers registered at in the Washington area and their pay rates:

Pay RatesExperience of Dog Walker
$14 – $19 per hour1 year
$10 – $20 per hour4 years
$15 – $25 per hour8 years
$11 – $50 per hour1 year 
$15 – $40 per hour1 year
$8 – $13 per hour1 year
$15 – $30 per hour10 years
$18 – $23 per hour5 years
$15 – $25 per hour5 years 
$15 – $25 per hour2 years

As you can see one can expect to make from $8 – $50 per hour walking dogs on in 2022 depending on the experience and reputation of dog walkers.

Who is eligible to use

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age can start to use

How to make money walking dogs using

Dog walkers using can start to make money using the platform in the following steps:

  • Sign Up and create a profile to get started using the platform.
  • Start searching for the jobs around your locality to determine any work available for you.
  • Start getting hired as per your job suitability and make money in the process. is the next platform on the list.

The platform boasts of nearly a million pet lovers who use the platform to take care of their pets.

Quick Insights for using

Here’s what you can expect from using

How much money can you earn using$10 per hour for offering pet sitting services
Referral Bonus for using PetSitter.comNot Available
Countries applicable for using the PetSitter.comU.S., Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands
Platforms supported for using PetSitter.comDesktop (Google Chrome or Safari)
How is the money paid via PetSitter.comPayment to bank
RatingTrustPilot – No reviews yet

Who is eligible to use

Anyone who is at least of 13 years of age is eligible to start using to make money walking dogs.

How much money can you make using

On average, a dog walker can make around $10 per hour for offering pet sitting services using as stated by the top earner on the platform.

Here are some more pay rates that we found while looking for dog walking jobs on

  • $15 per hour for dog walking twice a day with pet sitting (2 labradors)
  • $25 per hour for dog walking American Cocker Spaniel.
  • $10.5 per hour for walking dogs with 1 year of minimum experience.

As you can see dog walkers can expect to make around $10.5 – $25 per hour and more with walking dogs using

How to start using to make money walking dogs

Any dog walker can make money walking dogs by following these 3 simple steps:

  • Users can post their profiles related to the services offered and find prospective clients for dog walking services.
  • Dog walkers need to fill in a form and give relevant details on how to reach them and give information related to their pay rates as well.
  • This helps the dog owners find the relevant dog walkers in their neighborhood and dog walkers can make money in the process.

Pet Backer

Pet Backer is another name in the industry offering dog walking services alongside others.

The platform offers what we have read so far from so many platforms out there.

Services for pet care to pet owners such as walking dogs, pet daycare, pet grooming, pet boarding, etc.

Let’s get to know Pet Backer even further.

Quick Insights for using Pet Backer

Here’s all you need to know about using Pet Backer:

How much money can you earn using Pet Backer$15 per walk of 30 mins
Referral Bonus for using Pet Backer10 credits for referring 3 friends successfully
Countries applicable for using the Pet Backer50 countries 
Platforms supported for using Pet BackeriOS and Android
How is the money paid via Pet BackerPayPal
RatingTrustpilot – 2.4 / 5
Google Play Store – 3.7 / 5
Apple App Store – 4.3 / 5

How much money can you earn using Pet Backer

Although PetBacker states dog walkers earn around $15 per hour (30 mins) using the platform.

Here are some earnings of dog walkers using PetBacker that I found from the job postings (for the US):

RateLocation of ServiceAccomplishments of the dog walker
$10 per walk (for 30 mins)Ohio12 times reviewed 5 stars
35 years of experience
17 completed bookings
2 repeated customers
$15 per walk (for 1 hour)Virginia10 completed bookings
1 Repeated customer
1 Repeated bookings
$20 per walk (for 30 mins)Florida75 times reviewed 5 stars
20+ completed bookings
16 repeated customers
$30 per walk (for 30 mins)New York20+ customer bookings
1 repeated customers
1 repeated bookings

As you can see dog walkers can expect upto $10 – $30 per walk for anyone using PetBacker.

This varies widely as per your location of service being offered.

Click Here to find the rates you can ask for in your locality for using PetBacker.

Who is eligible to use Pet Backer

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age is eligible to start using PetBacker.

How to start to make money walking dogs using Pet Backer

Using PetBacker is quite simple for any user looking to provide dog walking services:

  • Start listing out the services you can offer as a dog walker.
  • Collect reviews and testimonials for the services offered.
  • Chat with the pet owners and start offering services for money.

What is Dog Walking all about

Dog walking simply put is taking care of the dog under one’s own supervision while taking the dog out for a walk.

Responsibilities of a dog walker

There are several responsibilities that come up as a dog walker which include:

  • Understanding the behavior and nature of a dog while taking it out for a walk.
  • Picking up the dog at the owner’s residence, even if the owner is away, and ensuring the safe arrival of the dog back at its place.
  • Be alert to the needs of a dog when you are out walking with them.
  • Staying cautious to avoid any kind of fights that may erupt between dogs with people or with animals around them.
  • Building upon trust with the owner of the pet to take care of the pet when the owner is away.
  • Having the strength to handle violent behavior of walking dogs (especially more than one), if the situation arises.
  • Cleaning up any kind of waste as created by the god while walking them out.
  • Ensuring that any sort of medical emergencies of the dogs (meeting the vet) are taken care of when it’s needed.
  • Being aware of laws in the city you are walking and dealing with risks associated with dog walking such as accidents or injuries or even the death of a dog.

What more can you expect to be a dog walker

So these are a glimpse of what you can expect to be a dog walker.

Much more than all of the above, a basic responsibility is to take care of the dog as your own in the absence of the owner.

If you are willing to take care of the dog as your own, you can expect to have a good pay rate for this.

It’s very important to be a dog lover and be willing to take care of the dog (cleaning up poop included)…😉

Okay, you are interested to get into the business, let’s look at how much can you can make walking dogs.

How much money can you make walking dogs

People have set up entirely a business for walking dogs.

The above result was what I got searching for “walking dogs for money success stories”.

Can you believe that someone retired with more than $1 million in a bank account just walking dogs?

This even became possible doing about 3 times a week.

An average earning stated by most people comes down to $12 – $15 per hour for walking dogs around.

Ziprecruiter states that an average income of $31,367 per year in 2022 is expected from being a dog walker.

So this is indeed a promising career option for anyone looking to make money walking dogs.

Factors that decide how much money you make walking dogs?

Some of the prominent factors in deciding about how much you can make walking dogs include:

  • The number of dogs you are willing to walk simultaneously together.
  • Other expenses associated with taking care of dogs such as transportation costs to reach the owner’s place, vet expenses (if any), etc.
  • Income may be dependent on the size or breed of the dog.
  • It also depends on how well you connect to the dog owners and the trust you build with them (the higher the trust and reputation, the more you can earn).
  • Income is also dependent on the owner’s availability as well. Weekdays can bring in more money and at certain times as well.
  • Other key factors include the location of services provided, experience, good ratings received, the price for offering services, time of service offered, number of walks taken, and more.

Still confused if you can do it or not. Let’s address this in the next part as to who can start a dog walking for money.

Who can start to make money walking dogs

A simple answer would be who is a pet lover (especially dogs) can look to work as a dog walker.

But this is not all. Here are a few things you need to consider before starting out:

  • One needs to have the strength (physically and mentally) to be able to handle dogs around while walking distances.
  • This is going to be completely an outdoor activity and one which needs your complete undivided attention all the time.
  • You should have good communication skills and build trust with the dog owner to take care of their pet.
  • Most of the platforms listed above have an age limit of being at least 18 years of age to start work.
  • As a beginner, it would take time to build a reputation in this business. So patience is the ultimate virtue that will help you prosper.

Besides the above, this may seem weird at first to begin with but has the potential to grow into a million-dollar business.

So hang along if you are looking to get started today.

How to make more money walking dogs

There are definitely a few things to take care of if you want to make more money walking dogs in general:

  • Start walking multiple dogs at once if you want to increase your hourly rates.
  • Focus more on building trust with your client, because a trustworthy person will always earn more in the longrun.
  • Think of offering additional services (if possible) such as house sitting (take care of client’s home and dog overnight) or even dog boarding (watch dogs overnight) etc.
  • Reduce any costs possible while picking up the dogs and giving them a walk outside.

These are some of the ways you can look into making more money while walking dogs.

Is dog walking a good side hustle?

Still, confused about whether it will be profitable long term or not?

Well, here’s a simple question I would like to ask before answering the above question.

Will people stop having pets (dogs in this case) and if yes, will they always be available to take care of them.

If you aren’t getting what I am trying to say, here are a few things I would like to add on top of this:

  • Total pet industry expenditure has grown up by 132% to reach upto 123.6 billion dollars.
  • Around 70% of people in the US own a pet which has grown by 67% in the past 3 years.

What do these stats all say to you?

There’s the business to be made from this and people are willing to spend so that their Cooper or Daisy is well taken care of.

So if you want to try out walking dogs around your neighborhood then this is the time to get started.

Final Words

All I can say to conclude what we have discussed so far is, that it takes patience and consistent efforts to build your reputation in any business.

If you are serious enough and looking to make money walking dogs, then work with full dedication and you will be rewarded for it.

Don’t look at dogs as just another medium to make money but rather be friendly and take care of them as your own.

Okay, let’s summarize what we have covered up so far today:

Summary on how to make money walking dogs

PlatformsPay Rates
Rover$20 – $40 for 30 mins dog walk
WagUpto $37 for walking dogs (60 mins)
DogVacayAround $50 per dog walk (around 30 mins per walk)
Barkly PetsUpto $28 for a 60 mins of dog walk
HoliDog$12 for a dog walk of 30 mins$13.50 per hour for walking dogs
PetSitter$10 per hour for offering pet sitting services
PetBacker$15 per walk of 30 mins

Before we conclude let’s look at some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to making money from walking dogs.

Meanwhile, we would definitely like to know your thoughts on this and your experiences of owning a pet (if any)…😃

FAQs on how to make money walking dogs

Can you make a lot of money walking dogs?

Yes, you can make money walking dogs and indeed a lot!!! An average pay rate of around $15 per hour can be expected from walking dogs.

People have even set up million-dollar businesses around walking dogs working for years.

Average pay rates are around $31,367 per year for walking dogs in 2022.

Is there a demand for dog walkers?

Dog walkers are definitely in demand today and will be in demand in the time to come as well.

A basic reason for this is there will be a demand always for someone to take care of dogs when the owners are away.

Google Trends has reported showing an increase in the trend in the past decade especially worldwide.

So, there’s definitely scope and demand for dog walkers going ahead.

How do I become a dog walker with no experience?

One shouldn’t worry when dealing with dog walking if you don’t have enough experience under your belt.

Look for getting your first client among your neighbors, family, or some other people who you know about to get your first dog walking experience.

As long as you get to walk dogs you can add that experience under your belt and approach more clients in time.

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