Side Hustle as a lawyer

15 Best Side Hustles as Lawyer to Start Now (2022 Guide)

Being a lawyer requires much attention to client work and other details. When it comes to starting a side hustle as a lawyer, demands much effort and attention to detail as well.

But despite being a lawyer, there are always ways to make money as a side hustle especially when you are putting in long hours into your work.

What are the key ways which you must look at if you need to build wealth online while working on a side hustle as a lawyer?

Today we are going to discuss the 11 best ways you can look to start as a side hustle is a lawyer that can help you make money online along with your regular income.

Let’s get started…

List of Best Side Hustles to start as a lawyer in 2022

Before we dive deep into each of the side hustles here’s a complete breakdown of the side hustles to look for as a lawyer:

Side HustleEarning Potential (in $)
Start a Blog$20k per month
Become a Freelance Content Writer$10 – $100 per article
Start a YouTube Channel$1000 – $10000 per month
Sell Legal Courses online$10 – $30 per course
Provide Consultation Services for a fee$15 for 45 mins
Sell ebooks Online$720k sales for 10000 copies
Start a Podcast ChannelUp to $29k per month
Become a teacher$208k per annum
Take up transcription work as a lawyer$10 per audio hour
Work as a petsitter$12 – $15 per hour
Deliver Groceries online$25 – $50 per month
Become a proofreader$26 per hour
Print on Demand Up to $11 from the sale of 1 t-shirt
Become a drop shipper$1000 – $5000 per month
Sell Legal templates for businesses$10 – $30 for each template

Start a Blog Online as a lawyer

A blog is a wonderful medium to connect with people around the world. Everyone has something to say and talk about from their own experiences.

Being a lawyer your education and experience matter a lot when it comes to understanding the technicalities of law in general.

If you are an introverted person, then this is the best way to build wealth by writing about topics that cater to the interest of the masses.

It’s like working in an incognito mode on…😎.

So, what’s the take here? 

How do you start to write a blog?

A blog is nothing but a presence online which requires 2 things:

  • A domain name, i.e. the name of your blog.
  • Hosting, which means someone will host your content online for others.

Once you have the above system in place, you can get started writing a blog and putting the topics out there.

How much money can you make writing blogs as a lawyer

Well, the short answer is, as much as you can think of…

There are blogs out there that are earning pennies, while there are also blogs out there that are generating 6-figures annually.

It all matters to how much effort and how long you stay persistent with the process.

Staying consistent and putting in the work will always yield the rewards long term.

For your reference, here’s a quick analysis of how much money you can make working on blogs in general:

BlogsTraffic (per month)Earning Potential (Based on $ 6.11 CPC and 5% CTR )
Above the Law1.44 Million per month1.44 Million * 5% * $6.11 = $439.9k per month
Add Docket108.14k per month108.14k * 5% * $6.11 = $33.03k per month
Legaldesire93.24k per month93.24k * 5% * $6.11 = $28.48k per month
legalreader.com63.65k per month63.65k * 5% *$6.11 = $19.44k per month

Source: Traffic estimates based on

All the above numbers are based on an estimate of 5% CTR and $6.11 CPC for the same.

Note: These are only the earnings based on ads estimates and don’t include any other sources.

Become a freelance content writer to make money as a lawyer

A content writer will always be in demand no matter where the world goes in the future.

The reason is that writing will always stay relevant and will bring business to any business out there.

Digital content that gets produced in any form such as videos, podcasts, or any other format needs text at the end of the day to sell and make money.

This is where content writers have a major role to play in the game and make money as well.

But, how can you blend your experience into the world of content writing as a writer?

Well as a lawyer there is plenty of opportunities available when it comes to writing and building credibility online.

What are the niches you can write as a lawyer to make money online?

Some of the most popular niches to make money online as a lawyer includes the following:

  • Legal and Consulting
  • Marketing and Administration
  • Technology 
  • Online Business and much more.

Many businesses regularly look for legal professionals who can offer their expertise in the form of written content for their growth.

Writing on these topics in law journals, press releases, newsletters, other legal website content, etc will present an amazing opportunity for growth.

How much can you earn as a lawyer writing content?

As a lawyer, being a freelance content writer you can definitely expect to earn a steady income.

This is a demandable niche and can bring a ton of money if you learn to showcase your skills with proper knowledge into it.

Let’s see how much can you expect to earn from this side hustle as a lawyer…

Source: Fiverr

Writing as a freelance content writer and being a lawyer can help you make around $10 – $100 per article.

Even some of the content writers writing for long-form SEO content charge up to $300 just for writing one piece of content of high quality.

This goes to show the huge scope that one has when it comes to writing content as a freelance content writer in the legal niche.

Start a YouTube Channel as a side hustle being a lawyer

This is the most obvious side hustle of a lawyer in today’s world.

If you are looking to expand and share your knowledge then there can be nothing better than showcasing your skills in the form of videos.

YouTube has become a major game changer for many families out there and many have set up their entire businesses just from YouTube.

The same goes for the legal niche and lawyers looking to take part in the process in general.

So let’s see what can you do with YouTube…

What are the niches you can target to make money with YouTube

As a lawyer, you can look to work around the legal niche and create videos based on consultation and legal services.

Education people with the knowledge and requisite information would be the ideal strategy to implement when it comes to building a strong foundation on YouTube.

Some of the most popular types of videos that can go well as a lawyer on YouTube would include:

  • Marketing and administration.
  • Legal consulting and services.
  • Research and analysis of legal problems.
  • How to file legal documents, lawsuits, and appeals.
  • Procedures that go into registering for cases etc.

How much money can you make from YouTube being a side hustle as a lawyer

Well again, this answer depends on how much effort you have in place.

You can expect to make around $1000 per month or even you can expect to pull in $10000 per month.

It all depends on how well you perform and bring visitors to your site in general.

Let’s have a look at some of the YouTubers and see how much they would be expectedly to make from YouTube in 2022:

ChannelViewsExpected Lifetime Earnings (Earnings * $15 * 55%)
Law and Crime Network1858 Million 1858 Million * $0.15 (Avg CPM)  * 55% (Creator’s Share) =$153.28 Million
Shouse Law Group Channel40.3k 40.3k * $0.15 * 55% = $3325 
Stanford Law School27.5k $2269
The Law Simplified93.8k $7739

Source: YouTube

All the above channels would be earning a steady income as specified above and making good money out of it.

All the above estimates are just ad income and don’t include any earnings from other sources.

Start selling courses online

Selling courses is one of the best ways to build passive income over a period of time.

Courses can easily be monetized if you have a steady following or audience and you are looking to create wealth over a period of time.

It’s a massive industry out there and people are looking to learn anything and everything that anyone has to offer.

Selling courses related to the legal niche is one of the best-fit side hustles to think of being a lawyer.

The question that must be answered here is what can be a good course to create and sell?

Well, there can be numerous options open for this. Let’s discuss it…

What type of courses can you sell as a lawyer and build on a side hustle

Source: Udemy

Here’s what a quick search on Udemy led me to.

People are selling courses related to Corporate law, Business Law, Diploma in Labour Law Statutory Compliances, and more.

The basic question to address here is your area of interest.

Let’s say you are fluent in English and can teach someone looking to learn the language, then maybe selling courses related to the English language would be great.

One needs to look into their strengths and potential to be able to build potentially viable courses to offer to the audience and make money out of it.

How much can you earn selling courses as a lawyer?

Selling courses as a lawyer you can expect to make around $10 – $30 selling each course (as per Udemy).

Again the earnings that would come from this side hustle as a lawyer would depend upon how well you sell the course and make business in the long run.

Provide Consultation Services Online for a price

Similar to selling courses, consultation is also a huge market for lawyers.

The industry is wide open and with every complexity happening in the legal space, there is ample opportunity available for a lawyer to capitalize on the scenario.

Providing consultation services for a fee is a growing business and can make potentially $1000 – $10000 per month online if you can do it in the right manner.

Source: Legalkart

Here’s a website which is selling consultation services online taking the help of legal experts or lawyers.

How much can you earn as a lawyer providing consultation services

As you can see the pay rates for providing legal consultation services are as follows (in $):

Time PeriodTotal Payment (in $)
15 mins$8.74 
30 mins$9.99
45 mins$12.49
60 mins$15

This is an Indian-based service for consultation on legal matters being provided online.

There are numerous such websites available where you can register and provide services of consultation for a fee as a lawyer.

Sell ebooks online as a side hustle is a lawyer

Ebooks are another wonderful medium to monetize your skills.

A lot of people prefer to read books and this is a huge market open for lawyers when it comes to selling knowledge based on legal matters.

Selling digital copies of ebooks is a fantastic way to build wealth long-term as it brings in a ton of opportunities online.

Ebooks are nothing but written digital copies of books that can be read and used by a reader anytime from their smartphone and other devices.

How much can you earn from selling ebooks?

Here’s a quick reference as to how much you can earn from selling ebooks:

EbooksEstimated Sales VolumeEstimated Total Sales (in $)
A Handbook for the Profession (Jossey Bass Higher and Adult Education)10000$720k
The End of Lawyers10000$78.3k
Declining Prospects10000$93.6k
Succeeding as Outside Counsel5000$355k
Legal Procurement Handbook5000$190k

Source: Amazon and

The above shows the estimated sales (in $) that these ebooks have generated over a period of time.

All the above earnings are based on Amazon which is reflected by the volume and amount of sales generated over the period of time.

The best earnings as revealed are the highest-paid ebook for a lawyer, and that is $720k (in total).

Start a Podcast Channel

A podcast channel is an awesome way to bring your voice out there to the world.

If you have any ideas that you would love to share with others and you think your voice or audio is the best way to reach out to people, then the podcast is the way to go.

Essentially you would be sharing your thoughts and ideas about what you think of being a lawyer and starting a side hustle as a podcaster.

This is a growing market and many people are getting their feet wet already.

If you speak about numbers then the audience for podcasts is around 505 million (at a growth rate of 10% over 2 years).

How much money can you make running a podcast as a lawyer

Being a lawyer starting a side hustle as a podcast can be truly rewarding.

There are plenty of things you can simply talk about behind the mic with your voice.

Let’s see some quick stats as to how much money you can make from running a podcast:

PodcastsAudience (patreons)Estimated Earnings
Opening Arguments4120 $11k – $29k per episode
Enty Lawyer3186 $9k – $23k per month
Lawfare1003$3k – $7k per month
Honest Outlaw Reviews996$1k – $9k per month
Stephanie Law511$3010 per month

Source: Graphtreon

As you can see lawyers can make upto $29k per month or around $360k per annum working on a podcast right from their home.

All these numbers are amazing and one must also understand that it takes consistent work to build such kind of wealth in your life.

So, look to start your own podcast if you want to run the game of podcasting being a lawyer.

Become a teacher online

Teaching is one of the solid ways to make money online as there is an enormous scope for making money from education.

People are willing to put money into anything that they can learn and incorporate into their life.

As a lawyer, there are several ways you can expect to earn money online from various platforms such as:

  • Udemy
  • Skillshare
  • Teachable
  • Podia
  • Thinkific etc

All these platforms present an amazing opportunity for you to put your knowledge to the test and teach others in the process.

As a lawyer, you can teach on these platforms and even look to teach online on YouTube as well.

As regards the earnings of a lawyer as a teacher, it can go well up to around $208k per annum.

Take up transcription work online

Transcription work is amazing work and can pay a good and steady income when you take it up in the long run.

Basically, all you need is an audio file to listen to and you must be able to type out everything that you hear.

This is a skill that tests out your ability to hear things properly and your promptness to write and note down stuff as you hear as well.

People who are lawyers have a huge demand in this industry as there are a lot of legal documents and press releases that must be transcribed after listening to the same.

There are several ways you can start to take up transcription and make money out of it.

The basic pay rates are around $10 per audio hour which means you will be paid around $10 for 60 mins of audio clips that you listen to.

Transcribing documents takes time and must be taken with patience to learn the skills and craft to hone it to perfection.

Work for petsitter as a side hustle being a lawyer

Petsitting is also rising in popularity and is growing in importance as we are getting busy with each passing day.

If you are a pet lover, you will always find this side hustle as a lawyer interesting and worth pursuing.

Taking care of pets and making sure they are okay is what you need to ensure when the owners are not around them.

Whenever people look to go out for a trip or meet someone outside, they are always concerned about the pets that they have with them.

The reason is that pets need someone to be taken care of and thus need a petsitter as well.

The average earnings from walking or taking care of pets is around $12 – $15 per hour.

This means you can generally expect to earn around that same level of income taking care of pets around your house.

Deliver Groceries online

Groceries are something that can be delivered online and one can make money from them as well.

People with each passing day are getting service oriented and need someone else to take care of their work.

Delivering groceries is one of the tasks that you can look to do if you want to make some quick bucks online.

There are plenty of apps out there that can help you get started delivering groceries and building some quick money online.

Platforms such as Instacart, UberEats, Shipt, and Caviar are all good platforms when it comes to making money from selling groceries. 

Usually, people can expect to earn around $25 – $50 per month delivering groceries.

Become a proofreader

A proofreader as the name suggests is someone who proofreads your document.

This means someone who can read and find out errors and mistakes in what is written in a document.

Proofreading is an amazing skill if you know how to utilize it to the best use.

Everything that is written out is not grammatically correct with the right sentence structure in place.

There is always something that is not included in the right manner at the end of the day.

As a lawyer, you can look for legal documents and help proofread the documents.

It must go error-free and must be best served and for the intended use.

Proofreading can bring around $26 per hour as an expected rate and this is a demandable business model that has high requirements for proofreaders.

Start Print on Demand business for a side hustle as a lawyer 

Print on Demand business is a demandable business as you essentially sell merchandise and stuff online.

Being a lawyer you can attract people who have a love for the law profession in general.

Source: Etsy

The above is an example of an amazing design that has sold over 2682 times and has brought in around $28597 in its lifetime.

This goes to show the level of opportunity available if you want to establish a Print on Demand store online and sell such kinds of designs.

Not only tees, notebooks, pillows, masks, hoodies, and a lot more items find huge demand and can be saleable in the long run.

Print on Demand is an awesome business model which can work long term only when you design stuff and sell it in the right manner.

As a lawyer, this can be a really great side hustle to pursue full-time.

Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipping is an amazing business model which can help bring in revenue when you have an online store of yourself.

If you ever wanted to sell stuff online by setting up your own virtual store, then drop shipping can be an amazing way to do so.

Dropshipping is essentially selling products online without worrying about managing or handling costs associated with it.

As a dropshipper, all you need is to list out products that would be appealing to the people to buy.

As a dropshipper you can expect to churn in some good money even being a lawyer too.

Dropshipping can help make you around $1000 – $5000 per month, if done on a consistent basis and with intent.

What essentially is needed is a direction where you can put your entrepreneurial ability to test and amplify that to create the best outcome.

Sell Legal Templates for money as a side hustle being a lawyer

Templates and documents are much more relevant when it comes to managing the affairs of the business properly.

Legal templates such as notices, MOA, Trust Deed, and others can also be sold with relevant things added to it.

People are always looking for some expert opinion when it comes to managing legal affairs.

Being a lawyer, gives you an upper hand as you can sell these templates even for money.

Someone can expect to make around $10 – $30 for each such template and make money out of it.

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