Make $1000 passive earnings online in 2021 by sharing articles

Making passive earning online has become simple and easier than before. There are a ton of ways to make money online.

In this post, we will see one such unique method to make decent passive income online every month.

This strategy is completely beginner friendly and takes hardly 15 mins to setup.


The website which will be used here to earn money online is

Before going into details about ways of making money through this method, let’s look at what is not needed for us in this method:-

  1. Website – Not required.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Not required.
  3. Social Media Followers –  Not required.

This website helps to earn money through the 3 steps mentioned below.



How much money is made from

It pays $220 for every 10000 views that the free article generates.

They also have a 20% referral bonus program.


This means if anyone has joined using your referral link and makes $1000, you make 20% of $1000, i.e. $200.

How the money is made from shows adds for every click on the free article that is shared on this platform by you.

This website pays money for sharing these FREE articles online to earn passive earnings online.

It simply shortens the URL of the article that is to be shared online and helps to make money online.

So when people click on the article to read for information they see adds from

Thus shares a portion of add revenue with you for every click by the readers.

This becomes an easy way to make money online as there are no products being promoted here.

How to withdraw money from

The money can be withdrawn from several platforms including Payoneer, Paypal,Paytm etc.

This platform has a minimum payout of $5. Thus one can withdraw money if their payout is as low as $5.


How to start earning money from

Click here to Register in the website.

Enter your username, email id, password and reenter the password as shown below.



Click on “I’m not a robot” and then click on “I agree to the terms of use and privacy policy” of the website.

The dashboard has 4 sections as shown below.


Once the setup is complete follow the steps below to start earning online:


  • There is a requirement to find an interesting article online which would be appealing and interesting to the audience. Find articles to share online with people.

Few such examples are 10 interesting facts about cats , 10 shocking facts about plastic pollution or 20 things that dissolve in water etc.

           NoteCopy the URL of the article decided above.

            As an example,  we have copied the URL of article 10 interesting facts about cats”, i.e.””


  • Click on New Shorten Link on the top left corner. Paste the URL of the article copied from step-1 above and then click on Shorten.


  • CLICK HERE to open another site i.e. INFLUENCER CART.



What is influencer cart and how to earn money from it?

This website helps to buy and sell shout outs through Instagram Influencers for as low as $5.

The Instagram influencers have a huge audience on their profile on different niches.

For less than $5, your article can be in front of a lot of people depending upon the category selected for the same.

An example of this is sharing a free article related to animals on an Instagram page which talks about animals.

To continue with Investor Cart, click on Sign Up at the top right corner as shown above.

In order to proceed further, fill up the details as necessary.

Click on Browse to find different categories after creation of Investor Cart account.

You can also filter out the information as per your relevant niche and price range.



You can find lot of accounts of different niche having a huge number of followers.

As an example,

As shown in the screenshot above, you can find “animals.inlife” account having “209.3k” number of followers.

So sharing an article related to “10 interesting facts about cats” in the above Instagram page would give a reach to 209.3k followers. These are those followers who have an interest about animals.

If out of 209.3k viewers, an estimate of 10% read your article, then roughly 20,000 number of readers will read the article which has the potential of making $440( i.e. $220 for 10,000 views).

Thus its an investment of $5 which can give a return of $440. Isn’t it amazing!!!🤑🤑🤑

This can make a decent passive earnings over time.

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This strategy holds a lot of potential if done properly and can make you a decent passive earning online.

One can make a snowball effect out of it to generate substantial passive earnings over time. 😵😵







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