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LearnWorlds is a user-friendly, fully customizable, white-labeled cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System) and online course creation platform with eCommerce capabilities.

It is a powerful yet lightweight LMS that can be utilized to train employees and partners or to educate customers.

LearnWorlds is also a premium all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, instructors and anyone, regardless of industry, who wants to monetize their knowledge, skills and expertise by creating and selling online courses.

“LearnWorlds is a powerful yet lightweight, intuitive eCommerce-ready white-labeled LMS, packed with advanced features to sell online courses, educate

customers, or train employees”

LearnWorlds is fully accessible on desktop and mobile devices. As it is cloud-based, all updates, releases and fixes are instantly available on the cloud with no system downtime, no patches, and no versions to keep track of. This fact makes LearnWorlds a “plug ‘n play” learning system that allows school owners to work on what’s more important in their business rather than deal with technology.

LearnWorlds offers many features, including:

  • the most advanced innovative modular Site Builder with beautiful templates, site flavors, useful widgets like email grabbers, calendars, countdown timers
  • built-in popup builder and blogs
  • full white-label / branded option
  • ecommerce capabilities – sell courses, course bundles and memberships
  • mobile app builder to create your own white label app, with in-app sales and customizable push notification
  • an assessment engine with options for certificates
  • the most advanced reporting center for students progress and content performance
  • a built-in community with social networking features and direct messages
  • customized learning paths and drip content
  • interactive video and interactive, responsive e-books, transcripts
  • integration with hundred of third-party tools
  • subscriptions, promo and bundles
  • SCORM compatibility with persistence and score tracking in the gradebook. LearnWorlds is the only light LMS that includes this feature
  • and so much more…

LearnWorlds is a brand that serves up beautiful and holistic “worlds of learning”, i.e. whole “learning ecologies,” where students interact both with the content and each other. The company emphasizes on design, learner experience, and

instructor-learner interaction.

High-Level LearnWorlds Review and Pricing

LearnWorlds is one of the most innovative, user-friendly, fast, reliable, and scalable cloud-based e-learning solutions in the industry.

“LearnWorlds is a powerful yet lightweight, intuitive eCommerce-ready white-labeled LMS, packed with advanced features to sell online courses, educate

customers, or train employees”

Whether you are an individual trainer with a few dozens of students or a large training organization serving audiences of tens of thousands, or even a corporation looking to build an employee training portal, LearnWorlds is the go-to solution. You can utilize LearnWorlds to create and run a beautiful, flexible, and powerful online school with premium e-learning, marketing and sales features.

LearnWorlds’ research-based team focuses relentlessly on the learner’s journey. Served by a clean, fast, and intuitive user interface, a built-in community and a well-researched ecology of e-learning tools, LearnWorlds offers stunning learning experiences and helps students achieve their objectives and make learning fun.

There are different pricing tiers available on: For a comparison of plans and features, go to:

Noteworthy & Unique LearnWorlds Features

Course creationSite BuilderCourses sellingManagement

Course Player
Templates & Flavors
Lead capture

White labelling

Live classes
Ready Sections & widgetsCoupons & Bundles

Interactive videos

One-click sales funnelUser progress & segments


Subscriptions & Memberships
Scheduled reports

Quizzes & Exams

Payment methods
Course Insights


Single Sign-On

Email marketing
Gradebook & Assignments
IntegrationsUTM trackingUser Bulk Actions

Course creation

Customizable Course Player

The platform features a brand new version of the most advanced Course Player on the market. The Course Player comes with templates and the ability to design unique learning paths for your students. The Course Player templates vary from classic to colored to minimal – something for every style of teaching!).

The Course Player is customizable; you can add a progress bar, buttons, tabs, section numbers and so on. You may further adapt it to your needs with custom CSS, so that each course can have unique branding.

How the Course Player works: The school owner can choose how students navigate through the learning units, and how they progress through a pre-set learning path. They can set a sequential progress or lesson prerequisites. For example, a student will be able to unlock all the videos of a section after completing the exam of the previous section.

Learn more and see screenshots here: stomize-the-appearance-of-your-course-player

Schedule Live Classes/Webinars

Live classes and webinars offer a variety of benefits, including education, coaching, interaction with users, personalizing your education program, familiarizing yourself with your audience, and many more.

How Live Classes/Webinars work: You can create a calendar so that users will select their preferred date and time based on your availability. This calendar can be created as an embedded learning activity. We have a detailed procedure for setting up an embedded calendar learning activity with Calendly SetMore.

Learners can schedule their Live Class with you in an easy and advanced way without long email sequences, phone calls, and time zone conversions.

Learn more and see screenshots here: st-a-live-class-webinar#schedule-live-classes-webinars-0-0

Advanced Interactive videos

Interactivity features are a focal point of the platform. There are interactivity elements in almost all learning activities that a course creator can use to increase interest, engagement and knowledge retention by students. Take Interactive Video as an example.

With the LearnWorlds Interactive Video, you can edit your videos on the fly & on the cloud. With the pre-made beautiful and easy-to-use templates you can choose amongst dozens of overlay elements, add them on top of your video with a simple click and breathe life into your videos.

With the Interactive Video features, instructors can create purely interactive videos that are irresistible to their students. Interactive video allows you to add questions, pop-ups, buttons and other elements to your videos to make them more engaging and captivating.

See how Interactive Video works here:


Free courses giveaway here: (Free Course 1: Learn How Interactive Videos Benefit Online Courses. Free Course 2: The Complete Guide to Creating Awesome Interactive Videos)

Full SCORM & HTML5 Multimedia Files Compatibility

SCORM allows you to create rich course content and easily transfer it from one LMS to another, just like a USB works across different devices. SCORM is a set of technical criteria for eLearning software products. Learn more in this article.

With SCORM and HTML5 multimedia files compatibility, you can easily import existing educational content into your LearnWorlds school. SCORM is the bread and butter of expert course creators who make high quality courses and interactive material.

SCORM files can be easily plugged into your LearnWorlds academy, and be viewed by your students using the beautiful course player.

Read more about how you can use SCORM to speed up your course creation process: pload-scorm-files-in-your-course

Quizzes & Exams

LearnWorlds provides self-assessment quizzes that consist of multiple-choice and true/false questions. Quizzes are not formal exams. Users get immediate feedback for their answers but they do not get a score after completing a quiz.

Additionally, course creators can easily set up exams that can be used for creating formal tests. You can create any kind of test by managing settings such as the duration of the test, the maximum number of tries, passing grade, etc.

Read more about quizzes:


LearnWorlds offers the option to create and provide certificates -in the form of a pdf certification file- to learners who have successfully completed formal exams.

Custom certificates are also available in our Pro Trainer plan or higher.

Besides, course creators can also award certificates of completion to users after they have finished studying a course (meaning that they have visited all the learning activities or they have successfully passed all the tests of a course).

Read more about Certificates in the following articles herehere, and here.

Interactive Ebooks with Note-taking Functionality

LearnWorlds has a unique feature for students. As they read your e-book they can take personal post-it-style notes, or highlight text that will be saved for future reference.

But it’s not only that; From an instructor’s perspective, interactive e-books are a powerful learning tool. LearnWorlds offer premade ebook templates, with placeholders for titles, text, images, quotes, and Calls-To-Action. You can choose one of these beautiful templates and save the time that you’d need to structure your


Alternatively, all you need to do to create an e-book is to upload an existing MS Word document. LearnWorlds creates an e-book for you on the fly!

LearnWorlds interactivity features allow you to add embeddable multimedia content to your e-books, like videos, forms, even complete web pages.

See more information and screenshots here: ke-notes-in-the-interactive-ebook-workpad-best-resources-

Site Builder

The Site Builder provides amazing ease of use and stunning results. Here are some of our best practices on using the LearnWorlds Site Builder.

Beautiful Templates & Flavors

Beautiful and consistent design has always had a positive impact on rich brand experiences and, ultimately, sales. Most course creators start by building a beautiful, professional website for presenting their courses, establishing their brand and creating strong foundations for their online business.

LearnWorlds Site Builder offers plenty of editing features for you to create the most stunning pages.You can select from a vast range of over 300 ready-made design templates that you can mix and match to create your home page, landing pages, sales pages, course pages – practically, a complete website from scratch. All template blocks automatically adjust to your selected color-scheme for a seamless brand experience!

More templates and complete website themes are often added to the existing pool of designs.

With LearnWorlds Site Flavors a school administrator can safely create an alternative version of a school’s site in just a few clicks. This is a fantastic feature for those who would like to make short-term changes to their site, without compromising the site’s original design. The Unlimited Site Flavors option is available for our Learning Center plan and above.

Read more about site flavors: eate-and-manage-the-site-flavors

Ready Sections & widgets

As a LearnWorlds school administrator, you can add functionality to your site with a wide range of widgets and ready sections. LearnWorlds widgets are helpful

components that enrich the layout area of the pages. They are additional elements that can be added to any pages’ sections or to your topbar. You can either choose pre-made section templates or build your own section layout. You can further customize each section by adding one or more widgets.

Read more about widgets and ready-sections here:

Complete Website with a Blog

With LearnWorlds, you can create a Blog where you can post content, share ideas, and reflect on your experiences. Blogging is a great way to market your school and build relationships that will aid in your school’s growth and drive more traffic to your website.

The blog allows school owners to strengthen their brand image, inspire authority & trust and attract more targeted organic traffic through search-engine optimized posts.

Whether you are selling one course or dozens of courses, offer free course material as a lead magnet or are building a subscription-based membership site, LearnWorlds can support you at every step of the way to growing an e-learning empire.

Learn more about how the blog home page and individual posts work in LearnWorlds by reading this post: and the following support article: ate-a-blog-in-your-online-school


With LearnWorlds Popup Builder, you are able to create amazing popups, improving the overall experience of your users by adding interactivity. You can utilize this tool to capture email leads, display promotions and sales, inform users of a new course or course material, show simple notifications or warnings, display special offers and coupons, display a welcome message to your users, launch a video pop up, and so much more!

The popup builder is available for our Pro trainer plans or higher, with an unlimited creation of pop-ups, and for our Starter plans and trial accounts, with the ability to create up to two popups.

Read more about the popup feature here: lder


Having a search engine optimization strategy (SEO) for your website (and courses) will help you build your reputation, rank higher in search results, and generate valuable organic traffic. Using LearnWorlds, you can easily configure your courses’ SEO.

Read more about SEO here: nfigure-the-seo-of-your-courses

Single Sign-On

Users can seamlessly log in to LearnWorlds by using the same email address they used to sign up for the original website/application via Single Sign-On (SSO). If no account with that email address exists yet, one is created. There is no need to synchronize any customer databases.

If LearnWorlds’ built-in SAML or WordPress SSO plugin solutions do not fit your system you may still implement and use SSO on your Learnworlds school.

Read more about SSO here and here


LearnWorlds offers a plethora of integrations for referral marketing, analytics, customer service, email marketing, growth tools, live sessions, social proof, workflow automation, webhooks, and so much more! You can connect your LearnWorlds school with the best marketing and affiliate tools and increase your sales.

See the list of integrations here:

Courses selling

Lead capture

LearnWorlds provides awesome lead grabber widgets with First & Last name on the Site Builder.

To take advantage of all the new capabilities of the email integrations, you can add to your website (or popup) a lead capture form with fields that you can use directly

to feed your merge fields. What does this mean? It means that you can add the First and Last Name to your preferred email list! How? Every new user that signs up to your LearnWorlds school will automatically be added to the corresponding list on your automation tool of choice.

Learn more about lead captures here.

Coupons & Bundles

With LearnWorlds you can create discounts as percentages (%) or fixed ($) amounts, set expiry dates, and create multiple coupon codes to better control the source of your customers and coupon usage.

Also, on any page of your LearnWorlds school, you have the option to promote Bundles combining multiple courses into a single package and selling them for one price.

Learn more about bundles: stomize-the-bundles-page-bundle-sections

One-click sales funnel

When it comes to selling digital products, it’s all about the “funnel”: how to make the path of your potential customers as easy and painless as possible, from signup to payment confirmation.

In 1-click sales funnels (also called 1-step sales funnels), your potential customers can provide all the information necessary to complete a purchase in a single step. With LearnWorlds, you can create a 1-click sales funnel by adding one of our payment zones to any page. Users will be able to purchase a product by simultaneously enrolling in the school. The registration zone fields are prefilled if the user has already logged into the school.

Read more on 1-click sales funnels here: stomize-a-payment-page-1-click-sales-funnels-

Subscriptions & Memberships

Having an online business you have probably run into the concept of a membership site. Whether you are an online entrepreneur or a digital nomad, a membership site is a great way to monetize your content or community, build up a steady monthly income or create online courses. And LearnWorlds makes this happen for you.

Besides, note that you can sell courses individually or via subscription in your

LearnWorlds school. Your financial settings can be set up so that your courses only sell via subscription payments (and not through one-time payments).

Learn more about subscriptions and memberships here.

Payment methods

LearnWorlds provides a nice range of payment gateways that you can activate to get paid for the online courses you sell. You can configure your online school to receive payments via StripePayPalShopify, and/or PagSeguro (Brazil).

Also, you can set a price tag for each course and additionally break down the price into installments.

Learn more about the different payment options available here:

Email marketing

LearnWorlds offers integrations with four popular Email Marketing integration services: Mailchimp, Active Campaign, AWeber, and ConvertKit.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to send emails to your contacts, create email campaigns, and drive desired results. With the use of email marketing, you can easily create smart, personalized campaigns for your school, newsletters, promotions, and automated emails that keep your learners up-to-date.

Learn more about LearnWorlds’ powerful email marketing integrations here: erview-email-marketing-integrations

Learn more about how you can leverage email marketing to effectively sell your online courses here:

How to Effectively Sell Your Online Courses Using Email Marketing

UTM tracking

Attribution tracking refers to mapping your customer’s journey. LearnWorlds helps you understand where your students signed up from by tracking UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) data as well as three extra custom pieces of information.

For UTM data, you simply need to add the desired UTM parameters at the end of the URL you wish to share in your campaigns, while we track the extra custom data whether you use UTMs or not.

Learn more about UTM tracking here: e-utms-urchin-tracking-module-

Complete Affiliate Management Solution

Recruiting an “army” of affiliates can multiply your marketing efforts and expand your reach beyond the limits of your existing audience. With LearnWorlds built-in Affiliate Management you don’t need to integrate a third-party tool that would incur additional costs.

LearnWorlds affiliate and commission tracking tool is very intuitive and allows you to create, launch and manage a successful affiliate program. You can customize the pre-build Terms & Conditions and Affiliate Registration pages and set a universal commission rate or a different rate per affiliate.

With the impressive Affiliate Management functionality, you will be able to have your own sales team – several hard-working partners who will be promoting your school. LearnWorlds Affiliate Management automatically lists all the information you need, such as referred leads and customers, and provides real-time comprehensive performance reports, which you can easily export for further analysis.

Read this article to learn more: ools/

And also check out this article from our stellar help center to see how you can use LearnWorlds Affiliate Management: e-learnworlds-affiliate-management


Genuine White Label

The term white label is derived from products with unmarked packaging that get branded and sold by different retailers under their own Corporate brand. Likewise, a white-label online course platform is created with an e-learning platform that is branded on behalf of another company, i.e., yours.

With white label you can drastically alter the look and feel of a standard platform and have it fully portray your own corporate identity, giving to your trainees, customers or employees a seamless experience.

Find out how to white label your LearnWorlds school here: ite-label-your-learnworlds-school

See how LearnWorlds offers a true white-label solution, and how it ranks against Teachable, Thinkific and Kajabi.

User progress & segments

User Analytics is a powerful and flexible analytics engine that helps you to interpret and analyze data about courses, users, and learning activities.

User Analytics is divided into four sections: User Progress, User Segments, Course Insights, Scheduled Reports, and the Reports log page. The User Analytics is available in our Pro trainer plan or higher.

Learn more about user progress and segments in this LearnWorlds’ support article: ess-user-segments

Scheduled reports

LearnWorlds comprises a powerful and flexible analytics engine, the Reports Center, that helps school administrators to interpret and analyze data about courses, users, sales, and learning activities.

You can schedule the automatic extraction and dispatching of reports with email (recipients will receive a link where they can download the report), to specific recipients, of User Segments and User Progress reports, available in our Learning Center plans and above.

Learn more about scheduled reports here: hedule-reports

Course Insights

LearnWorlds Course Insights is the only eLearning data analysis and visualization tool that provides you with in-depth intelligence on how your school performs, so you can be confident while making business and instructional decisions.

It offers a state-of-the-art visualization and insights into your course and students. It’s great to quickly understand how your students interact with your course, find bottlenecks and improve the quality of your course.

Learn more about course insights here and here.

Gradebook & Assignments

Gradebook is an online record of users’ grades in exams, assignments, and certifications. From the Gradebook menu in your online school, you can view and export your learners’ grades and answers, edit their scores and reset their tries or remove a specific one.

It allows you to see the overall performance of your cohort as well as to spot which students are excelling and who is falling behind, and you will be able to react and take back control. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by assessment data when you have your LearnWorlds Gradebook by your side.

Learn more about how to grade an assignment here: ade-an-assignment-file-assignment

User Bulk Actions

With LearnWorlds bulk actions functionality, you can bulk import, enroll, unenroll, tag, suspend or delete users by uploading an .xls file, directly from your User Management Page.

You will be able to monitor all the bulk actions performed in your school on the activity history page, so you never lose track of who updated what and when.

Bulk user actions and advanced research are accompanied by user interface enhancements, such as individual user cards which display more information like UTM parameters and user behavior stats, and user management menu which allows you to see or update information like signup and custom fields, email, and GDPR preferences.

Learn more about the overall management of bulk actions here: gement-bulk-actions

Built-in Social Network

Simply selling a course is not enough these days. Students appreciate and find value in belonging to an active community of fellow learners. This article explains (screenshots

included) how top course sellers use communities to increase perceived value and sales, while they actively support students to implement what they learn.

LearnWorlds has a built-in community, so there’s no need for a third-party community app. The built in network helps increase learner engagement and loyalty, turn customers into repeat buyers and add value to your offering.

While there are many ways that students can interact with each other as well with your learning material, you are always in control and have a complete overview of what’s going on in the community.

Read more about the community feature and find screenshots here: y-and-groups and here

How To Create an Interactive Learning School and Engage Your Learners

Content Ownership Rests with the Course Creator

With LearnWorlds, you have complete ownership of your course content. Connect your school with your Wistia or your Vimeo account to display your own videos.

However, if you’re not using any of these services, you can simply choose to store your videos with LearnWorlds and directly upload them to the course authoring page. Again, content ownership rests with you.

Additionally, the platform has features that allow course creators to feel safer about how their content is handled by students.

You can add an extra layer of intellectual property protection to your documents and discourage malicious users of your school from stealing your work. You can choose to disallow students to download or print your PDF files. Also, you can choose to watermark PDFs.

Plus, when it comes to videos, you have the ability to add your logo, the viewer’s email or even a unique viewer ID as a watermark to your video. Click here otect-the-copyright-of-your-videos-watermarks to learn more about how watermarks work with videos.

GDPR Compliance for Online Schools

LearnWorlds is the only fully GDPR-compliant course platform. It has an

industry-leading GDPR-compliance toolkit at your disposal. This toolkit allows you to collect consent and manage your students’ information according to the GDPR policy. The features include consent checkboxes, data deletion requests and cookie consent popups.

More details can be found here: ake-your-school-gdpr-compliant

Industry-leading Customer Service

Customer Care is extremely important to LearnWorlds. They have put together an excellent Customer Care Team that is very responsive and is able to handle any issue that will come up with enthusiasm and speed.

Their team is constantly praised by their customers who feel they have access to both an excellent product and people behind it who really care about customer experience.

Every LearnWorlds plan comes with dedicated customer care and support 24/5 (or 24/7 for higher plans) via email, online chat and telephone. Their team will even respond fast to Facebook and Twitter messages.

Higher plans include VIP onboarding and premium personalized support with one of LearnWorlds’ experts. You may also request assistance with importing courses, setup and branding, custom design, and training for big accounts, depending on the plan you choose.

LearnWorlds has a Suitable Plan for Everyone


As in the case of all SaaS platforms, depending on the plan (see, users have access to a pool of premium elearning features and capabilities.See here for a detailed breakdown of features

The Learning Center plan is the all-inclusive most comprehensive plan and is suited for large – and ambitious – online schools. It’s major offerings are a true-white label experience, onboarding and priority support, complete multiple plan suited for big schools with a lot of multiple instructors, and a need for white-labelling, custom mobile app (optional) and Single Sign On (SSO) for connecting the school with existing software systems, access to the LearnWorlds API, premium design templates and, last but not least, the possibility of getting custom-made iOS and Android mobile apps for the school.

The LearnWorlds Pro Trainer plan is a comprehensive solution that includes the most powerful features of LearnWorlds. This plan is ideal for both expert online course sellers and experienced trainers who are just making their first foray into edupreneurship and online courses.

The Starter plan is best for people who are just starting out and want to test the waters, try the platform, perhaps launch their first course or validate a product idea. As the number of learners grows and the need for more elaborate training arises, LearnWorlds’ customers usually advance to the Pro Trainer plan.

Custom Solutions

LearnWorlds also provides bespoke custom design and development solutions services for high-volume schools and corporate customers who need advanced customizations and a tailor-made LMS solution.

Index of Features

Here’s a summary of features available in LearnWorlds. Unique features that set LearnWorlds apart from the competition are pointed out.

Course creation

Site Builder
App builder!! COMING SOON !!
Courses selling


Course Player
Templates & FlavorsWhite-label app builder
Lead capture

White labelling

Live classes
Ready Sections & widgets
Push notification
Coupons & Bundles

Interactive videos


Mobile course sales
One-click sales funnelUser progress & segments


Performance trackingSubscriptions & Memberships
Scheduled reports
Quizzes & ExamsSEOPaymentCourse Insights


Single Sign-On

Email marketing
Gradebook & Assignments
IntegrationsUTM trackingUser Bulk Actions

LearnWorlds Awards, Ratings and Reviews

Since July 2014, when LearnWorlds won the Open Education Challenge, an EU competition seeking out the best educational startups around the world ( while competing against 610 submissions from 74 countries, awards have continued to come.

There is no limit to what LearnWorlds can accomplish!

Here is a list of the most recent awards and badges we have received:


  • Users Love Us: The Users Love Us badge is earned after collecting 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.0 stars
  • Leader (updated quarterly):Products in the Leader quadrant in the Grid® Report are rated highly by G2 users and have substantial Satisfaction and Market Presence scores
  • Momentum Leader (updated quarterly): Products in the Leader tier in the Momentum Grid® rank in the top 25% of their category’s products by their users
    Elearning industry
  • Top 20 Customer Experience (LMS)
  • Top 20 User Experience (LMS)
  • Great User Experience
  • Rising Star
  • Happiest users: Crozdesk’s Happiest Users badge gets awarded to solutions with happy customers and lots of positive satisfaction signals on Crozdesk and beyond. To get this badge a product needs to reach an average user rating of at least 4.5/5.0 across a high number of ratings. Only about 10% of solutions ever receive this accolade.
  • Trusted vendor: Crozdesk’s Trusted Vendor badge gets awarded to vendors with high estimated market presence or market share. This is based on an algorithmic estimate of the number of users as determined by Crozdesk’s AI ranking algorithm. Only about 20% of solutions ever receive this badge.
  • Quality choice: Crozdesk’s Quality Choice badge gets awarded to vendors that set themselves apart from the rest of the market. Only solutions that earn themselves a Crozscore of 80 or higher receive this badge. This threshold is cleared by approximately 1/3 of solutions on Crozdesk.
  • Top rated LMS Software
    Finances Online
  • Rising Star
  • Great user experience
    Software Suggest
  • Best Support
  • Best Usability
    Better Alternative
  • Hidden gem

Some of our stellar customer reviews:

David Lafond –

LearnWorlds School:

I tried many platforms all have their pro and cons. But I highly recommend LearnWorlds!

This is an awesome product you can do everything needed for your course and more. Very impressed with the features and how fast you can create a course. The support team is rock solid, professional and fixed any issues quickly.


Silvia Buet Gonzalez – The Breakup CBT Cure

LearnWorlds School:

Learnworlds has unique features that online courses creators would be very extremely happy with. It is the most customisable platform that I have tested without needing any code. Other platforms such as Teachable or Thinkific only offer a very basic design of the pages. For those like me, who value not just functionality but beauty. LearnWorlds is very intuitive and easy to use.


Fabienne Roxanne Smith – Party Planning Academy

LearnWorlds School:

LearnWorlds is the best learning platform I found so far. I already had an up and running course on Teachable, but unfortunately the payment options for my Dutch customers were limited. I found Learnworlds and was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities, but most of all the kind and helpful support squad that not only responds quickly, but also follows up. I can recommend Learnworlds to anyone, also people like me who are totally new to all of this.


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