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Side Hustle as Software Developer in 2022(Beginner friendly)

Being a software developer, there are many things you can do to start a side hustle as a software developer and make money online in 2022.

The Internet is filled with immense opportunities for what you can do online to make money in the longrun.

Today, we have immense potential available around us and there are a lot of options to make money online.

As a software developer, there are plenty of ways you can grow alongside your primary job create a sustainable side hustle income as well.

Today, we are going to discuss about 11 such side hustles for software developers that can bring a steady income in 2022.

Let’s get started now…

List of Side Hustle Ideas for Software Developers (2022 Guide)

Before we dive deep into the first side hustle, let’s have a quic klook at what we are about to discuss to know more about today’s content…

Side HustleEarning Potential (in $)
Starting a YouTube ChannelAtleast $1000 per month
Create a BlogMake around $1000 – $10000 per month
Work as a Virtual Assistant$20 per hour
Develop apps for other people as freelancer$50 per project
Selling code to others$5 – $50 per code
Become an online tutor$10 – $44 per course
Be a transcriptionist online$10 per audio hour
Sell printables or templates online$1 – $27 per sale
Be a consultant for others$50 – $100 per consultation
Sell ebooks online$45 for each sale
Start a Print on Demand Store online$20 for each sale

Start a YouTube Channel as a side hustle for software developer

A YouTube channel is the first side hustle that a software developer can look to start with. 

This is one of the most obvious side hustle that anyone would recommend to you as a software developer to start with.

Once you create content on YouTube channel, there’s always exposure for your effort to reach out to others each day.

Videos are excessively being consumed at an exponentially higher rate each day and this presents an immense opportunity for any type of content creator.

Being a software developer, there are so many things that you can work upon to bring value for your users each day.

You can create a channel on your niche of education about the topics that you teach about such as:

  • How to code for something.
  • What are the things that you are required to do start a career being a software developer.
  • What are the basics of programming and how do you get started in the career of programming.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular YouTube channels that have a substantial following online.

We will also see about how these are making money online with their content online…

ChannelsEarning Potential (in $ per month)
Apna College2.84 Million Subscribers
Intellipat1.53 Million Subscribers
CroatCode512k subscribers
QuickSupport6.15Million subscribers
Brackeys1.6 Million Subscribers

How much money can you earn from a YouTube channel for being a software developer

The above examples reveal that a software developer an expect to earn a heavy amount with time.

The subscribers count is a reflection of how many people follow your content and what you can do online.

As you grow stronger, making money online won’t be difficult with time.

Anyone can expert to earn atleast around $1000 – $10000 per month with consistent efforts and bringing on value for the audience.

Create a Blog and work on a side hustle for being a software developer

A blog would be one of the best medium available to write upon content and get people on board.

Here you can write upon any subject interest of your choice.

Blogging is one of the best ways to express yourself as you get to write stuff and put value into writte content for others to read about.

No matter what your thoughts would be, there would always be someone in the corner of the globe willing to read what you have to write about.

This is where the opportunities find its way in the longrun game. 

Writing and exhibiting your knowledge to people across the globe can be a long-term game, so anyone who can proceed with patience will be the winner in the longrun.

If you are starting a blog as a software developer then there are several benefits such as getting the recognition and identification of what you already know about.

Blogging offers an immense scope to connect with people around the world and is thus a really viable mode of operating a business online.

When you would start, all you need is an idea or an area to talk about which can be a choice of interest for people.

Writing content is the key and optimizing it for search engines is what will make you money in the long run.

How much money can you make from blogging as a software developer

The SaaS industry in general has immense scope of making money from development of stuff online.

There are a gazillion of products to promote and make money only from affiliate source of income.

Nonetheless, whichever way you opt to take a step into, if you stick to your plan and create content around it, there will always be money in the offering.

Again anyone coming into creation of blogs can expect to make around $1000 per month atleast starting a blog in 2022.

Work as a Virtual Assistant and make money as a software developer

A virtual assistant would mean someone who is willing to work virtually from any corner of the world remotely and assist other businesses out there.

VAs have the capability to drive businesses and help them by performing in the nitty gritties of the business.

As a Virtual Assistant, there are many things you can work upon being a software developer such as:

  • Managing day to day client calls and meetings.
  • Handling out spreadsheets of data.
  • Taking care of admin related stuff.
  • Social Media management etc.

How do you become a Virtual Asssistant 

The 6 steps required to be a Virtual Assistant are as follows:

  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing your skills and improving performance
  • Identifying your market
  • Making yourself as a brand
  • Fulfilling other requirements of having a strong internet connection and laptop etc.
  • Searching for jobs online as a freelancere etc

How much money can you make as a Virtual Assistant

If we talk about earnings of Virtual Assistants, it can vary widely from around $5- $20 per hour when you are starting out.

This depends upon your level of experience and your current level of skill set which is available with you to start with.

Virtual assistants typically charge on an average of around $19.50 – $20 per hour of work in the US.

Develop apps for other people as freelancer being a software developer

A software developer can develop applications and look to freelance using the platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

There are plenty of such platforms which can be helpful for this and a software developer being a freelancer can opt to develop apps and make money from this.

Source: Fiverr

As you can see this is an industry which is dominated by intelligence and running development products.

Being a skilled developer you can expand this knowledge and convert your knowledge into something which can sell stuff online.

You can easily charge around $50 per project that you work upon in the longrun.

Developing apps and building products is a huge industry and you can definitely carve out a niche in this segment with your skills and expertise.

Selling out code to others

When you have an idea about coding and you know how to make codes work, then there’s always space to expand and make it worthwhile to bring business.

Spreading industry wide knowledge and experience about coding onto different websites such as GitMarket or CodeCnayon can bring you immense money with time.

When you have the knowledge of what you can code and provide the value to the audience there will always be money paid out for that.

People can pay you around $5 – $50 per code depending upon the complexity of the code and what you write about.

This presents an amazing idea of where you need to put your creativity to test and make the best use of it for selling codes online.

Some of the popular websites which provides the code for a price includes:

  • Git Market
  • Codecanyon etc.

Becoming an online tutor for being a software developer 

If you know how to code and write content then being an online tutor is also one of the ways on how you can bring money on the table.

Popular platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare offer an amazing way to monetize your knowledge for a value and you can start making money from there.

You can talk about several topics which includes:

  • Learning about programming and its development.
  • How to develop SaaS products based on your experience.
  • SaaS Marketing (Lead Generation and Lean Startup) etc.

All of these can bring value upfront and help in development of a student’s understanding when it comes to building an overall knowledge and skillset for a student.

Here are some of the examples of courses that are being sold online on multiple platforms:

Source: Udemy

You can see that people are already selling courses starting in the range of $10 – $44 per course.

This means there is enough scope to get business out of above and make money in the longrun.

Be a transcriptionist online and make money as a software developer

Have you ever heard something & you wished that you could get a readable text of the same audio file. 

Whenever I feel bored I tend to listen to any conversation for so long that I have developed this habit of playing along with words inside my head converting them into what has been said into a written form.

A transcriptionist is someone who helsp to covert and transcribe a document for being readable among the audience.

This is where business can be made and money can be generated as well.

Transcribing documents can pay around $10 per audio hour of playing a file and this process is not so difficult to implement as well.

As long as you are able to transcribe the files and provide the correct file to the end user, there’s always money that can be made.

Transcription is something which can be provided to any content creator out there in the market.

A content creator who doesn’t know much about softwares but writes about softwares regularly would need someone who can covert the files into a piece of readable text.

This involves knowledge of the software industry and thus this is where transcription can play a key role.

Sell templates or printables online as a software developer

Selling templates or printables is a long term effort where you can showcase your expertise of knowledge and put your skills to test.

Development of templates are easy and you can create a custom template for the use by your client as per their suitability and requirement and charge money for that.

Here’s an example of a website selling excel templates ready to use and for a specific purpose.

Source: Excel Templates

These are some examples of templates which are selling in numbers across a website.

You can see that the templates are priced quite reasonable high and one can make around $1 – $27 for selling templates to others.

This is just one example of a website doing this, while there are many others who are selling templates or printables and making businesses out of that.

Become a consultant for others in the SaaS industry for being a software developer

A consultant is someone is advises or gives consultation to others in time of need and helps bring value to the business.

As a consultant you can look to provide value to the users, by sharing your knowledge and expertise into what you already know about.

Being a software developer there are a lot of things which you speak up of with others and create value in that regard.

Consultation is one of the best ways as to how you can charge money from the people and make business out of it.

Some of the consultants charge around $50 while some charge around $100 per consultation sharing the same with others.

It all depends upon your expertise and knowledge graph of where you stand out to make sure you bring sustainable and viable business longterm.

As you are working in the SaaS industry, there will be lot more you can think of which can be promoted for.

Sell ebooks online for being a software developer

Selling ebooks is one of the best mode of making money as a software developer as there’s plenty of scope to make money from this.

Ebooks are one of the hot product markets which teaches a lot about how to utilize each concept thoroughly and make money out of it.

Many software SaaS developers are creating ready to download ebooks which can be sold for a price.

Some of the most popular ebooks for sale are as follows:

Source: Amazon

The above ebook is one such ebook which are being sold for around $45 each and they have generated around 34 plus ratings for their use.

This shows the value of the market of ebooks we live in today.

If you are able to write topics that can convert for the audience.

These kind of content will always be in demand forever.

Create a Print on Demand store online for being a software developer

A software developer can definitely look to create a Print on Demand website.

This essentially helps you print merchandise and sell it to your audience.

POD platforms have been growing in popularity for quite a while.

This can bring huge revenue for content creators.

Any content creator who knows how to develop a product can put some good graphics onto a product.

This can sell online for a good price.

Let’s have a look at some of the designs which can convert well and sell in the market:

Source: Amazon

A Print on Demand store like this can help make sales, such as the above product which is priced around $19.99.

17 ratings have been obtained from above, and the above tees have been sold for around $340.

This is evident from the ratings obtained above.

A design such as the above one can sell well and this shows the demand the above product.

This can convert in the longrun.

Creating designs such as above will convert well and bring money for the users.

Let’s summarize what we have discussed so far for side hustle for software developers what we have discussed so far.

Let’s conclude the discussion now…

Summary on Side Hustles for Software Developers

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