How to make extra money at 60 years old

How to make extra money at 60 years old (Top 6 ways to make money)

How to make extra money when you are 60 years old?

Making money online is a process which needs consistency and discipline at work. It may seem impossible when you start working for yourself.

But with time you will learn the tricks of the trade and you will grow to make good money from it.

Here one needs to know that age shouldn’t be a limiting factor when you want to do anything in life.

While writing this, I always think of success stories that caught our attention like that of Colonel Sanders who prove 2 things in specific:

  • Life can give much in return when you never lose hope and keep working consistently.
  • Age is no limit for anything in life.

These 2 things will hold true when you are looking for ways on how to make extra money at 60 years old.

So, let’s have a look at how one can work to make extra money at 60 years old.

6 unique ways to make extra money at 60 years old

All the ways listed below are not rich quick kind of methods, but instead consistent work and effort to make it successful.

Making money online has no shortcuts and you will always be successful as long as you are putting in time into it.

Here’s what you need to know on how to make money online at 60 years old:

1. Create a blog and make money online in the process

A blog is undoubtedly going to be the first recommendation when you are looking to make money.

Anyone who wishes to make passive income online can definitely think upon investing time into blogging.

When you have something to share from your experience, consider blogging as one of the mediums.

This is an amazing business model that is low cost as well as perfect for introverts as well.

This also comes with an added benefit of making money in the process as well.

When you write stuff onto your blog and drive traffic you can make money gradually from the blog through several ways.

Monetization includes placing ads, generating affiliate commissions or even digital product sales.

2. Develop a YouTube channel and put content

YouTube is a massive platform to reach a wider audience with your videos. As a 60 year old or above you can work around content that has your interest on the topic.

Such topics may include gardening, parenting advice, health and wellness at elderly age etc.

When you think about the things that you can share with others at such an age you will come up with a lot of ideas that are yet to be explored.

YouTube can work wonders when it comes to making money online and brings enormous opportunities online.

Yes, this is as good as blogging when it comes to the low cost of running the business online.

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3. Teach online to make extra money at 60 years old

Online form of teaching is one of the beautiful ways to capture a market looking to learn online. 

When you know something that can be taught to others, consider teaching it online to others.

There are a gazillion things that people learn everyday online from the comfort of their home.

People are looking to learn about it by paying for the same even though YouTube offers the same as well.

These can be related to learning about sewing online or even learning how to speak a specific language.

When you start and invest your time into teaching something which you already know to others, you become skilled with time and money becomes an outcome in the process.

With time you will be able to teach the audience what you want to share in the process and build online wealth as well.

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4. Start a Print on Demand store online

A Print on Demand business is also one of the most lucrative ways of making money online. 

Here you will need to upload designs onto different merchandise which includes tees, caps, mugs, bags etc.

Once you sell these stuff online to others who draw interest in the designs you make money in the process.

It takes time and patience to build a successful business such as Print on Demand online.

But once you are able to generate sales and build wealth you will make money in the long run.

5. Dropship products to make money online 

Dropshipping is also a good way to make money online no matter what age you are.

What you need to do is sell products of others by listing it onto your platform. When people purchase, you will make the commission out of the sales made.

One need not worry about carrying costs or shipping and handling issues. All these are handled by the supplier and would be deducted from the gross sales.

As you grow in revenue with time you will be able to build wealth online which runs on autopilot mode.

So you can start to dropship products online and make money online in the process.

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6. Take up freelancing work online

Freelancing is a huge market that has enormous scope online. 

At the age of 60 years old, look for 1 or 2 skills that you would have worked upon for so many years in life.

If you are good at writing things, consider being a freelance writer. 

If you are good at analytical skills look for freelance work as an accountant.

There is always plenty of work available online when you put in the time into working for it.

Freelancing market is an ever growing market and with more digitization happening with each passing minute, there is an ever growing demand for the freelancers as well.

People are always looking for skilled people online.

When you have good skills backing your work, you would find it easier to make money in the process from the freelancing work online.

Interesting stat: Freelancers will be a part of more than 50% of the workforce in the US in the next half of the decade.

Key Takeaways

Here’s to all that we discussed so far on how to make extra money at 60 years old:

  • Make a blog and earn money online in the process.
  • Develop a YouTube channel and make money online.
  • Teach online to others no matter what age you are in.
  • Start a Print on Demand store online.
  • Dropship products to make money online.
  • Take up freelancing work online with the skills you already know about.

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