How to make money from YouTube, Best Ways to make money online from YouTube

9 effective ways to make money from YouTube in 2022…🤑🤑

How to make money from YouTube?

It was way back in 2011 when I had first heard of something called YouTube.

I was fascinated with how one can watch videos online and upload their own creation for others to see.

Little did I know that YouTube will one day be the second most visited site in the world with over 22.8 billion monthly visitors.

Be it an issue with fixing flat tyres or finding the next best workout to lose weight, YouTube is what comes to your rescue.

We always prefer to hear the real – life experience of people when it comes to dealing with these issues.

Youtube brings us all the information we need at the comfort of a click.

In such a scenario, it’s always a WIN-WIN situation for both creators and consumers of content alike.

Youtube is another great source of earning passive earnings online like “proofreading” or dropshipping.

But, before we dive deep into “How much money do YouTubers make” or “How to make money online from YouTube”, let’s cover up some basics about YouTube.

What is YouTube (Overview of YouTube – Everything you need to know about!)

Youtube is a video-sharing platform where creators (people) share their content in the form of videos for their end users (consumers).

How to make money from YouTube, Best Ways to make money online from YouTube
How to make money from YouTube?

Here’s a quick overview of what is YouTube all about

What is YouTubeVideo sharing platform where consumers obtain the knowledge from creators
When was YouTube founded14 February 2005
Who owns YouTube Google
Who can be a YouTuberAnyone can be a youtuber and can make videos on YouTube
Is YouTube channel freeYes!! It’s absolutely a free platform to publish videos
Overview about what is YouTube

What are the features of YouTube?

Let’s have a look at the features of YouTube:

Basic features of YouTube

Basic features of YouTube

1. YouTube Shorts

This is for all those creators who want to create short, captivating videos for their consumers simply by the use of their smartphones.

This was introduced in the following sequence all over the world:

September 14 2020Beta version of shorts in India
March 18 2021Rolled out in US
July 12 2021Introduced all over the world
How YouTube shorts was introduced

2. What are Likes on YouTube

If you like someone’s video and want to show your appreciation for their amazing content. 

You can press on the “ThumbsUp” to send a like for their video.

3. What are Dislikes on YouTube

If you don’t like someone’s video and want to express your feeling of dislike  for the said video.

You can press on the “ThumbsDown” to send a dislike for their video.

4. What are Shares on YouTube

Ever liked someone’s content so much that you want to let others know about it?

How about sharing it with others..👉

YouTube share is exactly what you can do to spread the content out to others.

5. What is Create in YouTube

This helps the creator to publish YouTube shorts as discussed in the beginning.

6. What is Download in YouTube

This helps the user to download the video and store it in the library to view it later.

7. What is Thanks in YouTube

This is another way of showing gestures to the creator. 

You can send money across to the creator through this unique feature in YouTube. 

8. What are Saves in YouTube

This helps to save the video to a selected playlist of your choice.

You can view the saved videos later on from the playlist.

Other features of YouTube

9. What is Subscribe in YouTube

This helps to subscribe to your channel. 

It is equivalent to subscribing to a weekly or monthly magazine and receiving the information when the magazines are published, except for the fact you subscribe to the channel for “FREE”.

When you subscribe to a channel you receive new videos when the videos are published, provided you have the notifications turned on.

10. What is comment in YouTube

Have any thoughts or opinions to share with all. 

Just click on the comment and post your thoughts or opinions and share it with all.

11. What is Home in YouTube

This takes you to the homepage of the account.

12. What is Shorts in YouTube

This is a new feature which has been added to YouTube. This helps you to create short videos for the end users i.e. consumers.

13. What is + in YouTube

This helps to create 3 types of videos which are as follows:

  1. Uploading Shorts on YouTube.
  2. Upload a video for YouTube
  3. Go Live for uploading a video.

14. What are subscription in YouTube

This shows all the channels subscribed from your account. 

You get a full view of all the channels whose videos you consume regularly.

15. What is Library in YouTube 

This shows the entire playlist and videos saved to your profile.

Okay since we have got all grounds covered about YouTube and its basic features.

Let’s dive into details about “How much do Youtubers make” and how to make money from YouTube?

How much do YouTubers make in 2022?

Well a short and quick answer to this would be, it “depends”.🤔

We will discuss this in detail ahead.

Meanwhile here’s a quick stat about how much YouTubers make in no particular order:

Highest Networth of Youtubers in 2021, Highest paid youtubers in 2021
Top 7 Youtubers in 2021 – Info Source: Statista

Earnings from YouTube can depend upon a lot of factors such as:

1. Popularity of the creator (YouTuber)

It’s a very evident fact that the popularity of a YouTuber plays a key role in generating the earnings.

Someone with a high following and popularity can get the following streams of revenue in their kitty, such as:

  1. Selling their own courses/services to their viewers in their relevant skill and niche. Courses can be as per the relevant niche and skill and similarly one can offer services in the form of consulting or teaching etc.
  2. Selling Merchandise or any products to the viewers who want to be associated with the creator(YouTuber) in any way possible.
  3. Getting deals in sponsorship from any company who wants to widen their brand presence through your reputation and personality already established.

Thus a good following always comes in handy when it comes to the popularity of the YouTuber and generating revenue as well.

2. Selection of Niche is crucial

Does selection of niche matter for YouTube earnings?

Yes!! It does.

Consider this, companies always place a higher emphasis upon their premium segment of customers in comparison to their regular ones.

This is because even if the premium customers drive lesser sales, the revenue generated is higher in comparison to the regular ones.

You can consider the companies over here as the advertisers and the segment of customers as the niche catered to.

We must always remember one thing about people and their behaviour.

Generally we always place a higher emphasis upon 3 aspects in our life, i.e.:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationship

If you are serving any category of viewers in the above 3 categories you will have a higher revenue coming out of it.

This is because the above niches will always attract advertisers to bid higher to reach their target viewers.

Some of the notable niches which generates higher revenue for reference are:

  1. Finance niche such as sharemarket, cryptocurrency, investing, personal finance etc.
  2. Fitness niche such as yoga, fitness tutorials, tips, diet plans etc
  3. Relationship and lifestyle niche such as dating advice, grooming tips, self-improvement tips etc.

3. How to be a part of YouTube’s Partner’s program (Ads Monetization requirement)

If you are looking on “Youtube monetization requirements” or “What are the requirements to get ad revenue on YouTube”, YouTube has set 2 requirements to make money from ads:

  1. Subscribers1000 subscribers.
  2. Watch time – 4000 hours of watch time from your videos is required in the last 1 year (12 months).

Once you fulfill these 2 requirements you will be eligible to show ads in your YouTube videos…🤑🤑

Besides the above 3 points discussed, let’s talk about how you can make money from YouTube or What are the ways to make money online from YouTube?

How to make money from YouTube in 2022 (Ways to make money from YouTube)

When it comes to making money from there are a plethora of options available to choose from.

As a channel grows in popularity and numbers (🚀), a lot of opportunities opens up which would be beyond the scope of this article as well.

As such, let’s discuss the 9 best ways of making money from YouTube as on this date.

best ways to earn money from YouTube, how to make money from YouTube
How to make money from YouTube

1. Running ads in your YouTube videos

This is the most popular option for all YouTubers who begin their journey on YouTube.

Anyone starting out has their eyes set upon placing ads in their YouTube videos to monetise their content asap.

The eligibility set for this is simply 1000 subscribers (🤵) and 4000 hours of watch time (📺) in the last 12 months from your videos as discussed earlier.

This is an easy way to start monetising your content and generating revenue from it.

But, this monetisation option can generate varying amounts of revenue as per the chosen niche and generated views.

How is it so?…😮

Let’s discuss upon some factors which decide upon the revenue from ads:

1. RPM

RPM stands for “Revenue per Mille”.

This is simply how much you make (💰) per 1000 times your video is viewed by anyone.

It is calculated after YouTube takes its share of 45% from ad revenue from all the views of all the videos (inclusive of non-monetised videos as well).

This is calculated from the perspective of the creator of the video.

2. CPM

CPM stands for “Cost per Mille”.

This is simply how much advertisers are willing to pay (💲) per 1000 times ads are shown to the viewers.

It is calculated before YouTube takes its share of 45% from ad revenue from all the views of only those videos that are monetised.

This is calculated from the perspective of the advertiser of the video.

What we learnt?

As we can see from above, higher the RPM (⬆) the higher would be the revenue generated(⬆).

Similarly, the higher the CPM, higher would be the revenue from the videos as advertisers will pay more to place ads on your site.

This becomes the very reason why some niches such as related to finance, fitness etc have higher RPM and CPM than others.

Due to this these niches make the most money in the market.

Having said this, we must also understand that we will get more consumers for general niches in comparison to the high paying niches which have limited customers.

👉  [High RPM * Low Customers] ~ [Low RPM * High Customers]

Thus it makes a WIN-WIN situation for all types of niches alike.

2. Memberships of channels

You all must have subscribed to Netflix 📺 for your favourite movies or series coming up…right?

Channel membership is something similar to this where your subscribers pay you a monthly fee to get on board for a lot of benefits.

These include:

  1. Earnings Badges.
  2. Exclusive access to the community posts related to the members only.
  3. Video Live streaming exclusive only to the member as well.
  4. Access to the chats during live videos.
  5. Bonuses in the form of freebies and additional content to members only.
  6. Sending custom made emoji to the members.

So you can make money in the channel memberships from the subscribers and provide them a host of benefits as discussed upon above.

3. YouTube Premium Services

How about watching YouTube videos without ads?

This feature has been available in YouTube where you can go for YouTube premium services.

This gives unique benefits to viewers such as:

  1.  Watch videos and ads for free.
  2.  Run original content in the background.

It’s a unique feature both for the creators and consumers alike.

YouTube will share the revenue based upon the watch time that the particular video generates from the video.

4. Super Chats and Stickers feature

This is another added feature for the creators which can help them earn money online.

This can help creators to monetize their content online by associating with their viewers through the form of superchats and stickers.  

During the live stream of the videos, your subscribers can send money to you in the form of superchats and stickers.

This is a form of appreciation from subscribers towards the creators.

5. Selling Courses to the viewers

Do you teach about how to bake cakes on YouTube or how to proofread to earn money online?


You are already one step ahead into the game.

You can definitely start by creating a paid course for it. 

There will always be room for people who would want to learn about the skill from you.

Many YouTubers make money online by selling their paid courses to their audience once they establish their dominance in their chosen niche.

People are always willing to spend their money especially when it comes to learning about a new skill.

Thus they will always invest money when it comes to learning about a skill of their choice.

This gives you the flexibility of choice to set the price of the paid course as and what you like.

The most important thing is the value that you are offering through your course to the audience and whether people like it or not.

The higher the value that you offer the more the revenue you earn out of it.

Many are earning millions of dollars💲 every year by selling their paid courses online through YouTube and other modes available.

The key over here is to deliver value to your audience and the money will follow as an end result.

6. Offering services and earning money

This revolves around your expertise and leveraging your expertise to deliver services to your viewers.

Are you good at dealing with accounts stuff or you are a legal expert who can help to offer advice about legal matters?

If you are an expert in any specific domain of knowledge, such as:

  1. You know about taxes and can help file income tax for someone, you can teach that through YouTube and offer services to others as well.
  2. You have good knowledge about beauty and tips and you can offer services to someone in need from YouTube.
  3. Social Media is your strength and you know how to manage someone’s social media account very well. Consider offering social media services by charging for it.
  4. You may be a digital marketing expert and have a good understanding about it. How about offering your digital marketing service to others.

You get it, right!!! YouTube opens up all sorts of opportunities for you😃 

Options are plenty when you start thinking about offering services to others.

This may provide a doorway for landing upon your dream job

If you are a game developer and like to develop games which you show in your YouTube channel.

You can use the videos in your channel to build upon your portfolio that you can leverage while applying for a job.

Thus YouTube can act as a strong medium for your job.

7. Selling Merchandise or other Products

At a recent gathering, I found one of the guys rocking his favourite YouTubers T-shirt👕.

He was damn happy and was telling others how he wanted to wear it desperately for the occasion…😄

He was so happy about it.

This got me thinking(💭) how many would be buying merch of their favourite YouTubers regularly!!!

A huge number indeed…right?

This is one of the lucrative options for the YouTubers.

Once you set up a good following in terms of subscribers and have a good rapport with your audience.

People will always want to show their love and support and connect with you in any way possible.

What better way than to sell merch and associated products!!!

8. Getting Sponsorship from companies for promoting their products

You all must have come across a sponsored product being promoted on YouTube.

This is another additional stream of earning revenue from YouTube.

Getting sponsorship from companies can be a decent source of earning as well.

If you are wondering about how do YouTubers make money from sponsorship, here’s how:

  1. They get paid for the views generated for any sponsored videos. This means you decide to charge $5, $10 or $20 etc for every 1000 views of the video that will be published post the deal.
  2. Sometimes the sponsor will sponsor the whole channel and in return you need to recommend the products in your videos to your videos.
  3. You can derive benefits in kind as well such as using the products when needed.

But generally speaking the sponsors would look to associate with someone who can enhance their brand image and can help them grow.

So you need to deliver credible value to your viewer to be able to capitalize upon the situation.

9. Crowdfunding is another way to make money from YouTube

If you are working upon your favourite project but are looking for additional funds to make it a reality, CROWDFUNDING is an option for you.

Simply speaking, crowdfunding is one of the ways of raising money from a wide varied group of people beyond your near and dear ones.

This can be accomplished through several platforms such as Patreon, which raises donations and Kickstarter which helps to set goals for funding during a defined period.

Is YouTube a good way to make money?

Best way to earn money from YouTube, How to earn money from YouTube
Is YouTube the right way to make money online in 2022?

Yes!!! YouTube can be a good way to make money online.

It can be very lucrative and can open opportunities to earn good passive earning online.

But one needs to have patience as this takes time to grow and make your presence.

If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and fancy your chances, don’t delay at all. 


The first step is usually the HARDEST STEP, but you won’t ever regret it. 


Before you move somewhere else for more information on “How to make money from YouTube”, how about you click here 👉 (Make Money Online) to get more such cool ways to make money online…💰


Here’s a quick recap of key takeaways of “What is YouTube all about”:

  1. YouTube is the 2nd most visited site in the world with over 2 million active users visiting every month.
  2. This is a free platform for anyone to upload videos and share content online.
  3. YouTube was founded in the year 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim which is now owned by Google.
  4. There are several ways to make money online from YouTube such as selling courses, ads, sponsorship, selling merchandise, offering services etc.
  5. YouTube Shorts is also added in as a feature for the creators to create short videos which can also be monetized for generating revenue.

I hope your time was all worth it and this helped you as much as I loved writing it.😊

Please let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below!!!✍

Here’s what people are frequently asking about on “How to make money from YouTube”?


Q: How to earn money from YouTube views?

Ans: Well, the answer is not straight forward.

No matter how many views your videos generates, it all depends on how you monetize your content.
You may take help from a plethora of opportunities available such as YouTube ads, selling courses, offering services, selling merch etc.

We have discussed about this in detail in this blog.

Q: Can you make money on YouTube before 1000 subscribers?

Ans: Absolutely Yes!! 😃😃

You need to think of alternative source of earning like selling any courses, offering services etc. to make money.

Q: How much money is required to start a YouTube channel?

Ans: The best part about YouTube is its all free ($0) to get started.

Anyone who has anything to share with audience can share their content online from YouTube. You will not only learn a new skill but will also connect with a wide audience around you.

Q: How much money can you make on YouTube?

Ans: It all depends. If you work consistently with patience you may end up with millions around you.

But if you don’t then you may not even make a penny out of it. To put it simply YouTube is like any other business around you which needs your time and effort to make the most of it.

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