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Earn passive income with 1 High-Quality Article and 1 Email

Do you know that most YouTubers (at least 1 out of 10 YouTubers) don’t have a social media presence online?😲

Even most of the YouTubers who have a social media presence don’t either have a WEBSITE or a BLOG to support their channel.

This method requires zero investment and only needs your time to implement the strategy.

There is an amazing opportunity to make money with just 1 High-Quality Article and 1 email outreach.

Today, we are going to discuss how you can start making passive income month on month with a new strategy in place.

This strategy involves 3 steps:

This is a comprehensive guide that will cover all the steps you need to know to start making money by creating a BLOG or a WEBSITE for a YouTuber.

👉 The best thing is you can take the help of an AI tool (although not recommended) to write content, even though you may not be a content writer to make money from the approach.


Find a YouTuber who doesn’t have a WEBSITE or a BLOG.

Let’s say you love watching tech videos and you type in “Samsung s22 ultra”.

There are a lot of YouTube channels that pop up in the search results.

Click through each one of them and head over to the “ABOUT” section of the channel to see what are the social links associated with the channel.

In this case, we can see that this channel has the following links attached:

  • Twitter, 
  • Instagram, 
  • YouTube links are attached.

But, we don’t see any WEBSITE or a BLOG mentioned here.

An additional thing to look at is also seeing the video’s description of the channel and checking for any mention of any website link or blog link.

👉 This is your opportunity and a chance to reach a YOUTUBER writing articles on the videos.

REPEAT this process to gather details of as many YouTubers in the same niche as possible (in our example tech niche).

Note: I will share a sample spreadsheet template where you can ADD the list of YouTubers whom you are looking to target for your reference by the name of “YouTubers List Template”.

I have added a sample list of one YouTuber’s name for your reference.

STEP2 (Write articles for 10 popular selected videos)

Once you have completed Step – 1, now it’s time to identify 10 popular topics to write about.

How you can find the videos to write the articles about?

Click on the “VIDEOS” tab, and filter the videos by the “Most Popular” category to find the best popular videos listed on the channel.

This can be achieved under the “Sort By” category as available.

Here are the Top 10 popular videos uploaded on this channel.

Now you need to watch the videos and write content watching the videos.

I have explained the steps in detail in the attachment “How to write article watching videos” along with this file.

👉 Refer to that file to know the steps as to “How to write the article”.

Once you have completed writing 10 articles, shortlist 1 article that you find your best-written content.

How you can reach out to the YouTuber with the right message for your articles?

The image above has Instagram and Twitter channels attached over here where users can reach out for more information.

Once you have the article ready, you need to reach out to the YouTuber across all platforms possible such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc stating to them that they need a BLOG (WEBSITE) for their channel and you can help them with that.

I have attached one sample attachment format named “How to reach to out to YouTubers” as to how you can reach out to the YouTuber across all platforms possible.

👉 Refer to the file attached alongside this to know the “Steps to reach out to the content creator with the right message”.

Note: Writing at least 10 articles for videos is important as this will help you refine your skills and bring the best piece of content.

STEP3 (Discuss revenue sharing model)

Once the YouTuber agrees with your proposal and says yes to your proposal, start creating a blog for them and 

Once you have fulfilled Step – 2 and you have contacted the YouTuber for the blog, set up a blog for them and start uploading articles based on videos that they upload on the channel.

Here’s an important thing you need to remember…

“Don’t ask for any money upfront from the YouTuber before you start writing content for them”

[Tell the YouTuber that you will ONLY charge money ONLY when YOUR WRITTEN CONTENT as BLOGS will bring REVENUE to the YOUTUBER.

In this way, the YouTuber will NOT HESITATE to provide you the opportunity to create a blog for themselves and will definitely hire you for the job.

Once the blog starts making money, you can split the revenue 50 – 50 amongst each other and grow together in the process]

Here’s an example of a blog of a YouTuber who is making money from his BLOG:

This website is bringing in traffic of approximately 100k users per month which means if we have an AD RPM rate of $5 for a tech channel, the site can make around $500 per month.

Besides the above, one can also earn from affiliate sales, merch sales, courses, and many more.

So, this will be a BIG PROPOSITION for anyone looking to grow exponentially in the blogging business but can grow inorganically like this.

Final Words

This is a completely new strategy that many are unaware of.

The best thing is that if there are millions of YouTube channels, there are billions of people watching the videos on their channel.

So, you will be never run out of opportunity to make money online.

Other best advantages of this approach include the following:

  • ZERO upfront investment (except for the time to write the articles) and 
  • Opportunity to make money even if you don’t know how to write content (by hiring a content writer to write content for you or use of AI tools).

To get you to kickstart your journey and save time I have got 3 FILES for you FREE, which include:

  • SPREADSHEET on HOW TO TRACK YouTubers whom you would approach as per (Step – 1).
  • 2 EMAIL TEMPLATES on how to reach out to YouTubers with the right approach (Step – 2).
  • Plan of Action Guide on what to do in the next 30 days (Complete Strategy roadmap).

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