Best side hustle ideas during fall

Side Hustle Ideas during the fall season (19 Best Legit Ideas)

Fall is the shedding season for trees, but true hustlers find the best side hustle ideas during the fall season.

Here are some interesting stats related to the productivity of people during fall (as per a study by Redbooth):

  • People feel more productive during 3 months of the year i.e. September, October, and November.
  • October is the most productive season with more than 32% of work getting done.
  • Productivity in a worker peaks up by a margin of 7%, 11%, and 20% during the summer, spring, and winter seasons.

This is the time of the year when a lot of things are happening around you, such as

  • Students moving out of their homes to their dorms.
  • People preparing for their Halloween season.
  • Yards are covered with shredded leaves which requires a good cleaning (at the least) etc.

The above-stated facts and observations bring a host of opportunities for people who are looking to make something out of the fall season.

Today we are going to talk about 19 legit side hustle ideas you can look to start this fall.

Side Note: Did you know people are more expected to find love during fall, so you can expect to get a cuddle soon from someone during the fall season

List of Side Hustle Ideas during fall

Here’s a quick summary of the 19 side hustle ideas to start this fall:

Become a Virtual Assistant$10 – $15 per hour
Sell Photographs$50 – $200 for digital prints
Take up a cleaning service as a side hustle$41 per hour
Give knitting classes$29 per course
Start baking pies$21
Transcribe for YouTube videos$36 per audio hour
Sell crafts and arts on Etsy$12 value
Start freelancing services$5 – $500 per hour
Deliver goods to the house$6 – $9 per delivery
Be the city tour guide$25 per hour
Help students move stuff from one place to another$15 – $52 per hour
Offer help to people at apple or Orchard or Pumpkin farms$25.41 per hour
Be the Halloween guy for the Halloween event$10 – $20 
Cleaning up pools$160 – $700 for cleaning pools
Start a YouTube channelAt least $1000 per month (as a beginner)
Make money sheering sheepAt least $40 per sheep
Start Designing Luxury Brands$375 – $720 per bag
Be a Doula$2500 per hour + $37 – $42 for support
Be a babysitter$35 per hour

Let’s kick off the list with something very common…

Become a Virtual Assistant

Businesses looking to capture this productive season don’t want to put time into the nitty gritty in the tasks around them.

This means they need someone who can assist them in managing ordinary affairs to boost productivity for tasks such as :

  • Data entries.
  • Responding to emails.
  • Scheduling of meetings.
  • Performing market research and so on.

A virtual assistant is a right person to hire this season.

You are good to go as a virtual assistant if you have the following things in check besides an internet connection and a laptop:

  • Communication skills with the client.
  • Handling social media accounts.
  • Being able to deliver the work on time.
  • Handling commercial transactions of the business etc.

As a beginner Virtual Assistant, you can expect to make around $10 – $15 per hour starting out.

Source: Twitter

Some of the platforms to apply for as a Virtual Assistant are:

  • Fiverr
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Upwork
  • Facebook and more.

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Sell photographs

Photographs are always in demand, especially during the fall season.

Many people are looking to use wilting leaves from trees photographs, and Halloween photographs.

Different shades of leaves turning from green foliage to vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and purple is a common sight.

So get out of your house and start taking some nice photographs that your camera can capture.

Put it up for sale on local Facebook groups, on your professional page, or even on stock photograph websites.

Generally, people can expect to make $50 – $200 for getting a digital print to a hard copy of the photo.

Some of the popular sites include

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Take up a cleaning service as a side hustle during the fall

Cleaning is one job that finds utmost attention, especially during the fall season.

As such this remains in high demand among teenagers, college goers, or even single moms.

But there are several forms of cleaning services which include yard cleaning services, cleaning homes, window cleaning, and more.

Generally, yard cleaning services can make you $41 per hour.

Not only yard, but you can also clean the following stuff as well:

Home cleaning$50 – $60 per hour
Tack and Saddle cleaning£10 for 1 hour
Clean sprinklers$600 in 6 hours
Window clean$20 – $25 per hour

Give knitting classes

Knitting is one skill that many people would love to learn about.

If you know how to knit a sweater, cap, socks, or anything you are in the money.

Source: Udemy

Here’s a course on Learn how to know brioche which is selling roughly for $29.

This means you can start selling courses on knitting for $30 on several platforms and make money out of it.

Fall is the season where people would prepare for the winter and would love to know how to knit their own stuff for the winter season.

Start baking pies (apple or pumpkin)

How many of you love eating pies?

Well if you love earning pies, then there would definitely be someone who would love making them as well.

The fall season is synonymous with 7500 varieties of apples and also pumpkin carving season during fall.

You can start to bake these pies and supply them in your neighborhood which would love to buy at any price you would offer.

What’s even best is you can launch a blog based on the topic of baking pies and teach people about the recipe for making a pie.

As you start to gain traffic, you can sell an e-book and make money from it as well.

This course on baking pies is selling for $21

Source: Baking Pies

Transcribe YouTube videos or interview transcription

Transcription is also a wonderful method that can help you earn some quick bucks as well.

Essentially under Transcription, you will help to put the videos or audio into words.

This is a great on-demand job as many businesses require their digital non-written documents to be produced in writing.

If you have the ability to listen and convert the audio into words, you can be a great fit for the job.

You can look to transcribe in any language as per your requirement such as:

A transcriber can earn up to $36 per audio hour of transcription.

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Sell crafts and arts on Etsy

If you are good at arts and can make some handy craftwork, then Etsy is a solid platform for you.

As the Halloween season would be around the corner around October 31 every year, this season brings opportunities for making some money.

Source: Etsy

As you can see above, these are a list of items that are being sold online for at least $12 value.

The platform Etsy is the perfect place to be in.

So if you are good at creating arts and crafts, then this can be a valuable prospect for offering help to others.

Start freelancing services during the fall

Freelancing services are one of the best services to start during the fall.

If you are someone who has a skill that can be monetized and has a skill, then you are in for some serious money.

Freelancing is a really serious way to make money online if you know how to make it really valuable getting started out of it.

A freelancer can start to make from $5 – $500 per hour depending upon the project and work taken in hand.

There are a lot of freelancing platforms that can help you get started such as

The above is what freelancing is all about in a nutshell.

Deliver goods to the houses

People stay indoors too often during the fall season and this is the opportunity to be able to deliver goods.

As you look to deliver the goods around your city, you will always be able to find work as people are lazy and they don’t want to move out even if it comes to groceries.

Some of the really good platforms to deliver goods are as follows:

  • Dunzo
  • We fast
  • Saral
  • Pidge
  • Postmates
  • Doordash etc.

The above Twitter post shows that the average expected earnings of anyone using Postmates or Doordash is $6 – $9 per delivery.

Be the city tour guide or give your car for rent

If you live in an area that has a lot of trees around you and you are regularly seeing traffic crowding in quite frequently, then there’s something in offer for you.

This calls for an opportunity for the people who can capitalize on this and make money out of it.

If people around you are looking to know more about the place around you, then this is an opportunity for you.

You can put your car on hire with someone driving it around and showing the people places for rent or you can yourself take upon the task of being the city guide and show people around what they need to see.

You can look to charge around $25 per hour for giving them a city tour as the tour guide and even look forward to $85 tips per day.

Help students and people move out from one place to another 

Fall is the season when students and people are moving across from one end of the state to another.

Colleges are about to reopen and students are looking to move from the homes of their parents to dorms.

In any other case, people are shifting from their summer jobs back home.

This can be a wonderful side hustle if you are looking to make some extra money on the side.

The average pay rate expected from the above is around $52 per hour, but the least expected rate is $15 per hour. (source: TaskRabbit)

Offer help to the apple, orchard, and Pumpkin farms

Apple varieties are produced in great numbers during the fall season. states that the best season for apples to find growth is from late July to early November (peaks during the fall season).

This means that the apple, orchard firms, or Pumpkin farms would be looking for a helping hand to assist them in maintaining the farm as required.

If you can lend a helping hand to them, it would be really beneficial for the farms to start their task.

The Fair Work Commission has mandated a minimum wage rate of $25.41 per hour for workers.


Be the Halloween guy for the Halloween event coming up

Halloween is the event that comes by every October 31, this means if anyone can come up as being the Halloween guy, then it will be a great way to make some quick bucks online.

You can simply dress up in the Halloween costume and be the Halloween guy who can scare people in the event…👻🎃.

As Halloween season falls around the corner of the fall season, this is the best time to gear up and make some money during the season as well.

If you are more creative, you can list your products for sale on Etsy or other popular platforms to start earning money.

If you have some acting skills you can even try your luck playing zombie ghosts in any haunted house as well.

There are so many things that can help to build businesses, such as:

  • Makeup ideas for Halloween.
  • Decorative ideas for Halloween.
  • Costume ideas for Halloween etc.

One can expect to earn around $10 – $20 selling stuff related to Halloween online.

Source: Etsy

Cleaning up pools around your neighborhood

This is really a serious business and can be done at any time of the year.

But fall is the best season to get high-paying customers at higher rates.

Everyone owns a pool and they need someone to clean the dirty pool with all the mess lying around.

This is where you can make a business by learning “HOW TO CLEAN THE POOL”.

Here’s a typical example of Mark, who found amazing success cleaning pools…

How much money can you make cleaning pools?

A really great example is Mark, who is looking to make up to $100k a year just from cleaning pools..🤑.

He explains that when he started he was just required to clean 15 pools in his neighborhood to make around $2400 per month (@ $160 per pool).

Here’s the pricing structure for Mark as he explains in this video.

Basic Clean$180 – $300
Deep CleanUpto $700

In the first year, Mark made about $44000 in 10 months of effort.

Mark even made up and onwards up to $8500 in the month of December, so you can understand the business prospect of how much you can make from cleaning pools.

Start a YouTube channel

If you want to build a following and engage people for what you are doing, YouTube is one place you shouldn’t ever miss out.

If you are doing anything in your life, that you feel can help others as well, you can definitely teach this to others.

Many people are doing daily vlogs and uploading videos related to their life.

Others are doing useful videos showcasing what they already know about. 

Anything that you happen to know and want to exhibit to others will always create an impact big time as people will feel more inclined to listen to you.

So this fall, decide upon what you want to do and why you want to do what you intend to do.

Starting a YouTube channel would be a really great decision if you feel comfortable uploading videos and communicating with people.

Make money by sheering sheep

Shearing sheep is one of the jobs many might not be aware of but can potentially bring in $100k a year.

Here’s how you can make money sheering sheep:

No. of SheepPer Head Shearing, Costs**(Variable Prices)Setup Costs (Fixed Prices)
1 Sheep$20 ($20 per head costs)$40 ($20 shearing costs + $20 showing up costs)
2 Sheep$40($20 per head costs * 2)$40 ($20 shearing costs + $20 showing up costs)
100 sheep$2000($20 per head costs * 100)$40($20 shearing costs + $20 showing up costs)

Note: Sheering and showing up costs are called setup fees.

The pricing of the per head shearing costs can vary depending upon which breed you get to handle.

Here’s a list of prices applicable for different breeds of sheep (generally $5 a head):

Illamas$45 a head + Setup fees
Alpacas$30 a head (for 10) + Setup Fees

This is actually best suited for the months during summer when shearing the sheep will be helpful for the sheep.

But you can also target the first month during fall as well. 

Success Story of people shearing sheep

Katie and Darian are making a huge turnover shearing sheep during the year to up and are targeting up to $100k a year.

By providing a service to 480 farms, they have made $80000 in 4 months already.

They are targeting to reach beyond 600 farms during the year.

The average shearing speed of Katie and Darian remains to be 15 sheep per hour or 4 Illamas.

Usually, it takes up to 5 – 7 mins to sheer a sheep

Start Designing Luxury Bags

All the women out there, here’s an excellent business idea for you to look into.

This is really a great business that can be launched during the fall season and one which can make huge profits in time.

Luxury Handbags are selling crazy and Lori Tanjong (full-time MBA student) made over $725k in sales since 2020.

Here are some of the typical items that sell for a great value:


If you want to also start a luxury business brand selling fashionable bags, you too can take this approach as well.

You can decide upon your design of the bags and get started selling the stuff onto your website.

One can also leverage other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, or other places too.

Here’s more to learn about that:

Be a Doula

A doula is a woman who helps provide emotional support and guidance to a pregnant woman during pregnancy.

If you are someone who is experienced and knows what pregnant women typically go through, you can help them provide assistance and help related to their pregnancy.

There are a lot of things that a Doula does, which as:

  • Understanding the emotions of the people.
  • Make sure the hydration is in check for the pregnant women.
  • Seeing that the women are fed on time and are properly nourished etc.

This is a demanding job and especially that kind of job where your love for helping others would be considered far more superior than anything else.

Samantha Griffins who runs and owns the DC Metro Maternity charges a flat fee of $2500 per hour for labor services and also works for an hourly rate of $37 – $42 for postpartum support.

Here’s more to learn about a Doula:

Become a babysitter 

Babysitting is one of the best-paid jobs out there, which has amazing potential when it comes to making money with time.

If you have a love for babies and have a knack for taking care of them, then this can be a game changer for you.

Babysitting is one of those jobs which can demand a lot of parenting skills and needs a lot of patience as well.

Babysitters are earning up and onwards up to $35 per hour with average earnings around $20 per hour.

Nannies by Noa started making up and onwards up to 6 figures from the babysitting business which she started in 2019 as a side hustle.

Final Words

Side hustles during fall can be one of the lucrative business ideas to work on as you get to know more about how you can grow and prosper in life.

There are plenty of business ideas to work upon and you can build upon them with time.

The fall season is one of the great seasons to work especially when you have a lot of things going on around you.

Let us know in the comments section which was your favorite side hustle idea during fall.

We would be really happy to hear your thoughts on this. Cheers.

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