Best Side Hustles for Men in 2022

Best Side Hustles for Men in 2022 (Top 8 best ways to hustle)

Best Side Hustles for Men?

So side hustle, it is..right? Hmm. Many people around the globe are trying to create a life for themselves and are in the process of discovering what they could do better with their time in hand.

Being in a job (typically 9 to 5) makes you have so much limited time and you need to prioritize one thing over another.

Either you can relax and chill doing nothing away from your regular job or you can simply put your time into building something. 

Side Hustle Stat : The pandemic saw a rise in side hustle when around 31% Americans started work for their side hustle in 2020.

The whole objective of side hustle for men could be different. Some are trying to create financial independence in life.

Some are trying to create an impact in others lives while some are trying to do it as a hobby.

Whatever your reasons are, today we are going to look into the top 8 best side hustles for men that they can start in 2022.

Top 8 Best Side Hustles for Men in 2022 (Make at least $1000 a month)

Although there are a lot of side hustles that one can do. The Internet is filled with a plethora of opportunities coming up everyday.

Today we are going to look at some of the top 8 best side hustles for men in no particular order to make money online:

1. Make money from your blog

Well I must have discussed this a lot in so many articles and there is a reason why it’s my absolute favorite.

Many people and I mean really many people have made a successful business online from a blog.

Essentially a blog started out as a way of documenting things that one learns about. 

Today having a blog can serve you multiple purposes:

  • Reaching a wider audience related to your niche
  • Building a brand of your own
  • Making global connections and of course
  • Making money online from this amazing side hustle

This can be a great start as a side hustle when you are making some extra bucks a month.

This is definitely gonna take time and won’t happen overnight.

So you must have patience and work consistently to make it a success.

What’s even better about blogging is the low startup cost business model which needs a few hundred bucks at max to get started professionally.

2. Start your YouTube Channel

If you don’t want to write about stuff,how about making videos.

Youtube is one such platform which has completely transformed how people are consuming content online.

Regarded as the 2nd biggest search engine YouTube has an expectation to touch 210 million views soon.

So what’s in all this for you? Well it’s the enormous potential that’s in store for you.

If you have anything that you can put out to others online consider YouTube your best friend.

The best part is you don’t even need to show your face to others and this is perfect for introverts who want to make money online.

So what’s keeping you waiting get your first video out there.💪

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3. Develop games and softwares that can make money online

Are you good at coding?

If you are a computer science student or know about how to code stuff.

Consider developing any game or tools or software to make money as passive income.

If you are in a day job that involves coding stuff from 9 to 5, why not build a business around it on your own.

There are many clients who would be looking to implement a software or a tool to fulfill their requirement.

You can also work on developing games for other clients or can work on your own product.

Some of the notable games that became huge success was Stardew Valley, Minecraft developed by solo developers.

These games went on to become hits and generated a huge amount of money for the creators.

Of Course there is always a fair amount of struggle and learning involved, but that’s the beauty of it all.

Once it becomes a hit the rewards are worth all the efforts put in.

4. Become a freelance content writer

Another great alternative to blogging, is to produce great content for others as a content writer by yourself.

Freelance content writing is something that can make a significant amount of money with proper time invested into learning stuff.

You can write for others about the knowledge that you already know about and can produce good quality content for others.

Typically your work would be required in various industries which need writers to write good content for them

Click here 👉 to know on how to become a freelance writer in 2022.

5. Launch your own podcast channel

Podcast is another platform where you can put amazing content for the ones who want to listen primarily an audio form of content online.

If you don’t want to write or get into producing video, but feel you can produce content in the form of audio.

Podcast is the way to go👍

An estimate from Statista suggests that podcast listeners will grow beyond 160 million in 2023.

This signifies the potential for building a side hustle around the podcast. This can be a perfect night time side hustle (students included) as well.

Brand collaborations, affiliate commissions and more opportunities come along when you have a successful podcast channel.

6. Start affiliate marketing business online

Affiliate marketing is making money by selling products and earning commission out of sale of the products.

Start out as an affiliate marketer to grow you business online.

Affiliate marketing can be done through several ways such as tying up with Blogging, YouTube or several other ways.

7. Begin dropshipping business online

Dropshipping is nothing new in today’s age. Living in a digital age has its own perks online.

Dropshippers can make money online from selling listed products of others online and earn commission online in the process.

Consistency and patience can help to build full time income with this model of business.

Many people set up successful dropshipping stores online and establish a good presence online only by selling other people’s products.

They make commission out of each successful sale and grow their business as such.

8. Create a digital product or a digital course online

A successful digital product or a digital course can be a game changer for you.

Create a course around a subject where you hold an expertise about. Maybe even start with a beginner friendly course.

A successful digital course can be the passport for a massive success in earning passive income in the long run.

This can help make money online in time and set the path for financial independence as well.

So you can think of creating an online course or a digital product that can be sold to build wealth and create a source of passive income online.

Key Takeaways

Here’s what we discussed so far on top 8 best side hustles for men:

  • Blogging for making money online.
  • YouTube channel. 
  • Development of games or tools.
  • Become a freelance content writer.
  • Launch your own podcast.
  • Start affiliate marketing business online.
  • Begin a dropshipping store online.
  • Create a digital product or course online.

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