how to make $10 dollars a day passive

How to make $10 dollars a day passive in 2022 (Top 6 ways)

How to make $10 dollars a day passive?

Making money online has become simple with new ways coming up everyday.

If you are looking for ways to make at least $10 in a day passive income we have got some good stuff to help you out.

Making passive income online is a dream for many people and being to generate money online takes consistent effort and discipline to be successful.

Research says that 1 out of every 6 Americans are earning money via online platforms.

Getting started with an idea for a side hustle is what you will need today to be able to make money every day passively.

Today we are going to discuss how to make $10 dollars a day passive.

How to make $10 dollars a day as passive earnings online in 2022?

Finding legit ways of making money online can be difficult especially when it comes to starting a business online.

We will be focussing solely on online income and how you can make passive earnings from the help of the internet.

Here’s how you can work on making money online and earn $10 everyday:

1. Make $10 dollars a day passive by blogging 

Making $10 everyday can sound a bit tough, but it need not be complicated.

Blogging has completely transformed the landscape of making money online. People are writing content everyday on something or the other.

When you write on a topic of your interest and gather an audience around it, you can monetize your content through several ways.

If you consider $10 everyday and that sums up to around $300 per month.

I am not going to say that this will be easy and you can make quick money within a few days.

But one can make money from blogging if one is consistent and dedicated to the work.

2. Start a YouTube channel today

An estimate says that YouTube soon will have roughly around 2.85 billion users globally by 2025.

What does this number say to you?

Well one thing is for sure people are hungry for content especially in the video form with passage of time. More and more people are looking for videos daily to learn and to enhance their knowledge.

And guess what this is where the opportunity lies for a content creator to fill in the gap.

You can put videos onto YouTube, not necessarily by showing your face and start to make money online at $10 every day in the form of passive income.

Again this is not something which will happen quickly overnight but will need patience and consistency to be successful.

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3. Set up a Print on Demand store

A Print on Demand store is also another great side hustle that you can begin even if you are in a job 9 to 5.

What you need to do over here is set up a virtual store with the help of several platforms such as Teespring or Redbubble.

In here you have to put some good designs if you love creating designs onto different types of merchandise.

These merchandise are the ones that can be sold online virtually such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, bags etc.

If you have a great design that catches up to the buyers, you can be in for a real game.

This business can generate passive earning everyday provided your designs sell well and keep selling consistently.

Again if you are working a full time job, then you can work on this side hustle alongside and make money online out of it.

4. Dropshipping can make $10 dollars a day as passive income

Ever heard of virtual stores selling other people’s products online?

Welcome to dropshipping!! This is another great model of business where you can list certain products of someone else that can be sold online.

When you make a sale you can earn a commission for the sale made and keep the money after handling and shipping charges.

This can run on a passive mode of operation and can make you good money everyday.

$10 a day is very much possible at minimum but this needs some good work upfront to set it up for success.

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5. Affiliate marketing can be a key to making passive income online

There are people out there who are making a killing on the internet with the help of affiliate marketing.

Several people are selling recommended products that they are using and are making consistent money online out of it.

How is it possible? That is the power of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but recommending a product that you use to others and making commission out of it.

It may sound simple but takes time to implement the same. 

There are many products out there which have recurring commissions and you get paid every month as long as someone uses it during their lifetime.

Thus affiliate marketing is really a powerful method to make passive income online if done correctly.

The best thing about this is anyone can do it, be it a student or a stay at home mom and it can be done anytime at your choice.

6. Sell a digital course online or a digital product online

This is one of the most popular methods of making passive money online, especially if you are looking for $10 in a day.

Digital courses / digital products have been in demand always and will remain to do so in the time to come.

People are always looking to buy courses or a product online which can help them solve an issue.

Consider creating a digital course online if you hold an expertise about something.

Or if you have an amazing idea for a product that can cater to an audience to help them with an issue.

Why not make a digital product today to see how it goes.

Either way there is always a hungry market out there and one can make at least $10 a day certainly in passive income.

This depends on a whole lot of factors of how the product is going to be successful or not.

But if you want to get started on how to sell a digital product, then now is the time to act upon it.

Key Takeaways

Making $10 a day is not that difficult as it may sound like.

But it needs consistent work and discipline to make it successful in the end.

Here are 6 ways on how to make $10 dollars a day passive online on the internet:

  • Start a blog today and make $10 dollars a day passive online earning.
  • Create a YouTube channel.
  • Setup a Print on Demand store online.
  • Start dropshipping business to make money online.
  • Get into affiliate marketing to make passive income online.
  • Sell digital courses online.

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