Best Side Hustle for women in 2022

Best Side Hustle for women in 2022 (Top 6 business ideas)

Best side hustle for women in 2022?

A side hustle can mean so many things when it comes to building a business online. 

Especially if you are a woman who is working and has so many things to tackle each day, a side hustle alongside your day job can add so much to life.

Working on a side hustle as per your routine and flexibility can help you to achieve so many things in life, such as:

  • Financial Independence
  • Flexibility of working as per own time
  • Making money alongside your regular day job
  • Building passive income and much more.

If you have been searching for a legit way of making money online working on your own, you have come to the right place.

Today we will be looking at 6 such best side hustle businesses for women in 2022.

6 best side hustle business ideas for women in 2022

When it comes to side hustle women account for roughly handling around 40% of businesses operating in the world

This is an amazing feat in itself and with time more and more women are building their businesses online.

There are several home based business ideas for women but here’s a list of 8 such side hustles that you can begin from today:

1. Making money from blogging

Blogging has been the centerstage for a long time when it comes to building upon a side hustle.

Many women have achieved huge success when it comes to blogging with their unique ability to connect to people with their interests.

If you are someone who has any interest or hobby that can be shared with others on a written platform, consider giving blogging a try.

This has the potential to change the way you can make money online as done with so many others.

Building a blog is a low cost investment business and can even be started for free as well.

This stands No. 1 on the list of best side hustle for women in 2022. 

Typical monetization methods include placing ads, earning from affiliate sales or selling courses online.

2. YouTube is an amazing platform for side hustle

YouTube has been the forefront platform when it comes to putting videos out in front of the end users.

If you are someone who loves to create content around your interest in the form of videos consider giving YouTube a try.

Anyone who has done YouTube for a long time has found success with the platform with a massive fan following.

Being a woman, you can make content around so many topics such as DIY, cooking, make up, gardening and much more.

The options are endless. All you need is an interest and the spirit to keep working on YouTube as a side hustle.

When it comes to making money people are making a full time income out of it and making a living of it.

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3. Freelance writing is a great side hustle for women

Freelance writing is another great opportunity when it comes to making money online from the internet.

Women in today’s world have plenty of opportunities when it comes to writing content and delivering work for the client.

As a freelance writer you typically write content depending upon your niche and area of expertise.

If you are good with finance you can write content based on finance topics and deliver your work to people who require content.

If you hold good knowledge about recipes and you are a professional in any specific field you can find clients requiring such content.

Freelance writing can be a great substitute to blogging and beginner  freelance writers can typically make up to $400 in a month.

This requires consistent effort and patience to build up a good clientele base to deliver work online.

4. Setting up a print on demand Store

A print on demand business is essentially a business where you sell merchandise with some cool designs and printed onto it.

If you are someone who is creative and can make cool images/designs consider going ahead with print on demand business models.

This is another low cost business model where you simply need to set up your store online through various free platforms already available.

If you want to work around night time for setting up this side Hustle it’s a perfect go to option as well.

Even introverts can give this a try as you can be anonymous and still make money in the process.

5. Dropshipping business

A dropshipping business is a form of business  where you can list other people’s products onto your virtual Store.

You need not worry about any carrying cost for inventory and you can make money online once you hit a sale.

The supplier will ship the item directly to the customer and you will keep the commission in the process.

This from a business has been on the rise and many people have found success from this amazing business model.

 This is a beginner friendly business model and can be a great side hustle for women.

You can set up your store online by listing out products of your preferred choice and preferred brand to attract potential customers.

Typical estimate of beginner dropshippers would be around 1000 Dollars per month.

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6. Sell your handmade products

You can even consider selling your own handmade products through various platforms such as Amazon and Etsy.

Several people around to blow would be interested in buying your product if it is something that catches their interest.

Any personalized gifts that are targeted towards specific audience such as 

  • anniversary gifts 
  • personalized keychains 
  • housewarming gifts 

find an audience all around the globe. If you are good with making any craft items (DIY),  you can  consider selling it to others.

People have made successful side hustle business even by selling hair accessories.

A good example is Meghna Gandhi who clocked a $30000 business selling hair accessories online.

Key Takeaways

Making money from any side Hustle business requires consistent effort and discipline to be able to scale up the business online.

If you stick along the process of making money online from making money online you will definitely be successful one day.

Here are the 6 best medicine business for women in 2022 that we discussed so far:

  •  Making money from blogging
  •  Setting up a YouTube channel and sharing content online
  •  Freelance form of writing is another source of income from head of a business
  •  A print on demand Store is a great form of side hustle.
  •  Dropshipping business
  • Selling handmade products online

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