Home business ideas for women in 2022

Home business ideas for women in 2022 (7 legit ways)

Here’s why you might have come to read about home business ideas for women in 2022

You have gotten tired of the boring 9 to 5 grind and want to start something of your own. Or maybe you have always wondered about the possibilities of how far your vision can take you being an entrepreneur.

You might be looking for some extra cash or maybe gaining freedom to spend time with family, whatever be your reasons, you have come to the right place. 

There is always this fear of what if I fail in my business. There are a lot of things that can take us in different directions such as responsibilities of family, kids, jobs and much more.

But, believe it or not women have ownership of roughly 12.3 million businesses in the US alone. This accounts for almost 40% of all businesses in the US alone.

Today we are going to have a look at 7 top home business ideas for women in 2022 that can make money for you.

Home business ideas for women in 2022 (Top 7 legit ways)

Being a woman demands a lot more. As such starting business right from the comfort of your couch can be the thing to look out for.

But there is a lot of apprehension of whether it will work or not work, and whatnot. Following some of the already established ways to make money online is what we are looking out for today in this post.

1. Blogging

This has to be my absolute favorite and no brainer to start with. Why do I say so?

Well my question: What is the first reliable source of information when you want to gather information about anything online?

It’s a blog. This is because when you read stuff online you get to know everything in and out about what you’re looking out for. Then you are able to make an informed decision about it.

Thus blogging is a huge thing online and can make money for you.

This is a perfect home based business idea for women who want to write and share stuff with others on what they know. When you start to connect with a like minded audience you will always find several ways to make money out of it. 

Soon it has the potential to be a full time business for you and all of it can be done from the comfort of your home right now.

Income Potential:

$1000 – $5000 per month as a beginner.

2. Freelance content writer

Content writing is something which has been in demand for a long time. Several types of content are being published online regularly which needs solid content for the audience.

People are always on the lookout for some credible content writers who can provide value for the audience.

This is where content writers can spin their magic. If writing is something which is your goto skill you can definitely start writing stuff for others online.

When you deliver credible work to others and satisfy the user’s requirements, you can charge higher with time for your content.

Income Potential:

Full time freelance content writers make around $1500 per month with some time invested into it.

This is one of the best home business ideas for women to start with.

3. Become a bookkeeper 

Bookkeeping is a business where you are handling finance and managing the day to day affairs of the business.

This is one business which can grow when you invest the time to learn the nuances of the business.

Knowing about how to manage the finances which involves handling the invoices, managing the accounts payables for customers, preparing the bank reconciliations and much more.

Many people have opted for bookkeeping as a full time job right from the comfort of home.

Income Potential:

A bookkeeper earns somewhere around $40000-$50000 per month with experience and clients working for.

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4. Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a market for everyone who wants to spread knowledge about something. If you are good at something consider spreading the knowledge upon the subject onto YouTube.

When you put videos out there for the audience, interested people will connect to you when they need to know about anything.

This is another home business idea for women which costs nothing to start with.

All it needs is a camera and a mike to start with or even you can make videos without showing your face to others.

Income Potential

$500 – $1000 per month as a beginner 

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5. Launch courses of your own

Digital courses are the new market in today’s age. An estimate of roughly 4.66 billion users have had access to the internet back in January 2021.

This figure will keep rising and soon more people will be having access to digital form of content on their smartphones.

What this means is you have a hungry market out there who are looking to learn something new everyday..🙂

If you are good at anything such as making pizzas, baking cakes, sewing clothes or maybe calligraphy then there is always someone who wants to know about this as well.

You would be amazed by the fact that people are willing to spend their money just to know an extra bit of knowledge that you hold about.

Your knowledge on the subject plus putting a digital course on it, there is your first saleable product.

Income potential:

Infinite. There is a huge potential to make money from digital courses as you sell with time 

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6. Virtual Assistants

Every business is going digital and they have time to handle all the little nuances of the business involved.

While this may be cause of concern for the companies, this presents an opportunity for the women to make money right from home.

Virtual assistants take upon the tasks of the business and manage them from their home so that companies can focus on finding the ways to make more money.

Virtual Assistants also known as VA’s can also work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant as well. 

For women this is an excellent home business idea as it is very much scaleable and can make a sizable profit online.

Income Potential:

$4000 per month as a beginner

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7. Print on Demand Store

Simply saying, this is an amazing side hustle for women that has full potential to be a full time home business for women in 2022.

Print on demand as it sounds, is nothing but selling stuff online with your own designs imprinted on different types of merchandise such as:

  • Caps
  • Tees
  • Cups
  • Pillows and more

All you need is an idea for a design and getting it printed onto something that can be sold to others.

If people find it to their choice they will buy for sure. Many people have established successful Print on Demand stores online which sell well and generate revenue successfully in millions.

Income Potential:

Infinite potential, as long as you sell stuff online you will make money

Key Takeaways

Here’s what we learnt with home business ideas for women in 2022:

  • Blogging.
  • Freelance content writer.
  • Become a bookkeeper.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Launch courses of your own.
  • Be a virtual assistant.
  • Set up a Print on Demand store.


Side business ideas for ladies at home

Blogging, Virtual Assistant, Print on Demand store and much more. We have covered 7 such side business ideas for ladies at home.

What is the best business for a woman to start?

It depends on the interest and knowledge about the business. A good place to start is to look for the 7 home business ideas for women in 2022 in this post.

Part time business ideas for working ladies?

Freelance content writing, blogging, bookkeeping, YouTube and more. There’s a list of 7 business ideas for women to make money online from home.

Online business for ladies at home?

Selling digital courses online, setting up a print on demand store,

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