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How to make $1275 passive earnings online from digistore24.com in 2021?

Passive earnings are what people are looking up for these days online every minute.

While many seem to work but most often they require some investment upfront as well.

As a beginner, it becomes difficult to get into the right strategy to start making money online.

In this post, we are going to cover how to make money online using the digistore24.com marketplace for beginners.

This is absolutely a free strategy and doesn’t require us to invest a penny.

The strategy which we will discuss has the potential to make $1275 by making one successful sale.

How to make money (passive earnings) with digistore24?

In order to earn $1275, we will use a website calleddigistore24.com and join as an affiliate to earn an affiliate commission.

They have over 8000+ products listed on their marketplace expanding over 44 niches.

The best part is this is applicable globally for anyone around the world.

$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

Follow along to learn how to earn money with digistore24.

Which platforms we will use to make passive earnings online with digistore24?

  1. Google.com – For finding the customers online to whom the affiliate link can be promoted online.
  2. digistore24.comPrimary website for getting the affiliate link of products to be promoted.
  3. bitly.com– This website will be used to shorten the URL of the affiliate link.

What is digistore24?

digistore24.com is an online marketplace where one can sell and promote the following types of products as a vendor:

  • Digital products
  • Software
  • Events
  • Physical Products etc.


It’s also a marketplace for affiliates (sales partners) to grow their business with commissions up to 70% or more for products sold. It’s 100% free for you.

Which products can be sold on digistore24?

Digital products and services, online courses, software, online games, e-books, online and offline events. Physical products are not suited for Digistore24 (books, DVDs and nutritional supplements are an exception).

You can’t sell any MLM, network marketing, erotic products, and physical products (exception: books, DVDs, and nutritional supplements).

Which payment method do they offer to clients?

They accept payment through VISA and MasterCard, SEPA Direct Debit, PayPal, bank transfer, and payment by invoice.

$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

How does digistore24 help online businesses and affiliates make passive earnings?

Digistore24 offers a one-stop solution for businesses.

This is also one of the largest affiliate networks in Europe.

Following are some of the insights on digistore24:

For vendors

  • Automation

They focus on automating the business to take care of sales, invoices, affiliate, and partnership accounting, etc.

  • Affiliates

The affiliates take care of promoting the products which are rapidly expanding over the US market as well.

  • Optimizing conversions

Optimizing conversions by use of the newest conversion tools with one-click upsells, and real-time split tests of the entire sales funnel.

  • Complete reseller service

They provide complete reseller service which deals with sales in different countries, prevention of fraud, and management of refunds.

  • 100% safe order and payment

They ensure a safe and pleasant experience with their customizable shopping carts.

  • Expansion of business worldwide

The international affiliate network will market the product worldwide 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


For affiliates (sales partners)

1.  Reliable and fast payouts

Digistore24 has a very reliable and fast payout mechanism in place for the affiliates.

  • Up to 70% affiliate commission for passive earnings

The products offered have a hefty commission of 70% and more in most cases.

  • Recurring revenue from subscription products

It has recurring revenue from subscription-based products which keeps on compounding every day with time.

  • High converting digital products

They have high converting digital products in-store from trusted vendors.


How to join as an affiliate of digistore24?

>>>Click here<<< to go to digistore24.com.

Click on “Start Now. It’s free to sign up.

$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

Fill in the required sign-up details by selecting an affiliate.

Enter the required details.

Once logged in,

  • select “All offers on the affiliate marketplace” under “Marketplace” as shown below.
$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

How can we make $1275 (passive earnings) from digistore24 in 2021 as an affiliate?

As discussed above, digistore24 offers an amazing commission as high as 70% for every sale that is made.😵😵😵

But we are going to promote a specific digital product that offers us a $1275 commission for every sale.

Once logged into the account, follow along to start making passive earnings online.

1.      Which product are we looking for?

Head over to the “MARKETPLACE” at the top of the homepage as shown below.

Click on the “Internet marketing & E-Business” as shown below.

$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

Search for Super Affiliate System 2020 – John Crestani’s Course in the marketplace as shown below.

$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

2.      How much is the affiliate commission from this product?

It offers a 50% commission for the product which is $1275.49 in commissions for every sale.

Click on “Promote now” once the product is found.

Get the affiliate link as shown below.

$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

3.      How are we going to promote this product?

Once you get the affiliate link, go to bitly.com.

This website helps to shorten the URL.

Copy the URL and shorten it as shown below.

Follow along once the shortened URL is available.


It’s an easy process from now on to promote the product online.

Search for keywords like:

  • “best work from home blogs”,
  • ”best make money online blogs” or
  • “best passive income blogs” etc.

Find the comments section of the post and engage with people through your comments.


Engage with people in those comments by giving them the value of how they can start earning online.

Tell them about how this course can be a gamechanger for them in the long run.

Don’t promote the product upfront.

Focus on building relationships and trust with the people. 

Promote the product through your affiliate link once you get comfortable.

While it may need some time but even with one sale, you can make $1275.49.

4.      Interesting facts about digistore24.com

  • Cookies period of digistore24 – 180 days.
  • Payment period of digistore24 – Refer to the image shown below.
$1200onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive earnings

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How much money (passive earnings) can be made online from digistore24?

As seen above, this strategy will take time to implement and generate returns.

The possibilities of making a decent passive earning are endless.

As there are numerous products on offer you can promote different products as per your choice as well.

The commissions are really good and the payouts are on time as well.

It takes time to make decent passive earnings.

But it’s only a matter of time until you figure out the process.


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