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Make $500 passive earning online by partnering with Useproof

Passive earning is what everyone is looking for these days and it is growing manifold with every passing day.

Internet is an amazing platform when it comes to making money.

In today’s digital age if you know the right strategy and implementation you can make a living out of it.

Many people are earning online every month by promoting a lot of products online and helping others in the process.

In this post, let’s look at one such product that can make you $500 online every month recurring.

Which strategy are we talking about?

For this strategy, we will use a website called “useproof” and join their affiliate network to earn commissions.

This website holds immense potential to make a good amount of money online.  

$500onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income,passive earning

Which platforms we will use for this strategy?

  1. Google.com – For finding the customers online who would need useproof to grow their business online.
  2. Useproof.com – Primary website for getting the affiliate link for promoting to people online.

What is useproof.com?

Useproof is a website that helps businesses convert up to 300% more leads and sales through the use of their platform.

Here are some of the key relevant insights:

  1. They have been around for a while and they help to tailor your website’s content for every audience. They add a touch of personalization to the website for every visitor experience.


  1. Useproof has collaborated with experts on topics including growth experimentation, personalization strategies. This helps in delivering great personalization content online.


  1. There is a need in today’s age to build personalization into the website to drive more customers. A high focus on website personalization is what they offer which helps in generating revenues.



  1. The platform works equally well with B2B and B2C customers.


  1. They offer the right data for comparing trends and predicting behavior. An added advantage to this is the right strategy and person who helps in implementing the strategies in place.



  1. The personalization solution helps in deploying realtime adjustments for the site’s visitors as well.

What does Proof offer for customers?

Proof offers the following 2 offers:


The pulse product helps to increase credibility and boost conversions with social proof.


1.      They build credibility with hot streaks.

Hot Streaks shows the total number of people who have recently taken action on your site. Great for high-traffic pages such as content opt-ins, webinar registrations, and free-trials.


The average conversion lift out of this is 15%

2.      It creates scarcity with Live Visitor Count.

Live Visitor Count shows the number of people currently viewing a page or your whole site. Great for offers with limited inventory such as physical product, booking, and events ticket sales pages.

The average conversion lift is 8%.

3.      They boost confidence with Recent Activity.

Recent Activity shows a live feed of real people who have recently taken action on your site. Perfect on high-traffic pages such as your homepage, content opt-ins, and webinar registrations.


The average conversion lift is 10%.



Experiences help to build a personalized website experience for every visitor.

1.      They personalize your current website without coding.

Enable your marketing team to easily personalize text, images, and CTAs no matter what platform your site is built on.


2.      Use templates to add new personalized blocks fast.

Use their beautiful content block templates to embed entire new sections into your site that your designers will love.

3.      Know which experiences and audiences convert.

See the impact of personalization on your goals in Proof, or send all your experiment data to your analytics tool.


Here’s another insight that depicts why useproof is good for B2B customers as well.


How much is Useproof’s affiliate income?


Useproof has an amazing commission of 30% of every sale that is made.😵😵😵

Let’s look at the factors for determining the potential for money that is in store for us.

  1. TRAFFIC PER MONTH – Useproof encourages businesses to seek for their service with the traffic of 10000 unique visitors per month.


The pricing plans depend upon the traffic that a website receives every month.


So the higher the traffic higher the charges for availing Useproof.


  1. COMMISSION RATE – The commission rate that is being offered is 30% for every sale.


  1. EARNINGS POTENTIAL – Now let’s have a look at how we can make a decent commission even from one sale.


As an example, for any customer who gets 100k visitors a month, they offer both monthly and annual plans.


For the monthly plan, the pricing is $199/month and for the annual plan, it is $166/month billed annually.


Now if we consider the annual plan of $166 per month billed for 12 months. It comes out to $1992.


This means if we take 30% of it, it gives us 30% * $1992 = $597.60 just from the sale.

$500onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income,passive earning


Now the potential can very well be calculated that is in store with us ahead with its use…🤑🤑🤑


Interesting insights into the affiliate program of Useproof


  1. Cookie period –  90 days.
  2. Trial period – 14 days.
  3. Pay period – 60-DayPending Period” to account for any disputes, refunds, and failed payments.

After 60 days, payments are made 8th of every month.

We will be targeting individuals who are looking to expand their business online.

The product that we will be targeting for this is “Pulse”.



How to join the affiliate program of Useproof’s?

Click here to go to Useproof website.

Scroll down to “Partners” in the Company section at the bottom of the homepage.

$500onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income

Enter the necessary login credentials and copy your affiliate link from the dashboard.

Now is the time to promote the link to potential customers who would like to convert up to 300% more leads and sales.

For this, we need to take the help of Google.

We will take a look in detail below at how to use the Useproof affiliate program.

How to promote Useproof affiliate products for passive earning through Google?

Once you visit Google, follow the steps mentioned below.

This is the most crucial section to make an affiliate commission in the right way.

So follow along thoroughly.

  1. Search for people who are offering courses online. It can anything like photography, teaching, graphic designing, programming


These people would be our potential customers as they would definitely like to expand their businesses online.


  1. As an example, let’s search for “Buy Graphic Designing courses online”.


Search for people (individuals) who are providing Graphic Designing courses online. These would be those people who would need an uplift to their site that would generate more conversions and revenue.





  1. Contact them and tell them why Useproof is going to be a game-changer for their business. Make a healthy relationship with the first message that you send them.

Once you make a proper relationship built-in with them, you can promote them your affiliate link.


This process would take time but even one successful sale would make you $500 passive earning.


So even 10 customers possess a huge potential for you in the long run.


How much passive earning can be made realistically from this strategy?


Now the results are not typical and depend upon several factors. But here’s the beauty of it.

Your effort and the results depend on how many people you reach out to every day.

The more people you reach out to higher are your chances for making money out of it.

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As seen from above, this strategy helps many people to make passive earning online completely on autopilot mode.

It does take time to get the first customer to hit the $500 mark.

But with the time you get more efficient in promoting and generating substantial revenue out of it.



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