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Make $4000 using this free website in 2021 | Passive Income

Passive Income is a dream for many people around the globe.

Many online businesses are completely built on a passive income model which helps them generate online income regularly.

Building an online passive income is not easy but it’s no rocket science either. All it needs is some consistent effort and good strategy to get going.

In this post, we will see one such unique strategy to make $4000 passive income online.

Which strategy are we talking about?

For this strategy, we will use a website called “Zotrim” and join their affiliate network to earn affiliate commissions.

This website has a worldwide reach and can be used by anyone around the globe.


Which platforms we will use for this strategy?

  1. findaforum.net – For joining discussion forums to find a particular category in any particular niche.
  2. Zotrim.com – Primary website for getting the affiliate link for weight loss category product.

What is Zotrim.com?

Zotrim is a website that helps people with weight loss around the world through their weight loss products.

Here are some of the key relevant insights:

  1. They have been around since 2001 to help people to lose weight. They are also committed to helping people to maintain their reduced weight over time.
  2. Zotrim have FDA approved facilities and use the finest natural ingredients for their patented products to be used as 100% effective supplements.
  3. They also pair the supplements used with industry experts who are leading health consultants, nutritionists, or fitness professionals. These people help you along your journey starting from healthy living, diet and exercises, etc.
  4. 24-hour customer support for their customers for any questions, comments or concerns.
  5. Their products are herbal weight loss supplement, which helps to reduce hunger and improves energy.

Their products are backed by clinical studies and expert-approved papers.

Why to try Zotrim?

Zotrim offers an amazing affiliate commission of $40 per sale.😵😵😵

Here are some of the key relevant stats:

  1. AVERAGE ORDER VALUE– The average order value of products sold is $61.03 among a wide range of products that they sell.
  2. AVERAGE CONVERSION RATE – The conversion rate of their products is as high as 70%. That’s really really high, especially for a weight loss segment product.
  3. Besides these, they also offer free worldwide shipping, a money-back guarantee, and free guides with purchases.



So all in all this makes it a hot product in the weight loss segment which can be promoted to earn a decent chunk of money.

Let’s do the math about how are we supposed to make $4000/month out of it?

  1. Affiliate commission per sale = $40
  2. No of sales required for $4000 = $4000/$40 = 100 sales.
  3. Conversion rate = 70%.
  4. Traffic per month = 100 / 22.70% = 441 potential customers

= 500 customers (max)


From the above calculation, we can see that we only need to reach 500 potential customers every month to make a whopping $4000 / month…🤑🤑🤑

Now, this is just 500 potential customers. Imagine the potential that lies in store with more people buying this…🤩🤩🤩


How to join the affiliate program of Zotrim?

Click here to directly land upon Zotrim’s affiliate network.

Click on “Join Now” as shown below to join their affiliate network. Fill in the necessary details as required for a new account.


Enter login credentials and grab your affiliate link for the product that you want to promote.

Now you must be wondering how you are supposed to reach massive potential customers with your affiliate link for the product that you want to promote.

Don’t worry here’s where we will use the second website, i.e. findaforum.net to reach thousands of potential customers.

$1000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


How to promote Zotrim affiliate products in findaforum.net?

Once you visit findaforum.net, follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Click on categories and then search for the “dieting and weight loss” category in the health section.

Besides the health category, you have several other categories such as Art and Literature, Business and economy, sports, music, and lots more.


  1. Once you click on the “dieting and weight loss” sub-category under the weight-loss category, you will find there are several forums available with a lot of potential customers as shown below.


$1000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income

  1. Pick 2 to 3 forums having a high member count as shown below. Create an account in findaforum.net to start sharing your affiliate links in the forum discussion as well.


$1000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


  1. Here’s the most important step.


Once your account is set up in findaforum.net, start to engage in conversation with the forum members discussing more Zotrim product and their benefits.

Focus on providing value in terms of how Zotrim can help in weight loss and why it is good.

In order to find the relevant information, visit the Zotrim website again, and obtain the necessary information that can be shared.

Once people find value in your content they would be willing to go through your link to visit their website and buy the product.

How much money can be made realistically from this strategy?

Now the results are not typical and depends upon several factors. But here’s the beauty of it.

Your answer on the forum will stay forever and people will still find it relevant even after years and this would still give you commission over a period of time.

But having said that you still need to put in efforts to make sure you reach as many people as possible to make the best use of this opportunity.

Here are some interesting facts and some analytics for your reference:

$1000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income

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Make $1000 passive income online by sharing articles


As seen from above, this strategy helps many people to make money online completely on autopilot mode time and again.

It does take time to reach the first $1000 mark, but with time you get more efficient in promoting and generating substantial revenue out of it.

You are not only limited to products of this category but can also search for products from different categories.

Then you can use findaforum.net to find discussion forums to promote your product as per your relevant category.


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