How to make money by answering questions online

How to make money by answering questions online (5 amazing platforms)

How to make money by answering questions online in 2022?

Making money online is one of the most researched topics on the internet. 

Afterall who doesn’t like to earn money and when it comes to making money from the internet, it can’t be better than this.

Answering questions to make money seems to be something exciting.isn’t it?

Yes we are living in an age where information is money.

Providing information for money is what we are going to discuss today.

Here’s all that we need to know on how to make money by answering questions online in 2022.

Making money online by answering questions in 2022

This is what you need to know on how to make money online by answering questions.

1. PrestoExperts

This is one excellent platform when it comes to making money by answering questions online.

This platform is for all who are experts in a particular field and can answer questions based on that.

Designing, Technology, Counseling, Tutoring, Business, Health all such fields have requirements of an expert who can help out others.

This is where PrestoExperts can help fill the gap.

Several people who have expertise on any such subject can help others by answering the questions of others on the subject matter.

This can be done in exchange of money earned for answering the questions.

How much can you earn from PrestoExperts in 2022?

The payment is about $0.4-$2 for each minute generally. It differs as per the field you are in and questions you are answering for.

What is the mode of payment for PrestoExperts in 2022?

First form of payment from PrestoExperts comes in the form of a check.

Subsequent payments from PrestoExperts are paid either in the form of a check or a PayPal transfer.

2. Experts123

This is a platform where you are rewarded for questions asked and answered from experts.

Set with the main objective of helping people as much as possible, Experts123 platform works for meeting that objective.

They look for writers who have a good experience on their preferred topic and can present the answers in a humorous manner.

One can also link back to their own website or blogs to gain traffic to make money online.

People who are experts in their domain will also be asked to share their credible knowledge in their field.

How much can you earn from Experts123 in 2022?

Earnings can arise from multiple sources, such as:

  • Writing RSA articles, revenue is based upon the traffic you receive from the articles.
  • If you write well with good quality you can write for other clients where you can earn around $10 to $20 from Experts123.

What is the mode of payment for Experts123 in 2022?

Paypal is the preferred mode of payment for Experts123.

3. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is another platform where questions can be answered for money.

If you have any question related to any field you can post your question onto the platform and an expert will help you out on it.

There are many fields where you can seek expert help which involves doctors, lawyers, technical support, mechanics, vets and much more.

It also enables sharing photos and documents along with a text and chat option to get the best possible answer for you.

All you would need is an internet connection with a computer where you can address the questions asked.

They would need valid ID proof and after a subsequent check onto your background details, you will be considered for the role of an expert to answer the questions asked.

How much can you earn from JustAnswer in 2022?

As per the website’s claim, one can earn between $2000-$7000 per month every month.

What is the mode of payment for JustAnswer in 2022?

Direct deposit, PayPal, or Venmo (applicable only for US residents only). 

Besides this the platform earnings can also come through Hyperwallet as well.

4. 6ya

6ya is another platform where it helps you to connect to an expert and solve issues related to it by sharing videos related to it.

Experts can help people over the phone answering their questions and earn money from it.

This is another source of earning available for people looking to make money from such a platform.

The people who are enlisted onto the 6ya and recruited professionals who have an idea of how to repair stuff.

This helps them to listen to the problems of people and solve their issues instantly over the phone.

How much can you earn from 6ya in 2022?

No payments are available for help offered in under a minute.

For all the calls beyond 1 min, following rates are applicable:

1 min to 2 minsMore than $1
2 mins to 10 minsMore than $3
10 mins to 20 minsMore than $5
20 mins to 30 minsMore than $7
More than 30 minsMore than $10

For late night hours they pay around $1.30 per call and it can grow upto $13 for a call beyond 30 mins.

For the text messages that a customer requests for can help you earn upto $3.

What is the mode of payment for 6ya in 2022?

Direct Deposit, Check and Paypal mode of payments are available. 

5. HelpOwl

This is an amazing platform to earn some cool reward points for answering the questions of the people.

Answering questions of the people can help you earn reward points and it can be redeemed for cash prizes.

Set up in 2009 the website has gathered a great following of users coming into the site regularly.

This has questions for different types of companies listed on their platform which can help to earn points as you answer.

The points earned can be redeemed for different online shopping merchants including Amazon, Walmart or even iCard.

This is an amazing feature of HelpOwl altogether.

How much can you earn from HelpOwl in 2022?

Points that are earned (Redeemed for winning gift cards)How will you earn the points
100Earn the points by giving an answer to the question
1000Submitting a first answer that is being marked as accepted
10When someone marks your answer as helpful
250Submitting a manual that is not available in HelpOwl (Pages must be in between 1-10)
500Submitting a manual that is not available in HelpOwl (Pages must be in between 11-50)
750Providing a manual that has pages in between 51-100 not available in HelpOwl
1000Over 100 pages submitted for manuals that are not present in HelpOwl.

What is the mode of payment for HelpOwl in 2022?

Points are awarded to be redeemed for gift cards for Amazon and Walmart.

Here’s what we have discussed so far on how to make money by answering questions online from these 5 ways in 2022.

Make money from 1 high-quality article and 1 email outreach

In this process all you got to do are 3 things:


First, find a YouTuber who doesn’t have a website or a blog. Start writing articles for the videos that he publishes online.

Write at least 10 articles and select 1 high-quality article from the lot of 10 articles.


Reach out to the YouTuber highlighting the importance of a blog/website and mention that you will help them set up a blog.

Once the YouTuber agrees to your proposal create a website and start putting blogs in that website.


Write the blogs for the YouTuber and start charging a steady income of fixed standard rates as per freelancing norms.

This is a WIN-WIN for both YouTubers and Freelance content writers.

YouTubers will start making additional revenue along with their YouTube channel and the freelance content writers will make a steady income equivalent to the number of videos that are being uploaded.

Start finding 10 YouTubers who upload 3 videos in a month and suddenly you have a steady income coming by to your account.

If you would like to know the detailed steps involved, click here to follow.

Key Takeaways

5 ways to make money by answering questions online in 2022 involves the following:

  • PrestoExperts
  • Experts123
  • JustAnswer
  • 6ya
  • HelpOwl

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