How to make money for google play store

How to make money for Google Play Store (6 ways of making money)

Making money from Google Play Store?

Making money is not difficult if you know the right ways to do so. 

You all must have downloaded a lot of apps from Google Play Store. Some are really good and offer amazing features to use.

Playing Candy Crush or Subway Surfers would take a lot of time, but how exactly do these app developers make money out of these?

More than 3.35 million apps are listed on Google Play Store since its launch in 2008. The revenue earned from the use of apps is also massive with over 900 billion U.S dollars expected by around 2023.

If you are wondering of ways on how to make money from Google Play Store, then today we have got it all covered up.

Today we are going to discuss ways on how to make money for Google Play Store.

Here’s all you need to know about.

6 ways to make money from Google Play Store

1. Making money from the in app based advertising

Advertising is one of the most common sources of earning revenue from the use of applications in Google Play Store.

Have you ever seen those little ads that pop up while you are playing a game in between levels?

Or even when you want to earn coins they tell you to watch an ad to get the points.

This is where ads help creators make money from.

In-app advertising feature also helps to make money for developers.

This is one of the most popular ways of making money from apps and requires a fine balance as well.

Lot of users get a disturbed user experience if they don’t experience a healthy experience from using the app.

This must be taken care of so as to make money from ads.

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2. Apps on Google Play Store offers in app purchases from users

In app purchases is quite a unique feature that helps a lot of creators make money as well.

This is like buying a new skin, new weapon, upgrading to a premium feature and a lot more.

In-app purchases are quite a popular way to make money as well.

Users pay money to buy a lot of things that they can use while using an app, thus creators make money from it.

Offering something as premium makes a user inclined to purchase it for money to enjoy the exclusive it exclusively, if it is worth it.

Again offering everything up for a purchase is not an ideal scenario for a content creator.

There must be reasonableness as to why users would buy something by paying for it.

3. Sell the apps for money on the Google Play Store platform

If you observe Google Play Store closely, you will find some apps that need to be paid to be used.

These are paid apps that users need to pay money for in order to use them.

Lot of apps which fall in different categories such as Photography, Tools, Personalization fall into this category.

People buy these in order to improve their work more and thus pay in order to use these extra features.

There must be something additional to offer to the users in order to sell apps for a paid amount that free ones don’t offer.

Selling the apps can be a bit difficult as one needs to justify why a user must pay in order to use an app.

Also the pricing of the app needs to be low to ensure more acquisition of users to get the most out of it.

4. Running sponsorship can help make money from apps

IPL is a big event in India, where people watch the game like crazy.

People look for apps that can offer them live streaming services so that they can enjoy from their home.

This provides an opportunity of earnings for those who are creating the apps surrounding IPL.

Many people reach out to these app developers as sponsor to promote their content in the form of:

  • Banner ads,
  • Writing posts,
  • Providing some links for their services and 
  • Running polls on their app and much more.

This presents an amazing opportunity to make money from Google Play Store through the help of the apps.

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5. Running a subscription based service for users through apps

Subscription based model for apps works best when you are working in categories which involves:

  • Stories,
  • Publishing video content for daily viewership,
  • Dating and relationship niche etc.

Usually it’s not a one time amount that is charged from the users, but they have to pay recurring fees.

There are also one time subscription services that are on offer as well, but weekly or monthly subscriptions do work well too.

So the subscription form of payments from use of apps is also a form of making money from Google Play Store.

But the viability of use of subscription based services must be thought out before putting it into test.

6. Using the app to pull traffic onto website or a blog

Apps can also be a great way to pull traffic onto your website or a blog.

When people download apps they can help to pull the crowd onto their website or app based on their content.

This helps to get them onto their website or blog from where they can earn money in a lot of ways.

Let’s say you are running a tech app where you update people about a lot of tech features.

If you can draw people onto your website or blog, then you can help monetize and earn money from it.

Popular options would include earning money from display ads from websites, affiliate earning is also an additional source as well.

Other than this, selling courses is also an additional way to make money out of it as well.

This building upon a blog or a website has a lot of functionality when it comes to earning money.

Apps can serve for this purpose as well.

So we have discussed 6 ways on how to make money from the Google Play Store.

Let’s conclude upon what we have discussed so far.

Key Takeaways

6 ways on how to make money from Google Play Store:

  • In-app advertising can make money from the Google Play Store.
  • In-app purchases also help to make money from the Google Play Store apps.
  • Selling the apps for money can also earn money from Google Play Store.
  • Running sponsorships can make money from the apps.
  • Subscription based system of payment allows another added feature for Google Play Store users.
  • Driving traffic from apps onto blogs or websites can also make money from ads, affiliates or even selling courses.

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