How to make money on Pinterest for beginners in 2022 (5 easy ways)

How to make money from Pinterest for beginners in 2022?

Pinterest has been growing tremendously in recent times. It is the 14th largest social network in the world that has around 431 million users all over the globe.

These amazing stats say what Pinterest is truly capable of.

Pinterest is used daily by people every day for a lot of purposes. 

People use Pinterest to make money Pinterest as a beginner in several ways which include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Driving people to blogs
  • Selling digital products
  • Building a partnership with other brands and much more.

Making money online has become easy with the passage of time and every person can make money today.

Any person including teenagers, and students can get into Pinterest to make money as a beginner.

Let’s see what are the ways you can work to make money on Pinterest as a beginner in 2022.

5 effective ways how to make money on Pinterest for beginners in 2022

Pinterest is a huge platform where people pin stuff daily onto their boards for different categories.

Before a female-dominated social media site, it mainly works as a search engine.

As such one can look to make money from the use of Pinterest in conjunction with other things working together.

Making money as a beginner on Pinterest can come in the following ways as discussed below:

1. Driving Pinterest traffic to a blog to make money online on Pinterest

This is one of the primary ways how Pinterest users make money online.

If you observe any Pinterest account user closely you will find that their pin is directed to somewhere.

This could be a blog, YouTube channel, etc, there is a reason why the traffic is diverted to somewhere through pins.

When people head over to these websites through pins they can be targeted for generating revenue later on.

Driving traffic to a blog is one of the most commonly used strategies to make money on Pinterest as a beginner in 2022.

People have grown their blogs completely from scratch with the power of Pinterest alone.

When people visit your blog it can be monetized from ads, affiliate income, consulting, digital product sales, and much more.

So the power of Pinterest as a money generation tool can’t be ever ignored.

How much does it cost you?


Thus it is one of the low-cost investment tools to grow your business from scratch.

Having said this around ⅓ of people who use Pinterest have made around $50000 – $75000 per year online.

2. Do affiliate marketing with Pinterest as a beginner

Affiliate marketing is a powerful monetization method that can build amazing businesses in 2022.

Pinterest can be a great platform to use for trying this out.

If you have used a product which you feel can benefit people, then why not try to sell it to people.

You can make video pins or normal pins and use proper descriptions to tell about it.

Adding an affiliate link for use of that product can help you make money out of it.

This can also be achieved with the help of Pinterest.

It may sound simple, but you need to help people first with their issues and then recommend a product for their use.

This way you make a good income from affiliate marketing.

Select a niche of your choice where you hold good knowledge about the market and then start to recommend a product for sale to others on Pinterest.

When you start getting more sales with time, the affiliate income starts to grow and create a good source of passive income for you over time.

Thus affiliate marketing is also possible from the use of Pinterest to make money as a beginner in 2022.

3. Promote the sale of digital products through Pinterest to make money on Pinterest for beginners

This is quite similar to affiliate marketing except for the fact here you are promoting your own product.

If you have a template, or tool which can help people with they consider selling it on Pinterest.

Digital Products have been on the rise and are selling like hotcakes every single day.

Selling digital products can help to increase your passive income and help you build wealth over time.

Again you can follow the same process as told above to drive people to buy digital products.

Digital products would also include courses as well.

Here you can add a course of your skill and expertise and make money out of it.

4. Look for brand sponsorships to earn money from Pinterest

Brand sponsorships are one of the best ways to capture the audience around your niche.

If you have a specific niche where you hold your interest such as Home Decor or DIY.

Start making associations with brands in your niche to make money from them.

Any good brand would definitely consider you if you have a good following on your account.

This will be a WIN-WIN for both of you as collaboration can be a good way to make money for you.

Many influencers take advantage of this and charge a hefty amount of money for collaborating with brands.

Brand collaborations are quite common among millennials who get brand sponsorship for promoting their promotion to their audience.

Joining several group boards and talking to people help much more in this.

5. Work as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest Virtual Assistants are similar to virtual assistants who work remotely from their homes.

The Virtual Assistants help in assisting in several functions of a business.

This usually involves assisting in data entry operations, scheduling meetings with clients, taking care of administrative operations, and much more.

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant is no different and offers similar help to others.

They help in setting up a Pinterest account, help in managing pins for an account, writing alternate descriptions, and much more.

People require a specialized person who knows about the use of Pinterest to help them grow their business on Pinterest.

This is a really great way of working freelancing way to make money as a beginner.

Today we have covered 5 primary ways of making money on Pinterest for beginners.

Here’s what we have covered so far today.

Key Takeaways

5 ways how to make money on Pinterest for beginners in 2022 include:

  • Driving Pinterest traffic to blogs or YouTube to make money from it.
  • Doing affiliate marketing by using Pinterest
  • Promotion of the sale of digital products online from Pinterest.
  • Brand sponsorships are a way to make money from Pinterest.
  • Working as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to make money online.

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