How to make money on twitter in 2022

How to make money on Twitter in 2022 (5+ ways to make money)

How to make money on Twitter in 2022?

We are living in the world of tweets popping in for us in the form of notifications every day.

Famous business leaders, entrepreneurs, people building side hustles, college-goers and anyone can tweet about anything that can go viral at any moment.

Starting way back in 2006, Twitter has grown in as “THE SOCIAL MEDIUM” to connect to others with a user base projected to touch almost 340 million by 2024.

What does all this hold for us?

Twitter is a huge money-making source for anyone who knows how to make money on Twitter.

Making money on Twitter can come from various sources such as:

  • affiliate sales, 
  • sale of own products, 
  • sponsored posts and much more.

Today we are going to cover 6 such ways how to make money on Twitter in 2022.

Let’s dive in…

6 ways how to make money on Twitter in 2022 (Updated)

Twitter accounts for having rich users in their audience which signals better monetization opportunities to make money from it.

Here’s what you need to look out for making money on Twitter:

1. Make money on Twitter from affiliate sales

Affiliate marketing has been prevailing for a long time and is a huge industry in itself.

Twitter has so many people searching for so many things every day. This presents an amazing opportunity to capitalize on the opportunity available from the platform.

Affiliate marketing can be one of the best ways to earn money online from Twitter.

First, you need to focus on building an audience around your content and giving valuable content to them.

The whole game of affiliate marketing works on the principle of giving value and making money in return.

Spamming links down to the people won’t help in the long run.

What you need is a good strategy to be consistent with dealing with issues and recommending products on sorting them out.

Some of the key principles to help make affiliate sales on Twitter would include:

  • Putting in the right hashtags, 
  • Engaging with the audience, 
  • Joining in Twitter threads and building conversations.

Essentially you will be making money from the commission that you generate selling the product to others.

So be helpful as much as possible and recommend things you believe in.

2. Sponsored Tweets can help make money on Twitter

What are sponsored Tweets?

A sponsored tweet is simply promoting a tweet to others on Twitter in return for getting a benefit.

As you can see from above, there is a benefit associated with putting out a sponsored tweet.

But why would anyone put out a sponsored tweet in return for paying you money?

It’s simple, brands and companies want to reach out to people as quickly as possible.

The best medium to do this is to target those Twitter accounts which resonate with their niche market and have a good engaged following.

If you have a good following on Twitter who engage well in your conversation, you can make money from putting out sponsored or paid tweets to your users.

These tweets won’t be regular ones, but instead will be tagged as “Promoted”.

If you are a beginner on Twitter with a decent amount of following you can try reaching out to companies for paid tweets as well.

Platforms like SponsoredTweets or PaidPerTweets help you reach out to companies for sponsored tweet opportunities.

3. Drive traffic onto your own business

If you can get people on board with your own website, then things can work magically differently for you.

When people check for your tweet and start to put faith in what you say, they would be more curious to know about you and what you do.

This is the opportunity to drive the traffic back to your site.

This can be your blog, YouTube channel, e-commerce platform, etc.

Your own platform can help bring more revenue in terms of ads, affiliate revenue, selling products, and much more.

When you draw people independently to your platform, things get much more interesting to grow from there.

So make a neat and clean profile with a well-structured BIO that tells exactly what you are here for.

4. Sell your own products with the help of Twitter

Not interested to sell other’s products to make an affiliate commission?

Well, how about selling your own products instead…

If you want to boost your income and preferably make passive earnings online, then selling your own product would be an ideal way to go.

If you sell your own products online you get complete control and authority over what you sell.

This can help to amplify your income quite quickly and Twitter is a great platform to do that.

People selling digital products on Twitter have amassed huge wealth doing so and have immensely benefitted from this.

A really popular example of this would be Miss Excel which sells courses related to Excel.

She makes over a whopping $300000 every month just selling Excel courses online from various platforms including TikTok and Instagram.

5. Gather your followers onto your email list to make money out of it

If you are able to nurture your audience the right way, then you can collect their emails onto an email list.

The email list holds a lot of value when you know how to make the best use of them.

It is said that real money is on the email list.

It’s quite true because it becomes simple and easy to promote stuff when you have a list of people to sell stuff to.

Building an email list takes time and effort to be able to scale the list to a substantial following.

But as you grow your list strong and steady you will find more people whom you can connect to.

This connection will be key to being able to make money from the email list followers.

This is a game of patience and trying out things that can help to give success in the long run.

6. Write tweets for others and make money on Twitter

Not everyone can afford the time and effort to write about tweets that can go viral

It takes the skill of a good writer who has the skill of writing out a viral tweet to achieve the success that you seek.

When you are starting out on Twitter observe how the tweets are laid out.

See what attracts the people to retweet the information, follow the threads to understand the whole message, and much more.

This takes time much like a freelance writer who takes a freelancing project to write about stuff online.

You can be a ghostwriter and write tweets for companies or brands spreading their message worldwide.

Being a ghostwriter you can’t reveal your own identity and need to write under the name of the brand or company to make money from it.

This also has a good monetization potential when you can do it successfully.

So we have discussed broadly 6 such ways how to make money online on Twitter in 2022.

What’s your take on this. Which is your favorite method to make money on Twitter.

Do share your comments down below.

Here’s what we discussed so far.

Make money from 1 high-quality article and 1 email outreach

In this process all you got to do are 3 things:


First, find a YouTuber who doesn’t have a website or a blog. Start writing articles for the videos that he publishes online.

Write at least 10 articles and select 1 high-quality article from the lot of 10 articles.


Reach out to the YouTuber highlighting the importance of a blog/website and mention that you will help them set up a blog.

Once the YouTuber agrees to your proposal create a website and start putting blogs in that website.


Write the blogs for the YouTuber and start charging a steady income of fixed standard rates as per freelancing norms.

This is a WIN-WIN for both YouTubers and Freelance content writers.

YouTubers will start making additional revenue along with their YouTube channel and the freelance content writers will make a steady income equivalent to the number of videos that are being uploaded.

Start finding 10 YouTubers who upload 3 videos in a month and suddenly you have a steady income coming by to your account.

If you would like to know the detailed steps involved, click here to follow.


6 ways to make money on Twitter in 2022 are:

  • Affiliate sales on Twitter,
  • Sponsored Tweets are a way to make money from Twitter,
  • Drive traffic onto your website or page to make money from Twitter,
  • Sell your own products online,
  • Get people on board an email list to make money,
  • Write tweets for others as a ghostwriter.

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