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Make $5000 every month using Kicksta in 2021 | Passive Income

Ever wondered how amazing it is to make a passive income online.

Many people around the globe have built their online businesses and this helps them to work anywhere at any time.

Passive income needs your work once and helps you build money over a period of time.

In this post, we will see one such unique method to make $5000 passive income online every month.

Which strategy are we talking about?

For this strategy, we will use a website called “Kicksta” and join their affiliate network to earn recurring commissions.

Which platforms we will use for this strategy?

  1. Google – For searching for potential customers who would need a social media presence.
  2. Kicksta – Primary site for getting the affiliate link.
  3. Udemy – To find Instagram growth courses online.
  4. TeachingGuide – Find free courses related to Instagram growth strategies.

What is Kicksta.com?

Are you looking for real organic followers on your Instagram page without any fake ones??

Then Kicksta is what you are looking for.

This is simply a tool for you to “Get real Instagram Followers Using Their Powerful Growth Tool”.

The tool helps in the following ways:

  1. Engage with real, relevant Instagram users and get followed by your ideal audience.😯😯😯
  2. Find profiles similar to your page and let their followers discover your page too.
  3. Auto engage with followers of similar profiles as yours and get followed back too😮😮

$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


Why try Kicksta?

  1. Targeting your competitors based on your inputs and engage with their posts giving you a high likelihood of getting a follow back from them.
  2. Giving a boost to real organic followers is a major indicator for social media awareness and brand recognition.
  3. They have a high customer base market expanding over 10,000 brands and influencers. Their focus is solely on getting real organic followers that are genuinely interested in your brand.
  4. Kicksta has a robust mechanism that delivers high organic growth without any fake promises or commitments. No indulgement in spammy practices such as an auto commenting method or buying followers.
  5. They don’t follow/unfollow or practice spammy comments or DM’s. They only stick to liking the posts of accounts which is done to preserve brand equity and keeping accounts safe.


How much to invest to get started with Kicksta?

Kicksta has one of the best and cheap pricing policies to help you grow your page at a minimal investment.

As of now, they have monthly affordable pricing policies for any new businesses or personal pages.

You can get started with the standard plan of $49 / monthly or a premium plan of $99 / month 🤩🤩🤩.


The standard plan has a moderate rate of growth while the premium plan offers maximum growth with a target audience of 40.

There can be no better investment than this to take your page to a whole new level.

As per their updated case studies, many people have seen phenomenal growth over a while.😱😱😱

The best part is any plan selected can be canceled anytime with a 14 days money back policy…😵😵😵

So what are you waiting for!!! >>>CLICK HERE<<< to get started.

$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


Do you need an Instagram page or followers to make $5000 using this strategy (completely passive)?

Well, you don’t need an Instagram page or followers for implementing this strategy.

For that matter, you don’t even need any YouTube account or Facebook account, or any other social media account.

The strategy that will be implemented here is joining Kicksta’s affiliate program.  

Their affiliate program offers a commission of 50% for every new signup. They have a 45 days cookies lifespan and 100% timely payouts.

There’ also bonus commission incentives like 10% added commission for 5 referrals in a month or 20% added commission for 10 referrals in a month!

$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


So the goal would be spreading the word out to new businesses or personal accounts that are looking for growth on their social media accounts (Instagram).

What are the steps to follow to make $4000 using Kicksta?


You need to follow these 3 easy steps to start making at least $4000 from Kicksta’s affiliate program. All the steps are important and don’t skip any of these for effective results.

  1. CLICK HERE to go to the Kicksta Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and look for Affiliates as shown below.


$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


Signup to their affiliate program by clicking on “Sign Up” as shown below after entering the necessary details.


$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


Once the signup is complete you will end up on the following page.


$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


Click on Assets to grab your referral linkonce the application for being an affiliate is completely processed which usually takes 24 to 48 hours.


  1. Once you have the referral link ready, you can promote your affiliate link in one of the 2 ways.


What are the 2 methods that we can try?

1st Method:

Open up google and search for potentially all businesses who would need a good social media presence.

The best way to think about it is gyms, restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc. These potential customers would be those with low or moderate social media presence.


As an example, let’s search for gyms near California Road” and let’s click on the World Gym-California, MD as shown below.


$4000onlinepassiveincome,affiliatecommision,workfromhome,makemoneyonlinenow,earnmoneyonline,passive income


Scroll down their website to find their Instagram page and check out their Insta page.




Now their Instagram page suggests that with 300+ plus posts they have got 350+ followers.


This can certainly be improved with the help of a tool like Kicksta.


This would be a WIN-WIN for them and you as well.


You can contact them by sending an email from the contact section of their website by telling them why proper social media presence is important.


Focus on building a relationship upfront and don’t spam them with affiliate links at first.


Once you get a reply from some customers, you can promote them with your Kicksta’s affiliate link later on.


2nd Method:

Another method to reach out to people would be Udemy.com.               



Udemy is a website that offers online courses for anything and everything that you may think of.



If you see Instagram Marketing 2021: Complete Guide To Instagram Growth course it has 25,000+ ratings which mean it has a huge demand among people.


Many people don’t leave a rating while buying an online course.


Don’t worry you can create a free course, using TeachingGuide.com where you can surf free Instagram courses related to Instagram growth strategies.


Use this platform for learning about Instagram’s growth strategy and in the course give your affiliate link to people who want to grow their social media presence.

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This strategy can take time to build momentum to earn a decent passive income with time.

It does take time to reach up to the $4000 mark, as it is no quick rich get the scheme. But the efforts are worth it in the end.

So the more people you get for signups, the higher are your chances to reach $4000 with time.

Best wishes to you. 👍👍👍 Cheers!!!

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