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11 Best side Hustles for programmers in 2022 (Beginner’s Guide)

If you are a programmer and want to create wealth alongside your regular job, then working on a side hustle as a programmer is what you need to look into.

We are living in those days when the internet has become more penetrative than ever before in our lives.

This presents us with an amazing opportunity when putting in effort in any way possible can make a difference in the long run.

There are plenty of ways to work on something that can bring you money and give you a creator’s satisfaction.

But today we are going to look into 11 side hustles that are the best-handpicked ways for you to explore your possibilities.

All the above-listed side hustles require a long-term effort and staying disciplined is what will bring you revenue.

Let’s get started…

List of Side Hustles for programmers in 2022

Before we dive deep into each of the side hustles as a programmer, let’s have a quick glance at what we are going to look into.

Side HustlesEarning Potential ($ per month)
Start a Blog$1000 – $10000 per month
Create a YouTube channel$500 per month 
Sell templates digitallyUpto $15000 online
Become an online tutorUpto $33 per hour
Sell courses online$8 – $10 per course
Create games onlineRevenue depends on sales made
Become a consultant onlineBased on hourly rates 
Become a freelancer online$5 – $50 per project
Sell ebooks online$250k in revenue
Sell NFT’S$200 for each NFT
Become a freelance content writer$15 – $90 per project

Start a Blog as a side hustle being a programmer

A blog is like a passport to the world around you. When you create a blog and write content on the same for the public in general you always mean business.

Blogging is one of my favorite side hustles to speak upon and there’s a reason for the same.

This can be scaleable to any extent possible and can bring you a ton of money if you implement the right strategies to make it successful.

As a programmer, there are many things that you can talk about and this can be an amazing way to spread your message to the world.

Coding in general is an area, where many tend to be scared to experiment in life and avoid going deep into it.

Writing small snippets of code to help people around you will always help you give the much-needed exposure required.

Here are some of the best examples of blogs that have been around for a while now:

BlogsTraffic Potential (per month)
Better Programming3.31 Million
David Walsh Blog230.26k
SoloLearn2.13 Million

How much can you earn from blogging from a side hustle as a programmer

The honest answer is as much as you can think of. The general ad RPM rates stay around 

There are multiple ways you can pull of money from your side hustle as a programmer being a blogger.

You can sell courses, sell digital templates, create API’s and even implement other indirect ways to make money online from your programming blog.

Anything that you would do would require you to understand your audience coming to your blog.

But having said that, as you grow and scale your site you can make money in the longrun implementing any of the methods as discussed.

If we talk about the tech niche, the ad RPM rates stay around $11.88 and this is the revenue you would make for 1000 ad impressions.

So, if you have a traffic coming in 

How to start a blog as a programmer

Starting a blog is pretty simple, you need a domain and a hosting account to set up everything in place.

Once you have a domain and a hosting ready, you can start to create content and write stuff online for others to read about.

What you can write upon is based on your interests and understanding of topic of your choice.

Although the most recommended path would to blog about coding and helping people with that.

But other than that one can definitely blog about other things that fascinate you.

Do make sure to research for your topic beforehand and understand the topic thoroughly before starting out.

Start a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is one of the most recommended path followed by mane and especially by those who are looking for a side hustle.

As a programmer this is most obvious when you want to look for ways to start a side hustle as a programmer.

A YouTube channel is one of the best ways to put video form of content out there and bring in audience to your page.

Videos have been in rising dominance for a long time and is going to be the future in the time to come.

How much money can you make from YouTube channel as a programmer

Being a programmer, one of the most things to do on YouTube is putting videos related to learning about coding.

Here are few examples of the channels which would be expectedly making money from their YouTube channel:

Channels Traffic per month ($ per month)
Apna College2.84 Million subscribers
Intellipat1.53 Million subscribers
CroatCode512k subscribers
Quick Support6.15 Million
Brackeys1.6 Million subscribers

Source: YouTube

The above channels make a decent chunk of money from such a huge following backing them up.

Besides the obvious ads income and other affiliate sources of income, the brand value keeps increasing and this makes a bigger impact than anything else.

As long as people recognize and know about you, the opportunity to make money will always be there for you.

Although a YouTube channel requires a good steady following to grow and bring substantial revenue, but other useful ways of monetization are definitely available.

These sources can definitely fasten up the process.

Sell templates digitally and work upon a side hustle as a programmer

Templates are a big market and people are crazy to buy templates for their use.

There are a lot of things which sell online crazy and templates are a big part of it.

Simple templates such as To-Do list planner, studies planner, subscription templates etc have a huge demand in the market these days.

People are looking for ways to sell these templates and make money online in the process.

As obvious these templates are much in demand right now and can help you bring some decent revenue numbers. 

Source: Indiehackers

People have reported to have made around upto $15000 from selling Notion templates online.

These figures show some huge revenue aspect and business potential of doing things in Notion.

Become a tutor online

Being a programmer one of the best suited side hustle is teaching as well.

One can join a private academy nearby or choose to work full time online from YouTube as well.

Teaching has been a mainstream business idea and has potential to convert big time for anyone with skills.

Talking on monetary terms, he pay rates vary based upon the skills and knowledge of the person concerned.

Here’s the pay rates I found from teacheron which provides teaching services to programmers:

Vishal Pawar$2 – $12 per hour
Mahmoud Habbal$20 – $33 per hour
Emily$50 per week
Mahmoud Mohajer$0.35 – $1 per hour
Kashif Saeed$18 – $46 per week

The above pay rates state that it is possible to bring in healthy sum of money working as a programmer longterm.

Sell courses online for a side hustle as a programmer

Being a programmer another side hustle that can work in your favour is selling courses online.

Courses can be of anything which you know about and which can provide value to the audience in general.

If you know about how to code and you can teach some good stuff to others, then you can teach the same.

If you know how to talk well and teach some good stuff related to communication skills, then that can convert as well.

Its important to understand about how to put your knowledge to test and bring clarity of what you know that can sell well.

Platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare etc promote selling courses as part of their business and this has been converting really well.

You can start to create and sell course online on these platforms and make money online in the process.

How much can you earn selling courses as a programmer

Here’s few examples of some of the best selling courses related to programming:

Source: Udemy

As you can see from above, courses at Udemy ar selling for around $8 – $10 per course.

All the courses above have a huge scope and reflect the potential of selling a course online.

Some of the courses have over 146767 reviews on it which takes the total sales value to upto $1190k.

These stats are staggering and reveal the importance of building an online course and getting it launched today.

The best possible scenarios reflect taking upon these courses seriously and giving value to the audience.

Create and publish games online

Games are the lifeline for anyone out there. People love to play stuff and stay on their phones all day along if they find something interesting.

Development of games can be a really good project you can look to pursue as a side hustle and implement.

While you may say that there are trillions of apps already out there, then how would you stand out in such a case.

Well, even if there are plenty of apps on the app store, there’s always a place for one more.

If you have a good concept in place and you can entice the audience deep enough, you can make money in the process.

All you need is developing a game worth staying hooked on for longer.

The longer the people that stay the better are your chances to drive money to your account.

Publishing games is not a big deal as you already know coding in general and you can code and develop a fully functional game.

At the end of the day, what matters is how much is the playable time among the audience and what you make out of it.

How much can you make from publishing games onto the playstore

Some of the most popular mobile games that have made a ton of money are:

Honor of Kings$14.67 Billion
Monster Strike$9.9 Billion
Puzzle & Dragons$8.57 Billion
PUBG Mobile$8.42 Billion
Clash of Clans$8 Billion
Pokemon Go$7.76 Billion

Source: Wikipedia

All the above reflect a tremendous scope of monetization prospects available when you are looking to sell games online.

Playstore is a huge market for this and you can learn a lot of stuff uploading games onto it.

Start a side hustle as an online consultant being a programmer

An online consultant is someone who can help to give consultations related to several projects online.

You can check projects that are already live and advise on the steps to take to improve the work as a coder.

Being a consultant demands a lot of attention onto your skills and expertise of what you already know about to understand what the client is not aware of.

This is an amazing side hustle being a programmer and LinkedIn is one of the great places to get clients in touch.

Clients have varied requirements coming in from time to time and one who is experienced in coding knows how to find issues at hand.

You can set an hourly rate of payment or even charge on project wise depending upon the requirement.

Become a freelancer online

Freelancing is one of the most looked out career or side hustle to take as a programmer.

Freelancing platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork make it easy for people to find you out and you can charge an hourly rate for your work.

Source: Fiverr

The above is a screenshot of the pay rates available to the freelancers who can code for others.

As you can see freelancing in this manner can offer you around $5 – $50 per project and this can be a really great amount of money.

Any coder who has fair amount of knowledge in building applications can get work provided they approach the client in the right manner.

As the client looks to hire the best developers who can code for them, payment over the period of time increases as well.

Sell ebooks online

Ebooks are another hot property and something which must not be excluded from the list of side hustle as a programmer.

Selling digital copies of books may sound like not being a lucrative idea, but the sales of some of the ebooks reveal altogether a different picture.


This is an ebook which has generated over $250k revenue in total over the past years in its sales.

The volume of business that it has made over the years reflect the potential that it holds.

Start Selling NFT’s 

NFT’s are Non-Fungible Tokens which means something which can be sold digitally as a token in the form of Cryptocurrency.

People are making huge revenue selling NFT’s worldwide onto different marketplaces online.

NFT’s involve creation of graphics or animated images online that also has creation of 2D or 3D images online too.

NFT creators can make around $200 in several niches such as:

  • Arts
  • Music
  • Game videos content etc.

This video showcases the potential of selling NFTs and the possibility of making this as a side hustle being a programmer.

Making $738K In 32 Minutes Selling NFTs

Become a freelance content writer 

A freelance content writer is someone who can make money writing content online for a living.

If you love to write and think writing is something which can help make you a living then there is a huge scope in this regard.

Freelance content writing is something which is one of the best way to start a side hustle being a programmer.

Content writing is always a demandable job no matter what kind of content creator you would be.

How much money can you make as a freelance content writer

Source: Fiverr

Here’s what the top paid freelance content writers are earning online.

They are charging a pay rate of around $15 – $90 per project for their content writing online.

As a programmer you can also look to charge for such amount online in time.

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