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8 legit businesses to make money without face😶 (Along YouTube)

Have you always wanted to build a business to make money but without showing your face in 2022?

Having a business of your own that can make money is a cool thing and it’s a reality with so many success stories coming up everyday.

Building a business requires you to be transparent about your identity and what you do.

But nowadays there are many businesses which people can do without revealing anything about their personal identity.

Today we are going to discuss businesses which can make money without showing face in 2022.

Top 8 businesses to make money without showing face in 2022

Here’s a list of top 8 businesses that can make money online without showing face

1. Business of Blogging 

I can’t say how much I can recommend people to get started with blogging. It’s like a one way golden ticket for an empire altogether.

If you don’t know anything about what I am talking about, then here is what you need to know.

Blogging is simply creating valuable content online which is published with a purpose of building an audience around it.

This piece of content that you are reading is a blog that is built around making money online niche which is my absolute favorite..🙂

This is an awesome mode of business as you can be behind the system and putting content out there.

Noone needs to know who is operating the blog and still you could be making money out of it.

As far as income potential is concerned, this has an immense potential in terms of wealth potential and making good money.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a form of expression of thoughts in the form of writing about a subject topic that you are good at.

This is something which can make good money for you even when you are not revealing your identity.

All you need to do is write about a niche which you are good at and deliver your work to your clients.

This is a really great side hustle which can elevate your writing skills and provide enough opportunities in future.

As far as income potential is concerned, you can make good money with time.

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3. Become a proofreader and make money online without showing face

Proofreading is a job which requires you to correct the mistakes noticed while reading a file.

This is more like checking a written document, ensuring that all sorts of grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors or capitalization issues are removed.

This ensures that the file is good in terms of all sorts of errors and issues and can be utilized for several purposes.

If you are someone who is good at reading and rectifying errors then this is a good side hustle to get into.

As a beginner one can expect to make somewhere around $26 per hour.

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4. Make money online from dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model where you can generate money by selling stuff as a virtual store.

All you need to do is to list the products that you want to sell for the different products for different vendors.

Dropshippers make money online by selling products of others and keep the commission of sale in between.

This is a profitable business where you can do it all in secrecy without revealing your identity and make money in the process.

This is a good model to earn decent money as a side hustle.

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5. Work as a transcriptionist to build business to make money without showing face

Transcription involves hearing out audio files and converting them to written text documents from what you hear.

This work is kind of similar to that of proofreading side hustle where you need to have good grammar and understanding skills.

One needs to listen with intent and be able to type fast to make good progress in this field of business.

A transcriptionist typically earns $10 per audio hour for the files that are transcribed.

This can be done in complete anonymity and one doesn’t need to reveal any identity for the same.

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6. Work as a graphics designer

Graphics designing is one career which has a lot of demand in the time to come. 

As with time more and more people are getting into designing stuff and creating beautiful designs for the content creators.

If someone holds good knowledge on how to use editing tools and softwares such as Canva and Photoshop, then you can try your hands into graphic designing.

This is a very rewarding profession and can help make you a good amount of money in the time to come.

A graphic designer typically makes around $5 – $10 for each design depending upon the designs implemented.

This is a good source of income for people who are creative and want to make money online in the process.

Again it can be done in complete anonymity and this will help to make money in the long run once you establish yourself in the market as a good graphic designer.

7. Create videos for YouTube

Wait, what!!! Youtube and how is it possible without showing your face?

Well this is completely possible and you can make videos online without showing your face and still make money out if it.

Consider this YouTube channel, Hum Jeetenge

This is a channel on motivation and self development in Hindi. The creator is making videos without showing his face and is just sharing the content with his audience spreading the information as such.

The subscribers count as on date is around 1.03 million. This goes to show the power of content and what it can do for your business altogether.

So it’s an endless possibility of what you can do with your content in the form of videos even without showing your face.

Start to make videos on YouTube from today and see where it goes.

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8. Start a Print on Demand business to make money without showing face

A print on demand business is a business that can help to make money online by selling merchandise to other people.

The business helps generate a good amount of money when you are selling stuff that involves. 

Print on Demand is a business in demand that helps to make good money online while you are selling stuff online.

This is an evolving business that is working wonders.

One can set up a store and if it’s successful, it can generate a good amount of money with time. One needs to be consistent in putting up good designs and building an audience around it.

Make money from 1 high-quality article and 1 email outreach

In this process all you got to do are 3 things:


First, find a YouTuber who doesn’t have a website or a blog. Start writing articles for the videos that he publishes online.

Write at least 10 articles and select 1 high-quality article from the lot of 10 articles.


Reach out to the YouTuber highlighting the importance of a blog/website and mention that you will help them set up a blog.

Once the YouTuber agrees to your proposal create a website and start putting blogs in that website.


Write the blogs for the YouTuber and start charging a steady income of fixed standard rates as per freelancing norms.

This is a WIN-WIN for both YouTubers and Freelance content writers.

YouTubers will start making additional revenue along with their YouTube channel and the freelance content writers will make a steady income equivalent to the number of videos that are being uploaded.

Start finding 10 YouTubers who upload 3 videos in a month and suddenly you have a steady income coming by to your account.

If you would like to know the detailed steps involved, click here to follow.

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the top 8 businesses that can help to make money without showing face in 2022:

  • Business of blogging
  • Freelance form of writing
  • Become a proofreader
  • Dropshipping business
  • Work as a transcriptionist
  • Be a graphics designer
  • Create videos for YouTube
  • Start a Print on demand business online

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