How can I increase my income without working more

How can I increase my income without working more (6 ways to do so)

How can I increase my income without working more in 2022?

Noone wants to slog 24/7 in their life forever to keep making money everyday. 

However somehow we enter the rat race and work for a good 30-40 years in our life to realize in the end we didn’t get to truly live our life.

And all this was for making money to fill our needs for life.

But times have changed now and so are ways to make money as well.

There are numerous stories of people who have become billionaires in this digital world doing something that we never thought was possible.

One of the best inventions for mankind in my opinion has been the internet

One needs to work towards learning how to make money online and the opportunities will present themselves automatically.

So today we are going to see 6 such ways that can address your question on how can I increase my income without working more in 2022.

6 ways to increase income without working more in 2022

This piece of content draws inspiration from this simple yet eye opener quote from Warren Buffet.

The quote says,”If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

Let’s get started..

1. Get into the business of blogging

Blogging is always number 1 on my list when it comes to making money online. Why is it so?

This has an enormous potential to change your life forever. 

Think about this, the fact that you are reading this makes me so happy because I am able to share my thoughts with you directly from this platform.

If you like what I share here, you will benefit from it.

There is nothing that would make me happy than to know that someone found this valuable to use.

Similarly for any content creator who wants to share about their interests and liking with the audience blogging provides an amazing platform.

You can make money online as well from this platform in the process from ads or even affiliate marketing.

With time when you blog becomes a bit established you can hire writers to help you in the process of earning more money.

This is more of a passive form of business model that does not demand much as an active business model.

2. Make money from YouTube

Youtube is another awesome passive source of earning money online in 2022.

This is an amazing platform for those who have something to tell their audience. 

When you start doing YouTube as a side hustle and bring in money you passive income increases gradually over time.

As you work with time and increase your income you wouldn’t need to work much as you did to start it.

You can hire others who can help you make money without your active involvement in making the content as earlier.

3. Sell photos online and increase income without working more

Photos can be sold online onto different platforms by listing them for sale and earring royalty for each sale made.

This is another passive mode of making money online that will keep making money as long as you keep making sales.

For this once you start making a good amount of revenue and keep selling it overtime you keep making passive income regularly.

For every sale made you start earning money in the following ways:

  • Subscription based sales
  • On demand sales of photographs or 
  • Royalty earned for a sale made of a photo having a license paid for the sale.

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4. Launch a digital course online and sell it online

Digital courses are the future of the world. Digital content is being consumed across the globe and is on the rise.

An estimated 4.66 billion users had access to the internet during Jan 2021 which shows the staggering number of people connected online.

You can also create a digital course on the topic which you know the best and launch it online onto different platforms to make money online.

If you have a passion towards teaching then you can teach others in the form of a course and make passive earning in the process.

It can be as simple as using Excel from beginner to advanced level.

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5. Create a Print on Demand store and sell merch with designs online

If you are creative in designing stuff and have some wonderful designs then you can make money from this as well.

Selling things online with beautiful designs makes money online.

A print on demand store is a really successful business which can be implemented online if done correctly.

This business doesn’t cost any money at all and can be implemented right from today itself.

Print on Demand as it sounds will be sending different merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, mugs or any other products which can be sold on demand.

You keep a commission for each sale made from the total revenue earned from the sale of merchandise online.

6. Start a dropshipping store online to make money online

Dropshipping is something where you sell someone’s else’s product online. You don’t need to worry about inventory storage and carry costs related to it.

All you need to do is list the products for sale onto your dropshipping platform.

Once you execute a sale for any product you can earn a commission out of it. Shipping and other costs associated with it are deducted from the dropshippers.

This is also a passive form of making money online from a dropshipping store.

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Key Takeaways

Making money online can be a game changing decision especially if you put time and effort into it with discipline.

Once you start to execute upon your plans, life presents a lot of opportunities to capitalize upon a lot of things.

Here’s a list of 6 ways on how to increase your income without working more:

  • Blogging business.
  • Making money from YouTube.
  • Selling photos online and increasing income.
  • Launching a digital course online.
  • Creating a Print on Demand store.
  • Starting a Dropshipping store online.

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