How to earn money through listening music in 2022

How to earn money through listening music (6 ways for money in 2022)

How to earn money through listening to music in 2022?

Making money by listening to music. Is that really true? 

This is what I really thought at first when I got to know about it.

Is it another make money scam? This was the next thought.

After some introspection into the topic, I found out that it indeed is true. 

One can definitely make money simply by listening to music.

If you love listening to music, we have got something awesome for you discussing how to earn money through listening to music in 2022.

Let’s see how you earn money by listening to music.

6 ways to earn money through listening to music

Making money from any skill requires time and patience to make it happen.

But there is not much required for making money by listening to music.

Here are the ways on how to earn money through listening to music:

1. Writing reviews about music on a Blog or YouTube

When you listen to any form of music, you develop an emotional feeling towards it.

Either you love it or hate it for what it makes you feel about.

At the same time expressing your feelings about the music in the form of a blog or even a YouTube channel can connect to other people around you.

Why is it so?

Because either Blogging or YouTube has the power to pull people to hear what you have to say.

People will value your opinion and in the process you can make money out of it.

Money can come from placing ads on the site, running affiliates or even taking sponsorship from music companies to promote them.

It will definitely take time to build up your presence and attract readers onto your platform.

All these forms of business are low cost investment forms of business as well. 

So there is not much cost involved in making it work successfully.

2. Rate music that you hear to make money through listening to music

Leaving a rating can help make money while listening to music as well.

Why will you get paid for this?

Well the companies pay us for rating the music that we listen to to promote a new indie creator.

They are always testing out new music and thus promoting more music creators who are testing out the waters.

Several platforms help to earn money through rating music which includes Hit Predictor and MusicXray.

Here’s a quick comparison in between both:

Hit PredictorMusicXRay
The website gives more emphasis on new artists and music compositionThis website focuses upon songs that is present across all forms of genres
The more you put rating onto the song, the higher are your earnings in the form of pointsThere is usually a notification that comes up when you select a genre of sing to rate music for
Rating new music can give you gift cards, cash prizes, money in generalPayout rate is generally $0.1 for 30 seconds of song, while the payout for the entire song is $1.
The website is worldwide applicableThe website is applicable worldwide
Has a minimum age criteria of 13 years oldPayment is done through Paypal

3. Participate in the surveys and earn money through listening to music

Take part in surveys listening to music and earn money in the process.

Several websites offer a chance to take part in the surveys to make money online.

Some of the notable ones include LifePoints, Pinecone research, InboxDollars.

How do these survey sites pay for surveys of music?

Pinecone Research offers reward points which can be used to redeem cash or prizes.

LifePoints send notification to email and on successful completion reward you with virtual points. These points can be used for popular e-gift cards, PayPal credit etc.

Similarly InboxDollars pays cash rewards for successful completion of surveys that you do online.

Why do the survey sites pay for surveys of music? 

These survey sites are one of the market leaders established for a long time.

Sharing your opinion onto these survey sites helps the sites generate valuable feedback based on your opinion.

This valuable data consisting of all the feedback received is then sold off to music companies and artists looking for it.

One can earn money by listening to the songs and watching videos as well.

4. Review music to make money

When you can earn money from rating music, why can’t you make money from reviewing one?

This is a unique thing which requires some good writing skills and also ability to detail out similar to transcription.

One must review the music in detail explaining about what they like or dislike about what they hear.

Websites like Slicethepie is one of the sites which draws the highest reviews from people helping artists in the process.

How much does SliceThePie pay for review of a song?

The payout rates are usually $0.02 – $0.2 per review of the song.

The availability of the website is for the US and Canada.

One of the key things about SliceThePie is that a longer review will give higher payment. 

When you send detailed feedback for what you learnt in a video, you will be able to earn from it.

5. Listen to radio stations to make money through listening to music

There is also money to be made when you listen to radio stations.

This is also a way to make money while listening to music.

Platforms like Fusion Cash, Radio Earn, Radio Loyalty, Cash4Minutes help to make money by listening to radio stations.

Radio Earn helps to make money for every 15 mins that you listen to radio in the form of points. This has a worldwide presence as well

Fusion Cash is available to the US residents only. 

This offers payment $5 for creating an account, watching the videos and also actively taking surveys from the sites.

The minimum payment threshold is $25. 

One must remember that captcha form of payment is activated which checks for alertness of the person.

This is done every once in a few minutes to verify that the person working on it is doing it properly.

Cash4Minutes is a cool platform which pays money for listening to the radio broadcast using unused phone call minutes available.

This has a worldwide presence. 

The pay rates are $0.08 per min, where you can withdraw money instantly in 1-2 days.

Redemption of money happens using gift cards such as Amazon, Bitcoins or even litecoin as well.

6. Earning referral commission to make money through music

Promotion of the platforms to others help to earn a referral income.

The referral commissions are good money for several platforms such as MusicXRay, FusionCash, Earnably.

One needs to have a good number of followers to be able to capitalize on earning good money from referral programs.

Invitation to other artists can help to make around 15% of the margin of the money MusicXray generates.

At the same time FusionCash pays the following referral commissions:

  • $1 to confirms an email be a referral, 
  • $2 to complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, and 
  • $5 for approval of a cashout for life.

It is clear that money can be earned through listening to music, but the earning is not as substantial as that of a side hustle.

Let’s summarize the ways of earning money through listening to music in 2022.

Make money from 1 high-quality article and 1 email outreach

In this process all you got to do are 3 things:


First, find a YouTuber who doesn’t have a website or a blog. Start writing articles for the videos that he publishes online.

Write at least 10 articles and select 1 high-quality article from the lot of 10 articles.


Reach out to the YouTuber highlighting the importance of a blog/website and mention that you will help them set up a blog.

Once the YouTuber agrees to your proposal create a website and start putting blogs in that website.


Write the blogs for the YouTuber and start charging a steady income of fixed standard rates as per freelancing norms.

This is a WIN-WIN for both YouTubers and Freelance content writers.

YouTubers will start making additional revenue along with their YouTube channel and the freelance content writers will make a steady income equivalent to the number of videos that are being uploaded.

Start finding 10 YouTubers who upload 3 videos in a month and suddenly you have a steady income coming by to your account.

If you would like to know the detailed steps involved, click here to follow.

Key Takeaways

Following are the ways on how to earn money through listening to music in 2022:
1. Writing reviews for listening to music from Blogging or YouTube.

2. Rating the music that you hear.

3. Participating in the surveys to earn money from music.

4. Reviewing music to make money on different sites.

5. Listening to the radio stations to make money.

6. Other ways of making money from music includes referral commission to make money.

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