How to make money online typing at home

How to make money online typing at home in 2022 (5 legit ways)

How to make money online typing at home in 2022?

Making money online just by typing? Really, is it true!!

Yes, you heard me right. We can make money online just by typing on the internet.

This may seem like something which is completely out of the box, but yes there are a lot of options available to earn money from this way.

Typing is one of the skills which all of us are expert in. Isn’t it?

If there is probably one skill which we learn involuntarily on our own that would be typing.

The moment we get our hands on a computer or a smartphone we need to learn about the skills.

This is why typing comes naturally to us.

In Fact a statistic says that the average rate of typing speed is almost 41 words per minute.

Today, we are going to discover ways on how to make money online typing at home in 2022.

5 legit ways to make money online typing at home in 2022

Here are the list of legit ways on how to make money online typing at home:

1. Caption submission, subtitles typing or translation is a way to make money typing at home

Have you ever tried to watch a YouTube videos in a different language without subtitles on it?

If yes, then I would definitely like to know how it went?😅

Adding a caption along with a subtitle adds to the whole new experience for videos.

This is where people who type well come into play.

Several jobs are available where people are paid for the following to make money by typing:

  1. Submission of captions, 
  2. Typing out subtitles or 
  3. Translating the videos as well from one language to another.

Freelance websites such as Fiverr, Upwork are filled with plenty of such job offers.

Essentially one must have good skills to type fast and be able to do the work on time.

Besides this knowledge of language and grammar is an added advantage as well while you are trying to make money from typing.

Other websites which offer work include Rev, Crowdsurf or even Freelancer as well.

How much do the websites pay for typing work?

Rev offers the following for typing out the work as mentioned:

  • $1.5 per video minute to caption the video
  • $3-$7 per audio minute for transcription with foreign subtitles

Crowdsurf pays around $0.08 – $0.20 per audio clip. This depends on the level of proficiency and how the work is carried out.

2. Fill out Captcha to make money typing them out

Submission of captcha is another form of making money by typing stuff online.

You all must have filled in captchas at least once in your lifetime on the internet, right?

If you are still unsure of what is captcha, then you all must have filled it while signing up for an account at some point of time.

Filling up a captcha is just a child’s play.

Again there are websites which will help you earn money by filling captchas.

Websites such as MegaTypers, 2Captcha, ProTypers offer money for filling out captchas.

2Captcha offers around $0.50 for solving 1000 captchas, with less than 12 seconds of response time.

This is a very low payment in comparison to the side hustles which have a huge potential to make money.

2Captcha also offers a referral commission of 10% for every successful signup. 

The minimum threshold for the payment remains at $0.5 for the website.

MegaTypers is another website which offers payment for solving out the captchas. 

The pay rate is usually around $1.5 for typing out 1000 words. 

This is quite a substantial amount of money in comparison to other captcha websites that we see around.

3. Work as a transcriptionist to make money online typing

Transcription is probably one job that needs no introduction.

This job requires listening to audio or video files and converting the files into written text.

This job is applicable for all sectors such as medical, legal and other professions.

Typically you are given a file to transcribe i.e. convert from audio/video to text and get paid in the process.

The payments are usually on a per audio minute basis, i.e. you are paid for every minute of the audio you transcribe the files for.

The job requires a high level of precision, and ability to quickly interpret what is being heard and write it down.

The better your speed of work the higher will be your payment for the work.

Typically transcriptionists are paid around $10 per audio hour of work.

A good access to the internet, typing speed with accuracy, language precision, ability to hear with precision will make the difference. 

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4. Data entry jobs that can make money online typing at home

There are several data entry jobs that can help you make money online typing at home as well.

Data entry is quite popular among the youth as this work doesn’t involve skills.

Websites such as Freelancer, Transcribe Me and Rev are some of the popular options.

This is an ideal job for college students as this would give some much needed extra bucks at the end of the month.

Essential skills necessary for being a data entry operator would include:

  • Being skillful in computers, 
  • Handling admin tasks and 
  • Operationally efficient to work under deadlines.

The pay rates vary based upon tasks and skills used.

The pay rate is $5-$15 per hour depending upon the tasks performed.

5. Participation in the surveys by typing at home would make money

Ever participated in any survey? 

These are those simple questions you get to answer for collection of data based on response obtained from the participants.

But did you know you can take surveys to earn money as well.

Websites like SurveyJunkie, InboxDollars, LifePoints help make money by filling out surveys.

These are reputable websites operating for a long time and provide legit ways to make money online.

All these can come from typing out things onto the internet.

SurveyJunkie offers payments in the form of cash rewards, e-gift cards and much more to be redeemed later.

Similarly InboxDollars offers around $0.1-$5 for the surveys undertaken on the website.

Besides these you can also write reviews online for music that can help make money as well.

Thus it is quite possible to make money online typing at home.

Here’s another look at what all has been discussed so far.

Key Takeaways

5 ways on how to make money online typing at home includes the following:

  • Caption submission, subtitles, translation work.
  • Fill out captcha for earning money from typing at home.
  • Work as a transcriptionist to make money working from home by typing.
  • Data entry jobs help to make money from typing too.
  • Participation in the surveys can make money online as well.

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