Best passive income ideas for students in 2022

Best passive income ideas for students in 2022 (7 best passive ideas)

What are some of the best passive income ideas for students in 2022?

Any student who wishes to make money online has several options open in today’s time.

Internet is flooded with opportunities all around and one can make the best use of the resources available at disposal to make money.

When it comes to making money online, there are so many ways to get trapped into.

Some prove to be legitimate ways of earning money online for students while some don’t.

But what would be the best form of making money online?

It would be creating a wealth system in place, where the money is generated passively over some time.

By passive what we mean is you get to work once and you make money for a lifetime.

Is it possible?

Let’s have a look at the best possible passive income ideas for students in 2022.

7 best passive income ideas for students in 2022

Passive income is a dream for any one of us, be it students or even working professionals.

But is passive income completely passive as how it seems?

Building passive income requires consistent efforts and working with discipline to be able to scale into a sustainable income over time.

Let’s look at the best 7 passive income ideas for students in 2022:

1. A blog is the first best passive income idea for a student

Blogging is no more an unknown territory for anyone today.

People who have built online businesses know about the power of blogging today.

Blogging has helped people make millions of dollars and change their livelihood.

This is easy to set up and get started for a student.

This involves low cost and the returns are high when you do it correctly.

Essentially you need to write about stuff that has your interest and some people are looking into it.

When you find an audience around your interest then you will find a lot of ways to monetize such as:

  • Advertisement,
  • Affiliate commission income,
  • Selling digital products and much more.

A blog can be the pathway to building a brand for a lifetime.

So consider starting a blog today to make money long term.

2. Create a YouTube channel to make passive income online long term as a student

YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online and create passive income as well.

Why is it so?

Consumption of content in the form of video has been rising immensely over some time.

People are getting more and more inclined to learn things in the form of videos.

As per a statistic, around ⅔ of marketers would like to spend more or keep the same spending in 2022.

What does this indicate?

The market is opening wide enough for everyone in the videos segment.

YouTube is one of the major drivers for this.

As your content on YouTube on any topic keeps garnering views and subscribers you will be able to make more passive income over time.

This is amazing as a content creator online living in these exciting times today.

YouTube acts as an amazing revenue source in this regard.

Popular forms of monetization would include advertisements, Affiliate income, or even sponsorships as well.

3. Build an e-commerce store online to make passive income as a student

Popular platforms like Amazon or eBay run on the popular e-commerce business model.

As a student, you can start an e-commerce store online even with your mobile phone.

Running an e-commerce store is not tough for a beginner.

All you need is to find the right marketplace and audience to target and you can make money in the process.

If you don’t want to own your store then you can do dropshipping instead.

This is an amazing passive income revenue stream where you can list products of other people and earn a commission for the sales made.

You need not worry about the inventory storage or shipping and handling costs.

This can be done right from the comfort of home running an online virtual store as a student.

4. Start a Print on Demand store online and sell merchandise to customers

Print on Demand as it sounds is printing stuff on demand for customers.

If you are a creative person and have unique skills in designing good designs that can be printed onto merchandise then Print on Demand is an amazing business model.

You can design stuff onto caps, t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, and much more.

These can be sold to customers on-demand when required. A design that goes viral can make millions for you.

As a student doing Print on Demand business is an amazing business model.

You need not invest much into it but can make good money out of it.

5. Get into affiliate marketing of products to make money online

Affiliate marketing is another wheel in the wagon which can’t be ignored when it comes to building products for sale.

If you using a product which you like well, then you can promote the same to other people who would like to use the same as well.

While promoting for the same you can sell them the product by sharing your affiliate link.

If people buy the same using your affiliate link, you make money in the process. This is affiliate marketing in nutshell for you.

Again this can be done with the help of social media involving

So with the use of social media and the sale of the affiliate link, you can make a commission.

Some commissions are also recurring in nature meaning as long as the customer uses it you can make a commission.

This can snowball into a huge sum of money over time if done correctly.

6. Teach online to others and make money online

Teaching others online is perhaps one of the most fulfilling ways to make money online.

Why is it so?

Because when you share your knowledge with others, you are leaving a part of your knowledge with them and helping them out.

As such you can teach anything online starting from how to sew or how to cook or even how to work on excel.

Any kind of skill or hobby which can be taught and monetized can be a part of the process here.

This is a great passive form of earning as you need to work once to create the course.

Then as you go along you would need to update it now and then to make money from it.

7. Sell digital products to make passive income as a student

Digital products have always been in high demand and will continue to be so in the future.

People are looking for ways to solve their problems online and are willing to spend money to buy digital products for the same.

Consider this, you are really bad at monthly budgeting on your own as a beginner and you need help on this.

There are several such budget planners available as digital template files to help you out.

These are digital products that can be sold for money.

Even a simple $5 product that is useful to people will sell well over time building passive income for you.

Today we have covered the 7 best passive income ideas for students in 2022 that can build amazing wealth over time.

Here’s what we have discussed so far.

Key Takeaways

7 best passive income ideas for students in 2022 are:

  • Blogging for money
  • Creating a YouTube channel for making money online.
  • Building an e-commerce store online.
  • Starting a Print on Demand store online.
  • Doing affiliate marketing online.
  • Teaching others online can make money for a student.
  • Selling digital products can make passive money online.

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