Sell feet pictures and make money in 2022 (Everything to know)

Sell feet pictures and make money in 2022 (Everything to know)

Ask me what is one of the weirdest ways to make money online in 2022, my reply would be sell feet pictures to make money.

At least you would agree with me on this, right?

While looking for ways to make money online from a side hustle I came across this interesting story.

“Katie Price is selling feet photos to her exclusive fetish fans for £2.35 ($2.44) for each pic”.

I was like😳😳, first of all, selling feet pics for money even exists (legit way) and secondly, there are people who wish to buy feet pics as well.

I was hooked and needed to dig deep further.

Guess what I found😎

This is definitely real and people are indeed making some serious money from here, even to the extent of leaving 9 to 5 from this weird side hustle.

So I thought I must share this and go into every detail possible to cover “How to make money selling feet pics” (and more).

I bet you will start to see your feet differently altogether, at least that’s what happened to me😃

We will be looking at the following aspects:

  • What are selling feet pics all about?
  • How much money can you earn from selling feet pics?
  • How to make money from selling feet pics?
  • Precautions to follow while selling feet pics (especially for beginners)?
  • To-Dos for beginners on how to make money from selling feet pictures and more.

Let’s begin…

What is selling feet pictures exactly?

Simply put, “selling feet pictures is a unique and creative way of getting paid by selling pictures of your feet to potential buyers”.

This is quite a fascinating market where people are willing to pay you for getting pictures of feet.

People sell different types of pictures online to make money from photography.

Some hold an interest in wildlife photography, while some have a keen eye for still objects.

Hobbyists and professionals each have their own space in the photography market.

But this is an altogether different market that caters to completely different requirements.

Now you must be wondering who would buy feet pics? Let’s find out.

Who can sell pictures of their feet?

Both men and women can sell their feet pictures to make money from this industry.

Who buys the feet pictures?

Generally speaking, feet picture buyers belong to the following categories:


Companies are one of the major buyers of feet pictures in the market.

Why is it so?

It’s obvious, they want to advertise their products which are related to feet the best way possible and thus there is high demand for such kind of pics.

Source: Amazon

Several types of products can be used on feet such as:

  • Foot cream
  • Callus feet remover (as shown above)
  • Feet toenail cutters
  • Moisturizers for feet
  • Anklets on feet
  • Sportswear such as hiking shoes or running shoes
  • Socks companies
  • Toerings for feet and much more.

You get the idea about it, right?

So different types of feet pictures are required by these companies to market their products to the potential customers.

But, not only the companies there are more buyers to the pictures of feet


Blogging is a vast space of industry with a lot of ideas to explore in so many different niches.

One such niche is the foot care industry where someone can give posts about everything related to taking care of feet.

I searched for “How to do a pedicure professionally” and look what I found in the snippet…

This is a blog that covers the steps necessary to do a pedicure.

This is precisely related to feet and would need foot pics for its use as well.

Bloggers like these would require amazing pics of feet to cover so many topics that write about when it comes to many things such as:

  • Pedicure tips.
  • Feet tattoos.
  • Feet care during summer and winter etc.

Note: All these bloggers would like to take licensed pics of feet images and would thus buy the feet pics from you.


Several artists are keen to pull in images of quality feet pictures for their work. 

As they would need something to refer back to while painting their stuff, having a good quality foot picture will help them paint on a canvas.

So this is also in demand from artists who are looking to paint feet pics for their projects.

Social Media

This is perhaps the most talked-about stuff in general when it comes to selling feet pics.

Social media has been a boon for all those who have attempted to do something unique to build a side hustle.

TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are all filled with good feet pictures of people and are followed by millions.

A simple search by using the #feetpics yielded me some amazing results over Instagram

Looking at the number of posts published one can definitely say people want to see more of it.

But who are actually these people who want to have more feet pics?

These are generally feet lovers who have a kind of love-hate relationship with the feet pics sellers.

People have received polite requests to be paid money for putting feet pics.

While people have also been through indecent DM’s to send them feet pics as well(you know what I mean to say, right?)😐

That’s a kind of a plus and minus of using the social media platforms and others that we would discuss ahead.

Stock Photos Websites

The sites are filled with plenty of feet images for commercial use by others.

Stock photo websites are a kind of godsend gift for all content creators looking for free images.

There are several stock websites that can accept feet pictures for money such as:

  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • Pexels and more

These websites have a pricing plan and also provide images with a license.

Anyone looking to use feet pictures can come directly to the website and use the images by paying license fees for the same.

Thus these websites also potential a potential buyer segment for the sellers selling feet pictures.

Other Websites and apps

Besides the ones discussed above, there are also specific websites as well as applications where you can sell your feet pictures.

A few examples of the same would be:

  • FeetFinder (website + application)
  • Etsy
  • Foap
  • OnlyFans

Note: We will discuss these platforms in detail in subsequent sections covering Selling Feet Pics for Money in 2022.

Modeling agencies

Modeling agencies are always on the lookout for the best picture that can find a place in their magazines or journals for their readers.

If you see the screenshot image placed above, all the feet pics seem to be so professionally taken.

As an example, many shoe companies or even toenail polish brands place a bigger emphasis on foot pictures.

This creates an opportunity for the sellers of the feet pictures to target these modeling agencies who can place the feet images on the cover of a magazine.

Okay, now we have a really good idea of who our buyers are going to be, let’s dive into the favorite part “Money”.

How much money can I make selling feet pictures?

The extreme success with what I have heard of someone selling feet pictures online has made $5000 per month (experienced seller).

This is obviously a much debatable question especially when the market is not segmented to give accurate results.

However, here are some success stories of people who have made money from selling feet pictures in 2022:

  • US Man named “Jason Stromm” found success selling feet pics for $4000 per month. His standard subscription rates over OnlyFans (content subscription services) start at $7.99😃
  • OnlyFans creator Char Borley was paid around a whopping $18,880 just for a wrinkled foot pic.🤷‍♂️
  • TikToker Deej (flight attendant) boasting more than 161k followers makes more than $1000 selling feet pictures. She even shares how she makes money online doing so.

As you can see there is no specified minimum amount that can be fixed to make money from selling feet pictures.

This can be lucrative side hustle with its own risks and rewards, but one has to work hard and be consistent to be able to make money out of it.

Now that you know how much you can pull off from this side hustle, let’s look at what are the ways of making money from selling feet pictures in 2022.

If you are still not sure whether it will be profitable or not, head over to the “Is it profitable to sell pictures online and make money” section below.

Here’s a great video showing the prospects on “How to make money from selling feet pics”

Video: How to make money selling feet pictures

Best platforms to make money selling feet pictures in 2022 (Complete Guide)

As we discussed above who would buy your feet pictures, let us cover each of them one by one:

Set up your own blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to connect people with your thoughts and expertise on a subject.

If you are someone who loves to take care of your feet or know a thing or two about how to do pedicures (for instance), why not start a blog about it.

Reports indicate that “every seventh person around you has a foot fetish”.

This signifies that one of the most underrated things that we ignore which is noticed by others is our feet…👀

And this is the reason why people scour the internet to find ways to take care of their feet in the best way possible.

Here are some of the common topics that people are searching for…

This presents an opportunity for those who can share their feet pictures and spread the knowledge as to “how to take care of feet”.

How would you earn from a blog by taking feet pics?

Here are some ways how to earn from putting feet pics (licensed or own) on your foot-related blog:

  • Earning from advertisements.
  • Making money from affiliate commissions.
  • Providing foot care services for a price and more.

Selling feet pictures on Social Media

Social media platforms are such a powerful tool to make money online.

Below are some of the popular platforms for selling feet pictures for money:


If there is one application on your phone which has competed fiercely with Facebook, it’s Instagram.

Regarded as the second most download app of all time in 2021, Instagram is the first platform we are going to look at today for selling feet pictures.

Source: Instagram

Here are some quick facts related to Instagram:

Who bought Instagram?Facebook for a valuation of $1 billion in 2012
How many content creators are there on Insta?30 million (amateur) and 0.5 million (professionals) content creators are on Insta 
Who makes the most money on Instagram?Christiano Ronaldo ($1,604,000 for every post)
Quick Facts on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing platform when it comes to promoting visual stuff online.

Benefits of using Instagram for selling feet pics online

Some of the benefits of using Instagram for selling feet pictures include:

  • Use stories to captivate the audience with what you will be posting on the platform.
  • Instagram reels and photos are getting so much attention for users on Insta.
  • Instagram has a unique solution of providing an Instagram creator account for serious content creators.
  • You can even poll the opinion of followers on what king of feet pics they want to see. 
  • Provides an amazing engagement over the platform from the interested buyers due to stickers, 
  • Hashtags play a crucial role in getting good engagement over time. 
  • Instagram insights provide a key metric for using Instagram as a seller of foot pics such as follower reach, demographics, engagements, and more.
  • It’s completely free to use and there can be nothing better than this😀
How to make money selling feet pictures on Instagram in 2022

Selling feet pictures for money in 2022 would include the following 3 steps:

Creating a new dedicated Instagram business account 

As it’s obvious one must get started with creating an Instagram business account.

Having a business account is a more professional way of approaching things and helps build an audience on the right note to it.

Moreover, it’s always wise to separate a personal account from a professional account for various other reasons.

One of the primary reasons is the danger of being in the business (discussed below)

Use hashtags to promote your content

Image Source: Instagram

Hashtags can give you a wider reach than normal posts and they can be really valuable for networking.

When you are starting out looking for selling feet pics online, make the best use of the hashtags as much as you can.

I have listed some of the popular hashtags for your reference here.

Create beautiful stories promoting feet selling pictures

Insta stories are great to let people know about the story of why you got started first.

You can put content related to foot care and other photoshoots related to your feet.

This can entice the potential buyer to get in touch to make money out of it.

Put Insta reels related to feet pics

Being creative and using Instagram reels can be an advantage to boost your engagement.

You can add these reels as part of your story and this can be a big impact as well.

Be creative and make the best use of Insta reels as well.

Use different variations of foot poses to promote good content to your follower

Different foot poses can show a full platter of things that you have on offer.

People love to see others who pose for different variations that can make money long run.

Here’s an image which 6 different variations of foot pose.

If your profile’s feed shows variations that will have more followers flocking into your content to stay engaged.

Keep your bio on Instagram updated with a decent professional image for the profile

Your bio speaks more than anything else.

A clean and precise bio informing what you intend to do will let users know what you are upto.

So work on your bio and add relevant information for your end-users to find the correct match.

Stay cautious of fraudsters

This is a really important thing to understand when you are starting out as a beginner.

The Internet is filled with fraudsters who are trying to scam people all the time.

Taking necessary precautions and looking for early signs can help you remain safe.

Instagram is not excluded from this as well.

How should you accept payment over Instagram

Prefer accepting payments over PayPal.

Should you accept orders from everyone for selling feet pics on Instagram

No, look out for genuine buyers who are willing to pay you first before selling your feet pictures to them online.


Facebook is one platform that provides the independence to be able to express your thoughts.

The platform hit recently a staggering 2.936 billion users who are actively using Facebook each day.

What does this all say to you?

This is a market for all creators out there and even for the seller of feet pics as well.

A quick search over the Facebook search tab gives an insight into numerous pages that are exclusively for the purpose of selling feet pictures online.

Here are the benefits of using Facebook for selling feet pictures:

  • Facebook has a huge audience base which makes it easy to sell your feet pictures online.
  • The groups over Facebook are moderated really well to avoid any kind of scammers out there.
  • Flexibility to use multiple Facebook accounts over one dashboard.
  • Helps to provide valuable useful insights into the analytics related to the platform.
How to make money selling feet pictures on Facebook in 2022

Making money on Facebook by selling feet pictures in 2022 involves the following steps:

  1. Facebook Business Page

Create a business page having all the information related to selling feet pictures which includes:

  1. A thumbnail image, 
  2. Proper description (bio) of the page
  3. Adding in the links to any website or Instagram profiles
  4. Business queries contact details and more.

Note: Remember this is solely for the purpose of business, so you need to stick to that…😑

  1. Engagement with the audience

Start engaging with the audience and look for what’s picking up in the feet sellers community.

Be active in the discussion and take input on what’s happening around you.

  1. Facebook Groups

A good way to start would be to look for Facebook Groups which are solely made for selling feet pictures.

These groups will have good enough members where you can promote your feet pics and can get conversions for sales as well.

  1. Stay away from scammers

An important thing to remember is to stay away from scammers at all costs.

This is similar to using all platforms as there are always risks associated with being scammed.


Coming up next on the list is the world of Tweets, i.e. Twitter.

Believe it or not, even Twitter can help you land your clients for selling feet pictures online.

Here are some of the benefits of using Twitter in general:

  • This platform provides an amazing medium to go viral quite quickly in a short span of time.
  • This is an amazing conversation-based platform where a lot of tweets are flooding in each second.
  • Hashtags help to explore the burning topics related to a topic or area of interest.
  • Helps to build brand awareness which is also aided by proper customer feedback as well. 
How to use Twitter to sell feet pictures in 2022?

Here are the necessary steps to follow to start selling feet pics on Twitter in 2022:

  1. Be consistent with tweeting each day multiple times

As with any other platform, being consistent is the key to success.

One has to be active in posting regularly for more feet pictures regularly that can reach a wider audience and keep them hooked.

Adding variations is also the key to building up interest in your profile.

  1. Make use of the right hashtags to explore the horizon

Imagine you selling feet pictures but using the hashtag #pictures.

Be choosy and specific with whom you want to connect via your hashtags.

Selection of the right hashtags can make or break the game for you.

A good place to start would be the #Explore section of Twitter where you can simply type in #feetpics in the search bar to see what’s popping up for you.

Numerous posts will come up with varied usage of hashtags in them. 

Make a list of all and get going.

  1. Engage with other groups by liking and retweeting stuff

When you engage with other groups and like and retweet their stuff, it helps to add more interest to your audience.

This will increase the CTR of your profile and will help to catch the attention of potential buyers.

This can be an added bonus to develop engagement and overall reach to other people around you.

This will help immensely with the long-term approach to selling feet pictures online.

Adding in your comment to the tweet will help you build relationships as well.

  1. Start accepting orders either from your official website (linked to the Twitter account) or DM’s

As you slowly start catching the attention of others, you will more often receive hits on your profile page.

People who will visit your profile page must see any official links to your website or other social media handles.

This will get serious users to flock to your sites where there would be less of a chance of getting scammed.

Or else you can accept the order over private DM’s which is not the preferred route when it comes to Twitter.

  1. Use the Twitter super follow feature

Using the Twitter Super Follow Feature allows you to get serious customers onboard.

This is just like a Netflix subscription where interest buyers must pay money upfront to be able to get exclusive content from you (feet pics). 

Paid users will make the payments set by you to access the feet pics…isn’t it the right way to make money🤑


Snapchat is another interesting platform we have on the list.

This is a platform to connect in a better way to your audience…

Here are some of the benefits of using Snapchat in general:

  • Users of Snapchat can use the platform to drive a better engagement rate for the traffic.
  • This can be a good way to boost conversions that can make an impact on purchases.
  • If you need to build trust this would be the go-to platform for you.
  • Helps in targeting the population which is mainly considered young.
How to use Snapchat to make money selling pictures in 2022?

Following are the ways to use Snapchat to make money selling pictures in 2022:

  • Snapchat can provide better security when it comes to sharing your images.
  • Sharing photos, texts, or videos (feet pictures) becomes easy on Snapchat which gets deleted once they are viewed by the viewer.
  • The servers of Snapchat help to delete the multimedia content as soon as they reach 30 days for chats (if not read) and 24 hours for the group chat messages.
  • There is also the availability to send the messages across to the intended buyers whom you want to target.
  • Better targeting in Snapchat allows you to find people across the platform interested to buy feet pictures.
  • One can even drive the traffic to their own website or other platforms where they would like to sell their feet pictures for money.
  • Besides the above, collaborations and giveaways would also play a crucial role in selling feet pictures on Snapchat.
  • Creating cool little videos of GIFs of you flaunting your feet in various poses can help to get early traction to your account for selling feet pictures on Snapchat.


One of the most downloaded apps on Playstore stands out is TikTok.

Seen as the upcoming platform to create and build businesses with short videos TikTok offers fierce competition to any other platforms out there.

Image Source: Freepik

Here are some amazing benefits of using TikTok:

  • Provides analytics that can help you study the behavior of your audience and how they are getting engaged in your content.
  • Helps to build brand awareness.
  • TikTok is a short video-based platform where you can promote short videos for connecting to your audience.
  • Provides amazing knowledge about the ongoing trends from the platform.
  • Presence across the globe covering around 150+ countries is a huge plus.
  • The audience over at TikTok is mainly young people who are actively consuming the content on the platform every day.
  • TikTok is easy to connect to your audience when it comes to marketing your videos to them.
How to use TikTok to sell feet pictures in 2022?

Selling feet pictures on TikTok in 2022 can be done as follows:

Use of hashtags

Selling feet pictures on TikTok needs a good mixture of use of Hashtags to get started. 

If you tag the correct hashtags onto your content there is a higher probability to reach a massive audience.

Stay consistent in posting content regularly

This is true on any platform, staying consistent can give you the results you are looking for.

When you start putting content onto the platform on a regular basis you will see a higher engagement and better conversion as well.

Observing other creators

Not only you should post content to get your feet pictures out there, but being observant is also a key factor as well.

Start looking at other content creators on TikTok as to how they are acquiring clients and building their business.

A really good example is Sarah Jalees who has been helping people with “How to sell feet pictures for money” through her courses as well.

Associate your account with the right details

Adding the relevant information to your account will be vital as well.

You need to put your business details comprising of business email id (suggested), website, and other details too.

Keep hunting for genuine buyers who are interested to buy from you

Selling feet pictures is more of finding genuine people who are looking to buy stuff from you.

There will be a lot of people who wouldn’t care to pay a dime to you but instead want to take the feet pictures free from you.

Stay away from these people by taking money beforehand and avoiding getting into such situations.

Being patient is the key to doing it long term

Patience is the key attribute here as doing it long-term would mean staying put to the game.

Selling feet pictures like any other business take time and is never a get-rich-quick scheme.

If it would have been easy to simply sell pics for money then everyone would have done that.

But staying on course and putting time into learning about it will give rewards long-term.

So put your time and effort into building relationships with customers who can pay you successively for months.

Beware of scammers

This is a kind of reiteration of what we discussed earlier.

Staying aware of scammers can save you a lot of money and give you peace of mind.

If anyone ever asks you to send sample pictures without paying money upfront that’s a big red flag for being scammed.

Staying away from these people would mean business to you.

Never underprice your content 

Underpricing your content is one of the major reasons you lose out on money that could have been earned.

As a starting point, you can quote $5 – $10 for every foot pic that you will sell.

When you start to grow in popularity and more people start to flock in you will make more money in the process.

Note: Here’s an interesting article that covers the reality of earning money from TikTok

Let’s look at the apps and other websites where you can sell feet pictures for money in 2022.

Websites and Applications (Selling feet pictures)

We noted down several social media places for making money by selling feet pictures.

But here are other ways how to make money from websites and applications:


FeetFinder is one of those sites where you can plenty of categories for selling feet pictures online.

The site boasts over 700,000 users who are actively engaged in buying and selling foot-related content over the platform…😮

This goes to show why FeetFinder is one of the sites to definitely find a spot in the entire list.

What is FeetFinder?

Here are some insights to know all about FeetFinder:

What is the FeetFinder platformPlatform to buy and sell foot content from genuine users (allows thongs, bras, and lingerie for sale)
What is the benefit of using FeetFinderProvides a safe, convenient, and a secure way for verified users to buy and sell feet pictures
How many categories are listed over FeetFinder to sell feet picturesOver 600 categories
What is the average price to sell feet pictures on FeetFinder in 2022For feet selling Photos – ($5-$10)
For feet selling videos –  ($10-$20 for 1 min video clip)
How much money can you earn on FeetFinderSellers of feet pics can earn 80% of their earnings.FeetFinder takes 20% fees for each transaction from sellers.
Where can you use FeetFinderAll across the globe (all countries covered)
Is FeetFinder free to useSellers have to pay a subscription amount of $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year
Who can sell feet pics on FeetFinderBoth Men and Women
How do you receive payments from FeetFinderFor US citizens – Payments are from Segpay For other citizens other than the US – Payments are from Paxum
Source: FeetFinder
Additional information about FeetFinder
  • Doesn’t promote any nudity on the platform as of now, but has plans to do in the future.
  • Sellers need a valid ID proof along with a selfie 🤳 to verify that they are over 18 years of age to use the platform.
  • Sellers from across the globe are eligible to apply but sellers under 18 years are not allowed to sell feet pictures on the platform.
  • FeetFinder doesn’t show any address and bank information to other users.
How to sell feet pictures on FeetFinder in 2022

Here are the steps necessary to sell feet pictures on FeetFinder:

Sign up and create an account

To get started with FeetFinder selling feet pics, first of all, one needs to create an account.

Along with the creation of an account, sellers need to verify their ID for becoming verified sellers on board…🆔

Set monthly fees as subscriptions for selling feet pictures

Sellers need to set monthly subscription fees for selling feet pics that must be paid by buyers to subscribe to your content.

Buyers can also get access to any separate photos or even videos by paying for the same.

Custom messages by the buyer

Buyers can send across any custom messages directly to the sellers on board to fix a deal for selling feet pictures.

Photos are blurred but can be previewed by buyers and paid to sellers without backing out.

Focusing on the search keywords used by buyers

Buyers can get their feet pictures by looking at the correct keywords that they can use to find sellers.

Examples are categories, sellers’ names or photos or videos form of content, etc.

So set a name that can be easily identifiable to buyers and which can help get you more traction in time.

Use your referral code to earn from referring to others

The platform gives a referral commission of 10% of their own cut from every successful transaction that a seller makes.

This comes beyond the 80% fees which the seller earns after signup.


User A signs up using the referral link of User B.

User A makes a sale of $50.

Here, User B will make $5 (10% of $50) while User A will make $40 from the sale.

The remaining $5 is the money that is kept by FeetFinder 


Feet pics is the second website on the list where you can sell your feet pictures online for money.

Similar to FeetFinder this is a platform to create listings of feet pictures for sale and make money from it…🐾

The platform supports age groups exceeding 50+ years of members and can be a source of earning money for elderly people.

FeetPics also keeps the details of the users anonymous and they don’t share your details such as:

  • Email address
  • Contact details
  • Full Name etc.

So make sure to create a separate business email id when it comes to getting into this side hustle.

What is FeetPics?

Here are some valuable insights about FeetPics:

What is the FeetPics platformThis is the platform where people can sell feet pictures to make money online
What is the benefit of using FeetPicsThis provides a custom URL for each individual seller that can help with conversion…👀
How many categories are listed over FeetPics to sell feet pictures3 categories i.e. soles, socks, and high heels.
How much money can you earn on FeetPicsFeetPics doesn’t take any commissions for sales made.
So sellers of feet pics can keep 100% of their earnings.
Is FeetPics free to use$5 one-time set-up fees for setting up Premium Sellers Page.
Who can sell feet pics on FeetPicsBoth Men and Women
How do you receive payments from FeetPicsPayPal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Amazon Cards, CreditCard
How many services are provided by the sellerWhatsApp, Videos, Pictures, FeetCam
Source: FeetPics
What are the features of FreePics for selling feet pictures?

Following are some of the features of FreePics for selling feet pictures:

  • FreePics works when the sellers register on the site and upload pictures of feet pics as per 3 different categories (listings).
  • The site is listed with different varieties of people as per ethnicity to sell feet pics.
  • FreePics also covers listings as per different foot sizes.
  • Sellers can be of any age group from above 18 years to even beyond 60 years.
  • Feet Pics provides the flexibility to add your social network links to improve your online presence and customer engagement.
How can sellers sell feet pictures on FeetPics?

There are 5 steps for sellers to sell feet pictures on FeetPics in 2022:

Start a custom URL page for your page

The first step for a seller looking to sell feet pictures on FeetPics is to create an account.

After an account is created a seller’s page is required with a custom URL than can help target the buyers properly.

Addition of Listings (categories of feet images) at FreePics

The next step post account creation is creating listings for selling feet pictures.

Listings are nothing but basically 3 different categories where you can sell your feet pics.

Upload the feet pics onto the platform

Start to add feet pictures onto the platform that can serve as a preview of the gallery of images for your site.

Promoting your page

It’s time to promote your page to the audience once it has been successfully submitted and approved by the team of Feet pics.

Selling the feet pictures to buyers over FeetPics

The buyer can buy the feet pics from the seller in 2 different ways as follows:

  1. Over the chat

In this method, the buyer has to register on the site for free and can directly contact the seller.

Buyers don’t need to share their mail IDs and can get in touch with sellers regarding the pictures and payment details.

  1. Using the contact form on the FreePics site

Buyers can use the contact form for the listings of sellers for interesting pictures of feet.

Sellers will be notified over email for the interested buyers and can then proceed further with selling feet pictures for money.

Note: Here’s a useful guide from FeetPics on how to get started to sell feet pics.


This is fans based site as the name suggests where fans pay to get the exclusive content from the creators.

The site allows the monetization of content creators across all genres who are looking to make money from the content that they produce.

Key Note: This site has been gathering bad reviews from the customers for various reasons and must be proceeded with utmost caution for the sellers of feet pictures.

You can check all the ratings here related to the use of OnlyFans.

However, there have been mixed responses in this regard.

OnlyFans has been rising in popularity since Covid and has been gaining all the attention.

Sellers of feet pictures prefer to sell their feet pictures using OnlyFans.

Let’s get to know about OnlyFans more in detail…

What is OnlyFans?

Here are some interesting insights about OnlyFans:

What is OnlyFansA platform for the content creators to monetize their content from subscription fees collected by fans for exclusive content
Who can use OnlyFansContent Creator of any Genre
How much can creators earn from OnlyFans80% of the revenue earned from subscriptions, paid messages, and tips belong to the creator.

The remaining 20% is covered towards payment processing, hosting charges and other support provided.
How can you earn money selling feet pics on OnluFansSubscriptions, Paid Messages, Tips, Advertising Custom Content for money as well, Fundraising, Referral commissions 
Payment to Content CreatorsMore than $5,000,000,000 (as listed on the site)
How much referral earnings can you earn from OnlyFans5% of earnings of the creator for 12 months (at no cut in earnings to the creator)
When can the seller of feet pictures withdraw the money from OnlyFansAfter a week of earning the money (clearance period is of 7 days)
How much money can you make from OnlyFans It depends but you can earn around $3 for each picture
Modes of payment on OnlyFansDirect Transfer via Visa Card, International bank transfer from VisaCard /Swift Payments or e-wallets (Paxum)
Number of Content Creators activeMore than 1,500,000 (listed as per site)
Rating1.68/5 …😑
How to sell feet pictures on OnlyFans?

Selling feet pictures on OnlyFans must proceed with caution.

Here is an interesting video from a content creator on earnings from OnlyFans

These are the 4 steps you can follow to start selling on OnlyFans:

Create an OpenFans account

Start by creating an account on OnlyFans.

This is where you will begin your journey into making money from selling feet pictures on OnlyFans.

Set your monetization methods from OnlyFans content

OnlyFans involves monetization that can come across several ways such as:

  • Subscriptions, 
  • Paid Messages, 
  • Tips, 
  • Advertising Custom Content for money as well, 
  • Fundraising, 
  • Referral commissions 

This can come across selling feet pictures to buyers and sellers can make money from it.

Promoting the content in the OnlyFans account

A big step in reaching a huge audience base is promotion.

This can come from the integration of the account with other social media profile links and setting up a good bio as well.

Putting up good feet pictures on the platform

Ultimately it comes to putting up good feet pictures on the platform which can entice the buyers to buy feet pictures from you.

A seller’s ability to sell feet pictures will be closely related to how well the seller can set up the account. 

Other Platforms

Several other platforms (including apps) to help sell feet pictures in 2022 include:


Photo selling app to upload pics to make money in the process. Sellers can make 50% of their sale


Online marketplace to sell a lot of stuff including selling arts and crafts.

This can include selling artistic images of feet to make money from it.

Print on Demand websites such as Teespring or Redbubble

One can sell feet images getting them imprinted onto different merchandise to earn from that.


A free platform to use where you can get a chance to meet potential genuine buyers to sell feet pictures online.

With other platforms, you must be aware of scammers who might try to scam you for money.

This site must be proceeded with caution


Option to find sellers to sell custom design merchandise having the images of feet on it to be able to make a successful feet pictures sale.


A good platform to connect with potential buyers by engaging in fruitful discussions on threads around the platform.

Beware of potential fraudsters and scammers on the site as well while selling feet pics.

Tips for beginners on how to make money selling feet pictures online

I went through quite a lot of YouTube videos and other resources to find an answer to this.

Here’s what I could fathom from all the research done so far.

Scammers alert for beginners

Many people who have found success in this industry have reported one thing which is commonly seen among all creators, i.e. “SCAMMERS”.

Scammers are looking for every little opportunity to scam you in any way possible.

It’s very pleasing to hear someone saying, “Oh you have amazing feet!”, “I love the way you pose in the picture” and get flattered away by the comments.

But eventually, these are the starting threads of conversations where you can end up in trouble.

You have to tread with caution in this space to be able to pull off the right customers.

Anyone with a smaller following of people (100 – 500) as a beginner will face these issues quite often.

Helpful tips to avoid being scammed while selling feet pictures online for money

There are a few ways to avoid being scammed while you are selling your feet pics online:

Don’t send photos without being paid at first

The first rule of thumb is never to sell your photos to someone without being paid for them beforehand.

Or putting it differently, don’t ever accept someone’s request for sending photos before receiving payments.

People (fraudsters) may ask for a short video or sample pictures without payment at first.

This is a red flag straight away and you need to stay away from them as they can take pictures of your feet and other parts of your body and block you afterward without any payment to you.

This presents a wonderful opportunity for fraudsters to defraud you or maybe worse put your pictures on the internet for the wrong reason…😳

So stay aware of these fraudsters at all costs.

The video attached above is an excellent example of the same, do watch out for that one.👆

Use the right payment platforms which have a good reputation when it takes to dealing with money

Image Source: PayPal

Using platforms that hold a good reputation for doing transactions should be preferred over others.

This is crucial when it comes to avoiding any kind of loopholes when it comes to making payments.

Platforms such as PayPal offer a secure form of payment for your transactions.

So prefer using it as much as possible to stay away from scammy buyers.

Make a professional and separate email id for your business

Using a separate email id to do business is a must in this field of work.

People must follow using a separate as a best practice to deal with buyers looking for pictures.

Anonymity is the best way to go in this field of business

One can go with a different name and not use the original one while using the platforms to sell the pics of their feet.

When you are going in undercover mode and don’t put your actual name out there, you remain safe from so many risks that could be a cause of concern.

So use a different pseudo name while selling the pictures of feet to potential buyers.

Trademark your photos to claim exclusive ownership of your images

Trademarks are crucial when it comes to putting pictures on the internet.

I agree that it’s as easy to download the pics with a simple Right Click and Save. 

But adding trademarks to your pictures adds that extra layer of protection and reserves your exclusive rights for its intended use.

A great tool that I have been using personally even recommended by many is Canva.

Using Canva is free and you can easily place a logo (watermark) in your images intended for commercial use.

Don’t undersell your work

Selling feet pics is a work of art and every work has a price to it.

It’s important to value your work correctly and never undersell it.

This takes a time to accept the fact that people around you will never pay you unless you put a price to it which you feel should be paid.

If you feel that a foot image will fetch you $5, but you see others charging $10 for it, then there is a chance to increase your price, right?

Look for what can be done in that regard and price your feet images properly.

Let’s move on to other stuff that can help a beginner out…🙂

You don’t need a perfect foot to be successful in selling feet pics

People think that one needs to have the perfect feet to be successful in selling feet pics online.

But there is a saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. 

What may seem perfect to you may seem imperfect to someone else and vice-versa.

This is what makes it unique as each and every foot pic tells a story in itself…😉

Be active with your followers and have a good engagement to build relationships

Being active in the comments of others and paying heed to what others are demanding can be really helpful.

This is an excellent start to building up an engagement with others.

When you communicate with your audience regularly and know where the trend is heading onto will add momentum to your work.

Have consistency with your work

Be consistent with your work. 

By consistency what I mean is to keep uploading content regularly onto your feed for your audience.

If there is one success formula that anyone would ever tell you to follow, it would be consistency.

Regularly uploading pictures and adding variations to your work trying out different poses can help you reach clients more often.

Take care of your feet on a regular basis

This is pretty obvious when it comes to when you want to sell pictures for money.

I am no expert in this🙂,  but here is what I found while looking about this topic:

  • Moisturize your feet on a regular basis at the right spots.
  • Wear the right shoes to give comfort to your feet and provide them enough support as and when needed.
  • Trim your toenails properly and keep them smooth around the edges to make them look even.
  • Using a pumice stone is quite helpful to remove the dead skin layers on the sole of feet.
  • Eat a right balanced diet which is healthy and beneficial not only for the feet but for the body as well.

To get more insights about foot care, here’s a YouTube video to get going.

Have a strong portfolio of good-quality photos of your feet

It’s well known that pictures speak louder than words.

A good quality photo can be the gateway to more opportunities and getting the work you desire.

If you are starting out, it’s highly recommended to click for decent photos that can make a difference.

You can use your own smartphone to get decent photos of your feet.

But a more professional approach could be investing in a camera to get better-quality photos.

This will take time for you especially when you are starting out, but everything has a beginning…🙂

Start with one platform to know about this business

When you are starting out, you feel like giving it all onto all the platforms at once.

But if you start out with one platform and grow from there you will tend to learn better about it.

Every platform has its own way of getting things done as discussed above.

So stick to the one where you feel comfortable doing your work and proceed from there itself.

Observe what others are doing around you

A big part of the success for you is if you know what to put out there.

Observing what others are posting and the frequency with which they are doing can be a good start.

When you know that certain things are working and certain things are not, you are in a better position to judge how to get going.

Look for poses, and trends of what is being followed, and observe the comments of others on what they are asking for.

A few examples, that you can consider trying out are:

  • Taking pictures of bare feet on sand or maybe grass
  • Using different lighting effects.
  • Changing your background as per your need.
  • Clicking pictures with different objects around your feet
  • Taking cross-legged pictures or maybe feet hanging, etc.

Seek for opinions of others who can give you creative ideas

Very often when we do something creative, we don’t seek creative ideas from others.

Does this restrain our creativity?

Yes, it does. 

While we have so many people around us who can give valuable input to take a feet picture in one certain way rather than the other.

So as a beginner starting out get in touch with other people (close friends or family members).

Sometimes they have more creative ideas on how to take a good feet picture than others.

Don’t stop looking for opinions from them about this.

Feet videos also have a vital requirement as pictures

Not only pictures of feet but also feet videos do have a market as well.

People will pay money for short clips of 2 to 3 minutes for $20-$30 as well.

This is a great market for feet sellers considering the money that you can receive.

But you must stay careful to not entertain anything else besides feet videos…👀.

You got me what I wanted to say, right?

Use hashtags effectively for your best use

Hashtags are the powerhouse texts which connect you globally to the people around the world.

As with any other industry using the right hashtag(#) can be the game-changer for beginners.

Here are some popular hashtags that you can use while starting out:

  1. #feetofinsta
  2. #feetloversonly
  3. #feetmodels
  4. #feetgram
  5. #feetpictures
  6. #feetshoutout
  7. #hypefeet
  8. #feetsellingpics
  9. #feetaddict
  10. #feetandsoles

Note: One can include upto 30 hashtags for your post and upto 10 hashtags onto your story when it comes to Instagram.

Do your own research to learn more about the whole side hustle

It’s quite possible that some of the facts and information would certainly be missed out.

It’s always advisable to do your own research for the topics that you need to know to know the ins and out of entering the industry.

A simple search for a lot of things that have been unanswered can be researched on the internet (not to forget YouTube).

So we have covered quite extensively certain things that you ought to remember while starting out as a beginner for selling feet pictures for money in 2022.

If there is anything left out let us know in the comments section below.

Let’s look at the profitability aspect of the business…

Is it profitable to sell pictures and make money?

The quick answer is “Yes” it is profitable to start selling pics for money.

Whenever it comes to determining the profitability of a side hustle, what is the first thing one needs to check?

Let’s check the Google Trends as to where it’s headed for…

Clearly, the above screenshot says it all where the market is headed onto.

Important points for determining the profitability of selling feet pictures online 

Here are a few things that you must know about when it comes to selling feet pictures:

  • The buyers of the feet pictures are those who are never going to go out of the market anytime soon…😀
  • The barrier to entry into this business is low, all you need is a smartphone and some foot pictures to get started.
  • You get to decide upon which projects you want to pick or leave and decide upon their pricing.
  • Anyone can be successful working in this business, be it, men or women.
  • There is no definition of perfect feet that is a prerequisite to being a successful seller online.

The key fact over here is that the major industries will always be there in the future serving people the best way they can.

Which sectors look for feet pictures online in 2022? 

A few prominent sectors that would fit in here would be:

  • Footcare companies
  • Modeling agencies
  • Salons and businesses 

So this presents an amazing opportunity for the sellers to cash in on the opportunity available.

Moreover, if you have an interest to pursue a career in the foot modeling industry this can be a good portfolio to get started as well.

This can present a lot of opportunities for those who are interested.

Here’s another amazing video giving insights into anyone looking to enter the foot modeling industry

Final Thoughts

Selling foot pictures for money can be an amazing side hustle with the mixed response for love and hate it.

If you are willing to put in the desired effort that it requires you can definitely scale this to a profitable business online.

All you would need is some patience and consistency in trying out new things regularly.

Do let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below or any suggestions for any improvement further…🙂

Before wrapping up things, here are some additional questions people are asking quite often.

Make money from 1 high-quality article and 1 email outreach

In this process all you got to do are 3 things:


First, find a YouTuber who doesn’t have a website or a blog. Start writing articles for the videos that he publishes online.

Write at least 10 articles and select 1 high-quality article from the lot of 10 articles.


Reach out to the YouTuber highlighting the importance of a blog/website and mention that you will help them set up a blog.

Once the YouTuber agrees to your proposal create a website and start putting blogs in that website.


Write the blogs for the YouTuber and start charging a steady income of fixed standard rates as per freelancing norms.

This is a WIN-WIN for both YouTubers and Freelance content writers.

YouTubers will start making additional revenue along with their YouTube channel and the freelance content writers will make a steady income equivalent to the number of videos that are being uploaded.

Start finding 10 YouTubers who upload 3 videos in a month and suddenly you have a steady income coming by to your account.

If you would like to know the detailed steps involved, click here to follow.

FAQs on how to make money selling feet pictures online in 2022

General Questions

Is it easy to make money selling feet pictures?

It depends upon how you take upon the work. I would be lying if I tell you it is “really easy” to start making money from selling foot pictures.

The entire internet is divided with opinions as to how easy it is to make money from selling feet pictures.
But as a beginner, it is definitely going to take time before you see success as you will learn a lot of things required to start getting ahead in this game.

So be ready to put in the time if you are really interested to make money from selling feet pictures.
We have covered everything you need to know extensively in this article…🧐

Is it legal to sell feet pictures online?

Yes, it is legal to sell your feet pictures online provided you fulfill 2 conditions.

All you need to ensure you are above 18 years of age and hold legal ownership of the pictures you sell.

I couldn’t find anything that could be construed as restrictions on minors selling foot pics for money or selling feet pictures as porn.

But, minors must not indulge in this way of making money online and rather should consult with their parents or an attorney before even starting out doing it.

The internet is filled with people who are looking for every opportunity possible to extract money from you.

So beware and be vigilant.

Here’s an article that prohibits child pornography.

Some countries don’t have any problems selling feet pictures for money such as
New Zealand, and other countries.

However, if you belong to a region where it would hurt religious sentiments or any belief to show feet pictures online, then it is advisable not to do so.

Additional Questions

Who can make money selling feet pictures?

Anyone who is not a minor and has legal ownership of the feet pictures is eligible to sell feet pictures for money.

It can be a male or a female who can sell feet pictures for money.

Is it dangerous to start selling feet pictures online?

Yes, it can be dangerous when you are starting out selling feet pics for money.

There is a high possibility of getting scammed, content being stolen, losing out on money, etc.

One must trade with high precaution and be cautious while dealing with this business.

How much do you charge for foot videos?

It depends but you can charge somewhere around $10 for every minute of video made.

How much taxes do I need to pay selling feet pictures?

Selling feet pictures are as good as any other business out there.

One must keep a record of the source of the income and pay taxes as per the laws applicable to the country.

It’s advisable to consult with an accountant or a legal practitioner to know more about this.

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