how to make $100 online today in 2022

How to make $100 online today in 2022 (5 best ways to make money)

How to make $100 online today in 2022?

Making money online is quite an amazing game to know about.

Building upon different sources of income online takes time and we get impatient often learning how to do so.

If you are fairly new to learning how to make money online, then you must know that there are a handful of legit ways of making money online.

On average, today around 1 out of every 6 people are finding ways to make money online in 2022.

Making quick money online is easy but it is not for the long term to implement. 

What can be a sustainable mode of earning money is implementing strategies in the long term which takes time to bring results.

Today we will be looking at ways how to make $100 online with a long-term approach.

Let’s dive into the topic.

5 best ways how to make $100 online in 2022

We are living in the gig economy where building a sustainable side hustle business takes time.

However, with consistent efforts and perseverance, you can make it work.

Here’s what you can follow for the best 5 ways how to make money $100 online in 2022:

1. Start making money online from a blog

If you ask me what would be one of the topmost sources of making money online in 2022?

I would definitely give a thumbs up to blogging.

Why is it so?

Because every other business is powered by the content where something or the other is always written out.

Writing stuff makes people understand things better and people want to read onto learn about information presented to them.

Many people have made blogging a full-time career in their life and this has happened with time.

The monetization potential is endless and you can easily make $100 online every day from it.

However, this comes with continued perseverance and efforts to rank your article on top and make it work.

If you are starting out today with a blog, know that the opportunities are endless for you.

The more you explore the things to blog, the better the opportunities that arise.

What’s even more beautiful is its low-cost business model which you can start even from your mobile as well.

So consider giving blogging a shot if you love to write stuff.

2. Venture into the world of freelancing to make $100 online today

Freelancing can be a great way to make some money on the side.

If you have one skill or a hobby that you are good at, consider helping out others with it as well.

As a freelancer, you can work in several areas including content writing, video editing, graphic designing, and much more.

As you work more as a freelancer you will increase your chances of success in making good money online.

Clients will start getting added to your portfolio and you would be able to demand good money for that.

You can make $100 online with consistent efforts and building trust in this space as well.

Some of the popular ways of trying out easy ways to make money on freelancing sites include Fiverr and Upwork among many others.

So, definitely give it a try to work as a freelancer on any of your defined skillsets to make money online.

3. Create videos and publish them on YouTube to make $100 online

Videos have been the go-to way to create content and spread it to people around.

YouTube is one of the major drivers of traffic today as it’s driving over 2.6 billion people around the globe.

With each passing day, the YouTube user base will keep growing getting in more and more people.

Imagine so many people are active on YouTube consuming content.

You can take a piece of cake from the audience and start to make money online from YouTube.

If you are interested in one specific niche and have something to say to the audience, you can start making videos on it.

As you publish the content you will find people who would follow you as subscribers.

There are again a lot of ways to monetize the traffic that comes to your channel.

Some of the prominent ways of making money from YouTube include ad revenue, affiliate sales, sponsorship deals, merchandise sales, and much more.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today.

4. Use social media to make money online 

Social media can be the best ally when it comes to building an audience and making money from it.

Every teenager, student, or even 9 to 5 person uses social media to search for one thing or the other.

What you need to remember is this can be the opportunity to tap into some good sources of making money.

If you have something to share you can start sharing content online on social media platforms such as:

As you start to put content onto these platforms you will slowly start to build your kingdom out of it.

People will start following you and will be curious to know ways how they can also do what you do.

It’s then when you can monetize the audience with affiliate income, selling courses, providing consultation, brand sponsorships, and much more.

But the primary focus must be to provide value to the audience who are following you.

5. Start a Print on Demand business from home and make $100 online

A Print on Demand business is an amazing business model which can build passive earnings online for you.

This is simply creating designs and getting those designs printed onto any merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, caps, cups, etc.

Essentially what you must do is make creative designs upfront and sell it online to the people.

This is one of the beginner-friendly ways to make money online in 2022.

All you need is to get started putting your designs onto a website with merchandise for sales.

As you start selling merch online, you will build more income over a period of time.

Again you can make money from this process as you grow your audience and diversify your sales.

Today we have discussed 5 ways how to make $100 online with time as you learn how to make money online.

So what would be your go-to way to make $100 online today?

Do let me know in the comments below.

Let’s summarize what we have discussed so far on this.


The 5 best ways how to make $100 online today include the following:

  • Make money from running a blog,
  • Venture into the world of freelancing,
  • Create videos and publish your content on YouTube,
  • Use social media to make money online,
  • Start a Print on Demand store online

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