How to make money online while you sleep in 2022

5 proven ways to make money online while you sleep (Updated for 2022)

How often have you heard someone saying I make money online while I sleep?

None, maybe!!!

But it is a reality in today’s digital age where people are earning $100 dollars and more while asleep.

And the dollars keep rolling fast with time.

Living in the 21st century we are no more confined to a 9 to 5 job that can only cover our bills.

There has been a transition in how things are being done and a lot of people are looking for alternatives to make money online.

It may sound too fancy to be able to make money not actively working while being asleep.

But this is the concept of making passive earnings online with your skills and living off the internet.

It may sound too good to be true, but that’s the reality we live in.

Some of the popular ways of making money online while being asleep would include affiliate income, advertisements, digital product sales, and much more.

Let’s go into detail and discuss each of the methods below…

How to make money online while you sleep in 2022 (5 ways)

In order to make money while you sleep, you need to build passive earnings that can make money on their own.

This can be possible when you are looking to hustle to build a sustainable business online.

Here’s how to earn from it…

1. Make money online from affiliate marketing while you sleep

People are promoting products of third parties everywhere.

This is the most common form of advertising anywhere including on any social media platform even on LinkedIn.

In 2022, expenses for affiliate marketing in the U.S. have increased by 5 times up to $ 8.2 billion nearly in a decade.

Does affiliate marketing have a future?

A 5 times growth in expenses means there is a lot of emphasis being put into this mode of running businesses.

This presents a superb opportunity to make money out of it.

Essentially for making money as an affiliate marketer you need to build trust in your audience.

If you are using a product of a third party and want to promote it to others for a commission, then there must be enough faith in the people to believe in what you say.

This is a long-term game that requires you to be patient and build a brand in long run.

You can nurture your audience on several platforms including Blogs, YouTube channels, or even other social media platforms.

But it completely can run on itself in autopilot mode and can bring money when you are sleeping.

Here’s another screenshot of the Google Trend indicating the direction where affiliate marketing is growing into.

You can see the shift in the trend for “affiliate marketing”, over the past 5 years and how it has been growing steadily as well.

2. Earn from the sale of digital products while you sleep 

Digital products have been another goto way of making money online for quite some time as well.

What is a digital product? 

A digital product is anything that is not tangible in its existence and provides a solution to the problems of people.

Here are some examples of digital products you might like:

You don’t know how to prepare a monthly budget and look for what to do?

There are monthly budget planners available to help you out. That’s a digital product

You don’t know how to plan for your marriage coming next month?

There is a complete detailed guide for marriages for bride and groom. That’s a digital product.

How do I create a digital product from scratch and sell it online?

Here’s a guide explaining what is a digital product and how to sell it. This guide is a digital product for you.

The options for finding a digital product are endless.

Few prominent advantages of having a digital product are:

  • the passive form of earnings
  • scalability and 
  • having complete control over the pricing among others.

The digital products you make will definitely sell even while you are sleeping.

3. Advertisements on your platform can make money for you

If we would keep a poll on what is the common mode of earning money online, then probably advertisements would be the first common ground for all.

This can be a mode of making money no matter you are which type of content creator online.

Advertising is the popular way to make money no matter what you do.

It’s quite simple as you place ads onto your content in the form of videos or text and they generate revenue for you long term.

Many people rely solely on advertising for making money online.

This should definitely try to find out more best ways to make money as they grow with time.

4. Teaching others online to make money while you sleep

Teaching is definitely a skill that not all can master.

However, if you are good at explaining things to others you can definitely try this.

When you know about certain stuff, then why not help others out in figuring out the same.

This is the same approach taken by Miss Excel, where she teaches others using Excel.

You won’t believe it, but she makes around 6 figures each month doing so…😮

So consider going down the route to teaching online to others when you know you have the desired skills for it.

Again making courses to teach others online can sell even while you sleep.

This can open up a lot of opportunities for you besides making money online.

5. Print stuff online and sell it to others

Have you ever wondered how people make money selling merchandise?

People sell different types of stuff online such as caps, t-shirts, notebooks, and much more.

If people like a design and want to get hold of it, then this can be a great business model for you.

make money from Print on Demand

The growth as you can see from here has been steady and has seen tremendous growth, especially during the pandemic.

This is expected to keep growing further with the passage of time. 

So brands who are trying to build their online presence selling stuff online can make the most of the opportunity over here.

As you sell the merchandise to the customers on demand the business model works great long term.

You can even do it from your mobile phone sitting at home and make money.

There were 5 such ways to make money online while you are still sleeping.

How did you like it? Let us know in the comments below your favorite pick.

Let’s summarize all that we have discussed so far.


The 5 best ways to make money online while you sleep are:

  • Affiliate sales
  • Sale of digital products
  • Advertisements
  • Teaching others online
  • Printing stuff for sales as merchandise

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