How to make money online with zero investment

5 legit ways to make 6 figures money with zero investment

How often did you have an idea to make money but couldn’t execute it for zero investment?

In fact, about 79% of businesses fail because people don’t have enough funds to support their ventures.

Money always remains a big constraint for all of us and we happen to stay away from doing any business even if it is a low-cost business model.

What if we could get to do something that can bring money without even thinking about investment?

Is it even possible?

Yes, today we are going to explore 7 such legit ways that can help us make money with zero investment in 2022.

We are going to look at various aspects such as:

  • How to start making money with zero investment
  • Who is ideally suited to make money using the method
  • How much money can you make using the method with zero investment

Let’s start looking…🧐

List of ideas on how to make money with zero investment in 2022

Let’s start the list of ideas with my favorite one…

Start blogging online without any investment

If you are hearing about this for the first time, then here’s the simplest definition of what blogging is all about.

Blogging is broadly about giving information to the readers about a topic in the form of text described with the help of images, tables, or even videos.

What might surprise you is the fact that this very content which you are reading now is a BLOG…🙂

There are several benefits of blogging, a few of which include:

  • You can write about any topic of your interest and start getting readers onto your blog.
  • You can create a blog from any location of your choice and all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to get started, although people also blog from mobiles as well.
  • Noone holds ownership of your blog, not even Google or YouTube.

What’s even more beautiful is the fact that you can start blogging for free (zero dollars).

How to start blogging for free with zero investment?

Many people who get into blogging typically start with “” which is a free platform for anyone looking to start blogging…(I started from here too).

All you need is simply sign up onto the account as you normally do and you are good to go!

You can then start writing content of your choice and promote your content to gain readers eventually.

Limitations of blogging with zero investment

Although blogging for free is a good start for beginners, there are limitations to this as well:

  • Don’t get to have your own domain name but always have a prefix attached to it (like
  • Limitations with the flexibility to use different features and also monetization potential..😐.

These are some of the reasons people eventually shift to professional blogging, which involves little cost.

All you would need is to buy a domain name ( and hosting for you to start blogging professionally.

This would cost you around 1 month’s premium subscription plan to Netflix…😇.

I am quite sure you can definitely save at least $20 – $30 cutting down expenses to register for a professional blog soon.

How much money can one make from blogging?

HuffPost Image

Did you know that the famous news site HuffPost started out as a blog?

The annual turnover as predicted by is around $100 – $500 Million per year with zero funding.

Now, this looks absolutely like an astronomical figure that would require consistent work over a long period of time.

Here are some more relatively comparable blogs that have made 5 figures online in 2022:

BlogsNicheRevenue of Blog (in $)
NomadLifeMake money online$5913 in May 2022 (from 7 websites)
livingthedreamrtwTravel Blog$10350 in July 2022
toptravelsightsTravel Blog$1659 for Q2 2022
thymeandjoyCooking and Recipe$5670 in June 2022
mintedempireJournal on Niche Sites $2417 in July 2022

All of the above earnings can be associated with various factors, such as:

  • Age of the domain
  • Contents published.
  • SEO optimisation
  • Keyword Research and a lot more.

But generally speaking, most of bloggers can expect to earn around $500 – $1000 per month starting out as a beginner.

Next, comes the big question.

Who is ideally suited to start blogging online

Ideally speaking you would have to write content at the end of the day.

This means anyone who loves to write content and is willing to put in the grind will eventually be successful in blogging.

However, this doesn’t mean non-writers don’t stand a chance.

People can also outsource their work by hiring writers from freelancing platforms to do the writing for them.

The writers help to publish content for bloggers and make their tasks easier.

But you should definitely know the ins and outs of a writer before hiring anyone to do it for you.

Moreover, there is no skill in this world that can’t be learned provided you put in the practice and are disciplined for it.

What say?

Create a YouTube channel

Let me ask this question, what do you generally do for the most part of your time on the internet?

An average viewer spends roughly 1.5 hours a day watching videos online. (as per Oberlo).

And the best part is it is absolutely free to create a channel on YouTube and start making videos online.

As you are reading this online, I am pretty sure you have the following 2 things available:

  • A smartphone in hand and 
  • A decent internet connection.

All you need is the courage to upload videos onto YouTube based on a niche as per your choice.

This can also be a “Faceless channel” (meaning without face) which can be monetized as well.

How to start a YouTube channel as a beginner

I am no expert YouTuber who can pinpoint the exact strategies but all you would require is a subject area of knowledge to start with.

Once you have created a channel on YouTube, you can sign in and start uploading content (videos) online.

This doesn’t require a single penny to get started on YouTube and you are well aware of the opportunities that can come with YouTube.

Even a webcam from a laptop can do the job.

Here are some of the popular YouTube channels based on your job or professional experience:

YouTube ChannelNiche or TopicNo. of Subscribers 
Vet RanchVet doctors saving animals at risk2.85 Million
PewDiePieGaming channel111 Million
Chef StepsCooking Channel1.13 Million
Bad Lip ReadingComedy8.03 Million
ProkoDrawing2.66 Million
Source: YouTube

The list is endless with millions of niches and micro-niches (topics) to make videos upon.

All you need is a will to get started and a willingness to help people with what you create for free.

Money will find its place in your pocket soon enough.

How much money can you make from YouTube?

In a recently published official report from YouTube, it stated that around $25 billion of contribution was made to the US GDP.

This also resulted in in the creation of 425k full-time jobs as well in 2021.

This surely says a lot about how much money you can make from YouTube in 2022.

But here’s a breakdown of the earnings of top creators on YouTube in 2021:

YouTube ChannelEarnings of creator (in $)
Mr. Beast$54 Million
Jake Paul$45 Million
Markiplier$38 Million
Rhett & Link$30 Million
Unspeakable$28.5 Million

Here’s another interesting chart of advertising revenues earned by YouTube over a period of time:

PeriodRevenue from advertising (in millions of $)
Q2 20227340
Q1 20226869
Q4 20218633
Q3 20217205
Q2 20217002
Q1 20216005
Q4 20206885
Source: Statista

YouTube pays nearly 55% of the ad revenue to the content creators which means it has roughly paid $ 27,466 Millions as ad revenue only to YouTubers over the past 21 months.

We haven’t even covered the other 9 ways of monetization for a YouTuber…😵

Who is ideally suited to start a YouTube channel 

Again if you love making and editing videos, YouTube is ideally the platform for you to get started today.

Not only it’s completely free but also provides a lot of reach to literally any corner of the world.

You can definitely hire someone to create videos for you (for faceless channels) if you are an introverted kind of person.

But if you intend to show your face and make videos then, you must be willing to face the camera and create content in the process.

Start with freelancing online

Freelancing is one of the ways people start their side hustle online.

Google hires more than half of its workers as freelancers (around 54%), but not full-time employees.

Essentially if you have a skill you can look to provide the services online as well.

Several freelancing platforms are growing every day and you simply need to list your services online for free to get started.

The market is ever-growing with needs and everybody around you needs help solving their problems.

Here are a few examples of what you can do as a freelancer:

FreelancerWho can you help 
Graphic DesignerDesign logos along with complete branding of a company
Content WriterHelp to write content for a blogger or a publication 
Voice ArtistLend your voice to a YouTuber or a storyteller
Virtual AssistantAssist businesses in performing nitty gritty tasks in a business
Resume WritingWrite resumes for candidates looking for jobs online

How to start your freelancing as a beginner

As a beginner it’s always recommended to reach out to others for work and give your services for free on several platforms, such as Fiverr.

This is completely a free approach and you can utilize all the social media platforms to reach out to you such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Groups etc 

Once you get your first client deliver the work to your best potential and slowly start to build your portfolio.

How much money can you make as a freelancer?

Fiverr states that around 0.38% of the top rated Graphic Designers working as freelancers earn at least $20000 over 180 days.

Not only this, around 17% of the Graphic Designers earn at least $400 – $2000 freelancing on Fiverr over a span of 4 months.

Here are some more interesting stats related to earnings of freelancers working on Fiverr in 2022:

Category of FreelancersEarnings of Freelancers (in $)Percentage of freelancers (in %)
Logo Designers$400 – $2000 in at least 120 days21.04%
SEO$20000 in the past 180 days0.75%
Copy Editing$20000 in the past 180 days1.6%
Subtitles and CaptionsUp to $400 within 120 days78.25%
Voice Over$400 – $2000 in at least 120 days37.86%
WordPressUp to $400 within 120 days70.58%
Data Entry$400 – $2000 in at least 120 days8.62%
Online Tutoring$20000 in the past 180 days0.036%
Source: Fiverr

Who is ideally suited to start freelancing for free

Essentially anyone with a hobby or a skill looking to monetize it can look to go the freelancing route.

If you want to build a side hustle along with a full-time job and test for the opportunities possible, then freelancing would be the ideal route to follow.

Create your own podcast channel for free

Listening to podcasts is what is keeping me occupied right at the start of my day.

Not only me, but nearly 424 million people worldwide are listening to podcasts as well in 2022.

What’s even more fascinating is the fact that podcasts have seen a growth of 3.375 times over a period of 9 years alone.

What do these numbers say?

People are consuming more information by tuning in to their favorite content creators providing bite-sized audio content regularly.

But if you are still unaware of what a podcast is, here is a simple definition of a podcast.

A podcast is a form of audio content available digitally that can be downloaded for consumption by listeners worldwide.

The host (i.e. you) would record the entire conversation and put it onto the internet for users.

I personally love to listen to hear about businesses and side hustle success stories of people worldwide on podcasts.

But, is it a costly affair to get started?

Not really.

How to start your podcast without any investment

In nutshell, you need to follow these 4 steps to start your podcast for free:

  • Recording the audio with the use of video conferencing software or you can record a conversation with your guest.
  • Edit the audio recorded using free software available.
  • List your podcast channel on free podcast directories.
  • Start growing your listener base and monetize your content in the process.

How much money can you make from the podcast

Popular podcast channels such as True Crime Obsessed (Number 1) makes an estimated $343k per month online from their podcast with the help of 48,529 Patreons in 2022.

However, even beginner podcast channels are pulling in decent money in 2022:

Podcast ChannelNiche or TopicEstimated Earnings (in $)
Die of LaughterCreating content similar to Honey I shrunk the kids$9478 per month
History on FireCreating Podcasts$4000 per month
The Arsenal Opinion – By Le GroveCreating podcasts and videos about Arsenal F.C.$3000 per month
Fantasy Football Geek (FPL)Creating Fantasy Premier League teams, projection tools & FPL discussion$15000 per month
Source: Graphtreon

The above earnings are coming in from up to 2200 patreons (at max).

Who is ideally suited to start a podcast channel

As podcasts are for people who wish to listen to content online, anyone who can record his or her voice can start working on a podcast.

However, anyone can really start to make money with a podcast when there is an idea for content.

All you need is a willingness to get started.

Create a Print on Demand store for free

Have you ever wished to have a store selling merch online?

Well, today it’s completely possible to sell things online much like Amazon, but adding your own customization to it.

Print on Demand stores has become a reality as people are selling merchandise online putting their own designs onto it to their customers.

Merchandise which is being sold in Print on Demand stores includes:

  • T-shirts
  • Caps
  • Mugs
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • Pillows
  • Masks etc.

You name a product and you will find an online virtual store selling stuff online with custom designs and quotes put onto it.

How much do you need to invest to create a Print on Demand store?

Zero Dollars.

How to start your own Print On Demand store

You can start uploading designs for free selling merch online onto free platforms such as Redbubble or Teespring.

Simply create an account for free and upload designs using a free platform like Canva.

Upload the same designs onto platforms like Redbubble or Teespring with any preferred merch of your choice.

As it starts to generate sales online, you will start making money out of it.

All of this is absolutely free and worth zero investment.

How much money can you make from a Print on Demand store

A simple design can sell from at least $1.29 to $120.04 depending on the category of product sold in a Print On Demand store platform.

This depends upon how the products are perceived among customers and the quality of the design as well.

Here are a few data related to earnings from products of Print on Demand stores.

Prices of different categories of products sold on Print On Demand store

Here’s a quick glance at the products being sold online and the range of price for the sale of each product:

Product sold on Print on Demand StoreSelling Price Range (in $)
Sweatshirts and Hoodies$44 – $60 per piece
Stickers$1.29 – $2.14
Masks$10.99 – $12
Phone Cases$21.11 – $26.39
Wall Art$23.80 – $25.78
Home & Living$14.89 – $120.04
Kids & Babies$10.54 – $34.18
Pets$12.12 – $28.40
Accessories$17.46 – $55
Stationery$1.81 – $23.5
Gifts$2.57 – $98.03
Source: RedBubble

Prices of products sold on Print On Demand stores on different platforms

Here’s how much people have earned selling merch on their Print on Demand store from different platforms:

PlatformEarnings (in $)$18102.38 in 1 week
Redbubble$638.55 in 12 months
Printful$605.96 in 28 days
TeePublic$232.75 for 97 products sold
Source: YouTube

Who is eligible to start a Print on Demand store online

Anyone who is good at designing stuff online can look to start a Print on Demand store online.

At the end of the day, you have to upload designs onto products that can satisfy consumers’ interests.

So the better you are at designing stuff, coming up with cool quotes, or identifying the trend the more you will be successful at it.

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Final Words

So, what’s the side hustle that you loved the most out of the above?

We are blessed to live in an era where the internet is getting cheaper than other needs of life.

This is where we have an opportunity to make a difference by doing something different than mundane daily life.

If money has been a constraint to getting started online, then the above side hustle ideas can definitely be a good kickstart for you.

Nonetheless, it would definitely take time and perseverance to make it a sustainable full-time income.

In the comments section below, let me know your feedback on what you read today.

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