Side Hustle for a veterinarian

Side Hustle for a Veterinarian (9+ legit ideas in 2022)

Are you looking to start a side hustle as a veterinarian in 2022?

Everyone needs an additional source of income to keep up with the rising inflation and standard of living.

Putting efforts into a side hustle alongside your regular job will help a lot to build sustainable income over time.

Today we have covered 11 such ways to make money working on a side hustle as a veterinarian in 2022.

Specifically, we will discuss the following aspects related to working on any side hustle:

  • What is the side hustle all about?
  • What do you need to start a particular side hustle?
  • How much money can you make from the side hustle? etc

Let’s get started…

Best Side Hustle Ideas for a Veterinarian in 2022

Any side hustle that we have discussed below would need time and patience to have a steady income in the long run.

This won’t be as easy a way to make money online as you might think.

So, if you are willing to put in the grind you will eventually be able to make money out of it.

Here’s a quick summary of what we are about to discuss ahead:

Side HustleEarnings (in $)
Blogging about dogsUp to $25000 per month
YouTube channel related to dogs$110000 per annum
Freelance Content Writer$400 per month as a beginner
Start a Podcast Channel related to dogsUp to $4000 per month
Teach Online to othersDepends on the students registered
Become a dog walker$15 per hour walking dogs
Work as a proofreader$26 per hour
Consultation services as a vetEarn up to $20000 for curing illness of dogs
Sell a digital product such as an e-bookEarn as low as $5 and as high as $500
Create a Print on Demand storeMakeup to $15 for the sale of a product
Best Side Hustles for a veterinarian in 2022

Having said that, let’s start with my favorite one of all…

Start a blog about dogs

Do you like writing in general, more so about dogs?

If yes, then blogging is the perfect side hustle to bring you income long-term.

Here are primarily 6 steps required for you to start a blog in 2022:

  • Selection of a niche
  • Buying a domain for your blog.
  • Hosting it onto the right platform.
  • Writing content and optimizing it for SEO.
  • Promoting the content online.
  • Making money from your blog…😀

A domain is just the name of the site, for example, passiveearningonline.

Selection of the right niche to write upon is the first and foremost decision that would decide the future of your side hustle.

What is  the perfect niche for blogging as a veterinarian

Being a vet, it is obvious for you to start writing about animals or pets in general of your choice, for example, Dogs.

Google is placing more emphasis on the people who hold 3 things (EAT) while writing content as a blogger:

  • Expertise in the topic
  • Authoritativeness on the topic
  • Trustworthiness on the topic.

Being a vet, there is no one better who can fulfill all of the above 3 conditions when it comes to writing about dogs…😉.

The best part is you may not even write the entire content yourself, but get a writer instead to write the content for your blog.

How much money can you from blogging in the dog niche

As a beginner, you can expect to make $1000 per month from blogging about dogs in 2022 within 1-2 years of dedicated effort.

But there are big players with high traffic who are pulling in 6 figures annually as well as blogging about dogs or animals.

Here’s how much you can expect to earn blogging in the dog niche based on real examples in 2022:

SitesEstimated Traffic (per month)Estimated Earnings (in $)
Dogtime.com3.3 million$24,750 per month
thesprucepet.com2.9 million $21,750 per month
Hillspet.com1.3 million$9,750 per month
thehappypuppysite.com888k $6,660 per month
dogbreedinfo.com746k$5,595 per month
Pethelpful.com639k$4,793 per month
k9ofmine.com383k$2,873 per month
thelabradorsite.com375k$2,813 per month
certapet.com302k$2,265 per month
doggypedia.com114k$855 per month
Source: Niche Website Builders and Doug Cunnington

The above-listed domains are highly competitive domains writing content for a long. 

But we can see that one can even expect to reach up to $25,000 per month blogging about dogs.

Note: The above earnings estimation data for dog niche blog is based on $5 – $10 EPMV (average:$7.5)  as obtained from the source above.

Not interested in blogging, here’s another option open for you.

Create your own YouTube channel related to Dogs

YouTube is widely popular among all.

With over 2.6 billion users on the platform, everyone is looking for something online.

As such people would be really happy to listen to what you have to offer as a vet.

There are so many niches upon which you can make a channel on YouTube:

  • How to take care of sick pets? (Dos and Dont’s)
  • What kind of pet is best? (your opinions as a vet)
  • When should you vaccinate the pet? 
  • Making funny videos of pets and posting them as shorts and more?
  • How to groom a dog?
  • What would be the ideal health insurance for pets etc?

The options are endless and you need to decide what you need to do.

You can even become a vet vlogger and put videos related to your work on a daily basis.

What are the requirements to start a YouTube channel on pet

All you need is the courage to face the camera and speak about your experiences and opinions related to the topic.

Creating videos, editing them, and uploading the videos will happen with time.

If you love making videos then this will be a game changer for you.

How much money can you make from a pet YouTube channel

Making videos about pets can help YouTubers earn at least $500 – $1000 per month online in 2022.

This takes time to build your following and earn from the channel time.

Here are some vet YouTube channels making money from YouTube in 2022:

YouTube ChannelNicheNo. of subscribersEstimated Earnings 
Vet RanchSaving animals at risk2.85 Million$11400 per annum
The Turtle GirlHow to care for pet turtles111 k$10800 per annum
Zak George’s Dog Training RevolutionTraining Dogs3.56 Million$110000 per annum
Our Pets HealthHow to care for dogs and cats51.5 k $6000 per annum
Source: YouTube, SocialBlade

Ways to make money from a vet-related YouTube channel

As a vet there are a lot of ways one can make money from their YouTube channel:

  • Running ads on the channel.
  • Selling affiliate-related products related to pets.
  • Selling merchandise related to pets from your YouTube channel.
  • Raising money in the form of funding from Patreon supporters to help cure sick animals etc.

Become a freelance content writer

Writing content as a freelancer has a lot of perks and benefits associated with it.

If you are not willing to put the time to create and run your own blog, writing content as a freelancer would be a great option for you.

As a freelancer you get to enjoy the flexibility of time, be your own boss, and work at your own convenience.

Basically, you would be required to write about the topics related to your own interest such as:

  • Taking care of pets (i.e. medication)
  • Dog breeds and types.
  • How to do training for dogs and more.

There are several health journals and publications looking to hire writers who would be willing to write good content for them related to pets.

As a medical expert on the subject, you stand a fair enough chance to produce great content and earn money in the process as well.

Create your own Podcast channel about pets

Podcast is the next platform on the list of side hustles that has a lot of potential in the future.

I listen to a podcast every day while taking a walk in the morning.

I had never heard of an expert talk on a subject a few years back, but Podcast is my favorite way to know about a subject these days.

Here’s why you should also think to start a podcast channel of your own.

The Podcast industry is expected to reach up to 505 million users in the next 2 years with an expected growth of 10%.

How to start a podcast about pets

Creating a podcast is not a low-cost affair if you intend to invest in equipment.

However, it can be cheap to start with if you start with recording stuff over the phone and basic knowledge about software and stuff.

How much money can you make from a podcast about pets

Realistically speaking the earning potential of a podcast depends upon a lot of factors.

But broadly speaking, the user base and the number of downloads play an important role in the earnings of a podcast creator.

As such one can expect to make at least $100 per month as a newbie podcaster pulling in revenue from affiliates and other sources.

Here are a few legit examples of how much money you can make from pets podcasts in 2022 (generally dogs):

Podcast ChannelYears ActiveEstimated Monthly Earnings (in $)
The Hunting Dog Podcast7 years$2000 – $4000 per month
The Zetty and Indy Show2 years$49 – $120 per month

Start teaching online to others as a veterinarian

Do you like to explain things to others?

Teaching might be a better option for you as a side hustle as you tutor someone online explaining ins and outs of being a vet.

You can take up subjects of your interest related to Science and teach school children or even adults online as well.

This can definitely take time to establish yourself in the market as a reputable teacher online.

But with time and persistent efforts you can create a separate market for yourself altogether.

There are several platforms where you can look to offer your services such as:

  • Udemy
  • Teachable
  • Thinkific etc

Become a dog walker

This is another side hustle that has been picking up pace in the recent past.

If you have an inclination and love for dogs then walking dogs for money will be an excellent side hustle.

This is a demanding job that requires physical strength and you will be staying outdoors all the time.

Dog walkers can expect to make up to $15 per hour walking dogs depending upon the locality.

Work as a proofreader

Are you good at spotting errors while reading anything?

If yes, then proofreading is a great option available to you.

Proofreading essentially involves reading and finding errors involved in sentences.

This could be anything related to:

  • Spotting grammatical errors
  • Fixing any punctuation errors (if any)
  • Looking in for errors in words or texts written in a sentence etc.

One can work for proofreading anything related to health magazines that publish stuff related to the health care of pets.

Generally, proofreaders can make around $26 per hour with some experience backing them up.

Offer consulting services for pet owners

People who have any pets would need consulting at one point in time.

It may be because of any sickness related to pets or maybe general Dos and Don’t related to taking care of pets.

Whatever may be the scenario consulting a veterinarian is always advisable for a pet owner.

This brings in the opportunity to make money from consulting services where you can charge money hourly basis.

How much money can you make from consultation services for pet owners

The consultation charges can vary widely starting from $800 (ear infection) to as high as $20000 (limping) for taking care of a dog.

Similarly, consultation charges can vary from $800 (ear infection) to as high as $15000 (lumps or cancer)

Create a digital product such as an e-book

Having an ebook is one of the great sources of earning revenue for taking care of pets as a vet.

Any handy guide for people who are looking to take care of their pets would also love to read what an expert such as a vet has to say about it.

Ebook sellers can earn from as low as $5 to as much as $500 depending upon the targetted audience and what they are planning to sell online.

Create a Print on Demand store

Have you ever fancied chances of having your own Print on Demand store online?

A Print on Demand store is essentially having a virtual store selling products which can be printed onto merchandise and sold to customers.

People would love to get their pet a tank top or maybe something personally customized and written on their food bowl etc.

Several Print on Demand stores is set up online making huge money selling various stuff which can be printed and sold on demand.

Print on Demand store related to Pets

The above image shows how you can sell products related to pets from as low as $8 to as high as $15 get it printed online onto different products and make money in the process.

Other Ways to earn some quick bucks online

Besides the above ways that can make significant earnings online, if you are looking for some quick ways to make money, we have got you covered.

Participate in surveys 

One can take part in surveys online and make around $5 – $10 monthly doing so.

One must be cautious while looking for legit ways to make money taking part in surveys.

Answer questions online related to animals

Answering questions related to animals online can also earn you a few cents online.

There are many websites that help to pay money for answering questions online and earning a few quick bucks from it.

We have also covered 5 such legit platforms to make money answering questions.

Make money by talking to others

If you love to talk to others, then you can choose to do so and earn money in the process as well.

People feel a lot lonelier these days and need someone to share their feelings with.

This is where you can offer to talk to them and listen to them and make money in the process of doing so.

One can make up to $50 talking to others in 2022.

Deliver Groceries and earn some quick bucks

People don’t want to go out spending time shopping.

Instead, they want someone to deliver groceries to their doorstep.

This presents an opportunity for people who would be willing to deliver groceries for others and earn some decent money from it as well.

We have covered a complete beginner’s guide on how to make money delivering groceries in 2022.

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Final Words

We have covered 11 unique side hustles that a veterinarian can look to start today and make money in the process.

Any side hustle would take time to build and grow online.

A report states that almost 40% of Americans will have a side hustle in 2022 (an increase of 6% over the past 2 years).

So which side hustle are you looking to start today?

Also do share with us what you liked or disliked about what we discussed today and any suggestions for improvement.

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