17 Best Side Hustle Ideas During Spring

17 Best Side Hustle Ideas During Spring (5th is MUST TRY)

Spring is one of the best seasons around the year for hustlers to start a side hustle for during spring.

This is the season when the world around us starts to grow and come back from the hibernation of the winter season.

People love to do outdoor stuff such as:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Going out for a walk
  • Picnic or outdoor activities etc.

This brings in the most effective output when it comes to bringing new ideas, products, and services into the market.

Companies are busy putting more out into the world and thus look into the spring season as one of the most effective seasons for their business.

Today, we are going to look at 17 such side hustles you can do during the spring season to make money in the long run.

Let’s get started…

List of Side Hustle Ideas to start during Spring

Here’s a quick summary of what we are about to discuss as a list of side hustle ideas to start during spring:

Become a Swimming Tutor$1000 per month
Become a pet sitter$50 – $150 per night
Take care of the elderly$20 – $50 per hour
Start a Blog$1000 per month
Create an Instagram page related to DIY or outdoor plants$100 per sell of a course
Start a YouTube channel$500 per month as a beginner
Clean Houses as a side hustle$350 per hour
Become a Virtual Assistant$4000 per month (experienced)
Become a Graphic Designer$55 for a gig
Be a freelance content writer$15 – $35 for 1000 words
Start designing logos for other businesses$15 – $250 for a gig
Sell courses online $44 for a course
Create a Print on Demand store online$1000 per month (for a healthy visitors)
Sell vintage bags online$375 – $720 for a bag
Bake cakes as a business$175 – $3575 for a cake
Start a cooking businessUpto $117k a year selling cooking recipes, brand sponsorship, advertisements etc
Deliver groceries for others$30 per hour

Become a Swimming Tutor

If you love to swim and have been thinking to teach it professionally then spring is the season calling you for it.

This is one of those seasons during the year when people love to go outdoors and stay engaged.

If you know how to swim, you can start providing swimming lessons to people and make some money out of that as well.

Paulana Lamonier has built a community of swimmers out of her and makes around $1000 per month teaching about swimming.

This can be a wonderful side hustle if you know the basics and love to engage with people by talking about things with them.

Besides providing swimming lessons, you can surely work as a lifeguard as well which can also bring in a steady income too.

A lifeguard can also get to earn around $19.5 per hour providing services.

Swimming can be a great way to connect with people and get to network with them as well.

A survey says that almost 54% of people in America don’t know how to swim.

This goes to show the lack of awareness among the people who are not aware of the basic swimming skills to bring on into their life.

You can serve as a big reason to bring a change in society with your efforts and help.

Become a pet sitter

A pet sitter is someone who takes care of the pets in the absence of the owners.

Pet sitting has been growing in popularity as a side hustle that can make a steady income over time.

Spring is the season when people tend to go out more often, but hesitate to do so leaving their pets in the house.

A pet sitter can expect to make around $50 – $150 per night doing pet sitting work on Rover.

This becomes a really great medium to make money if you are fond of pets and love to be in their company as well.

Pet sitter has a lot of responsibilities to take care of when they are along with pets.

Some of the common responsibilities include the following:

  • Taking care of the pets when they don’t have their owners taking care of them.
  • Implementing any first aid care services (if needed) when the owner is away.
  • Brushing the fur and teeth and taking care of all the activities of the pet.
  • Walking the pets outside when needed.

Walking dogs are also another amazing way to make money which involves staying tight to the dogs while taking them out for a walk in the neighborhood.

This is one of the growing services along with pet sitting where many people are looking for dog walkers.

Taking care of the elderly

Elderly people needs the most attention in the world today.

A projection reveals the elderly population is going to reach around 1.5 billion by 2050.

This goes to show that the society we are living in needs our attention in taking care of the elderly people amongst us.

This is where you can fit in and make some money in the side hustle during the spring season.

As people tend to go out more during these seasons, elderly people staying in the house need attention as well.

Senior caregivers can expect to earn around $20 – $50 per hour taking care of the elderly (source: Care.com).

Elderly people are the most neglected ones who live around us. 

This needs to change and we must actively be involved in bringing this change around us.

While this can certainly be a way to make money online, we must first see what change can it bring to the world in general.

Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online especially when you are looking to build a brand long-term.

During the spring season, when you get time to availability at your end, you can start thinking as to what you produce for everyone around you.

If you are a good cook, you can create recipe guides and start to promote your content on your website.

If you about gardening you can start to look for creating stuff about gardening and more.

Once you start putting your content online in front of people to read and know about, you stand a higher chance to be productive and make money in the long term.

Blogging is definitely a long-term game that requires your understanding and knowledge of how to write content.

This can come with practice and requires consistent efforts to pull through in the end.

Beginner bloggers can expect to make at least $1000 per month from their month with steady traffic coming in long term.

Create an Instagram page on DIY or outdoor plants

Spring is the season where plants bloom and grow around you.

This is also the season when people are looking to buy indoor plants for their house and want to set up their balcony or outdoor area.

If you are someone who knows about DIY or has good knowledge of outdoor plantation stuff, you can make some good money from here.

Instagram is going to be one of the best-suited platforms for people to express themselves to the world.

This is the reason why this platform is going to get the best returns for the content creators out there.

Creating an Instagram page would be the first thing to do and you can set up your page quickly and include all the relevant details you would need.

Setting up your store is also easy and simple and you can sell a lot of things related to this, such as:

  • Guides for people on how to do things correctly.
  • Courses related to DIY and outdoor plantation etc.
  • Earning affiliate commission related to products that you can sell online from your page.

You can sell courses related to DIY guides and stuff for at least $100 per course.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the popular ways of building an audience and making money long-term.

Everyone around you is trying to get online and get visitors as subscribers for their channel.

This is an immensely popular medium that needs no introduction for any newbie starting out.

The best approach would be to start making content on what you love and creating videos based on that.

YouTube is the biggest money-making opportunity for people out there as content consumption is rising each year.

This platform is going to be the best viral platform out there as you would be looking to expand your business across the globe.

YouTubers can expect to make around $500 per month in 2022.

Clean Houses as a side hustle

Many people also need cleaning services staying in their homes.

This can be a really good side hustle, especially when you love to keep your space clean and like to organize stuff around you.

One can expect to make around $40 – $65 per hour for cleaning houses in their neighborhood.

This involves various ways you can expect to make money from this side hustle.

Some of the most popular and common ways include:

  • Interior Cleaning
  • Wiping mirrors and glasses
  • Dumping garbage and waste inside the house, etc.

People who are experienced and professional cleaners can make up to $350 per hour cleaning stuff.

Several platforms are available for use that can help get started with cleaning as a side hustle such as:

  • Handy
  • TaskRabbit
  • MaidsApp
  • Airtasker
  • HomeGuide etc

This can be a perfect side hustle for college students to get started with both men and women.

Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who works virtually from anywhere across the globe helping businesses with the nitty gritty tasks.

A typical role of a virtual assistant involves the following:

  • Taking upon data typing tasks.
  • Scheduling client meetings for the business.
  • Creating videos for the content which you are working upon.
  • Editing or formatting content that is written for a blogger etc.

There are a lot of aspects to take care of as a virtual assistant which can pay you a healthy $4000 per month or $10 per hour, to begin with.

Twitter is a great platform to look for work as a virtual assistant from across the globe.

This is a perfect fit for anyone who is looking to work as a stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home dad that can make money in due course of time.

Become a Graphic Designer

We live in a world where pictures with beautiful graphics speak volumes to customers.

If you are someone who can create really cool graphics you are in for business.

Highly tempting graphics are in high demand as more and more content creators are looking to find the best graphics for their published content.

YouTubers, Instagram content creators, or TikTok content creators are all in the race to find the best graphics that can aptly fit their content.

This is the reason graphic designers are demanding considerable great pay to create stunning graphics.

Top-level Graphic designers can expect to make up to $55 for a gig related to graphic designs.

Even you can work for bloggers who want to create an amazing graphic design suitable for their content.

Graphic designers are going to be the spearhead in the time to come as more people would be looking to utilize graphics for their business.

Be a freelance content writer

Content writers will always be in demand for various reasons.

Every content creator out there who is creating videos or not publishing written content needs a website or a blog to get started.

Videos are definitely the go-to thing for any content creator in today’s digital economy.

But if that doesn’t have a combination of a blog alongside that, then the money-making potential is restricted.

This is why a freelance content writer can be the best support when it comes to setting up a blog.

This field has an immense potential that can help make money for other forms of content creators such as

  • YouTubers
  • Instagrammers
  • TikTokers etc.

Every day we see so many content creators who are joining on board, but they don’t have a blog to support their platform.

So you can reach out to these content creators and ask for writing content as freelance content creators for them.

Content writers can expect to earn around $15 – $35 for 1000 words of content depending upon how well they write the content.

Here’s an amazing story of how Gaurvi Sharma makes $1000 per month writing content as a freelance content writer.

I was offered $37.5 for content that was published a while back…😉

Start designing Logos for other businesses

Similar to graphic designing, logo designing is also one of the amazing side hustle ideas to start with.

Every company which is starting its business needs a logo as its face.

An amazing logo with the right message will always reach out to millions and be the brand identity for them forever.

This is where a logo comes into play.

As a logo designer, you can definitely work hard to create amazing logos that you see around.

This field demands a good knowledge of a lot of skills such as:

  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to be creative in your art.
  • Having knowledge of typography and design.
  • Good knowledge of color sense and putting design in place etc.

Logo designers can expect to earn around $15 – $250 per gig online (source: Fiverr)

Start selling courses online

If you hold expertise in any field and love to share your thoughts on that, courses can be the best way to start monetization in that field.

People are always looking to learn new skills and want to explore their options learning from courses.

Let’s say you can write really well and have been writing professionally for quite a long time now.

Why not create a course for beginners who are just starting out looking to write?

This can be a really great source of passive income as you will be helping others learn a new skill and expand your skills to a different level.

People are making a ton of money selling courses and it all depends on where you stand in your industry.

The best approach would be selling your course in association with another content creator who is already established in their field.

Here is an example of a course being sold online on Udemy on How to Draw (Beginner to Advanced):

The above is a course designed for people who want to learn how to Draw (Beginners to Advanced).

This course has racked in almost $22 Million dollars in its lifetime sales…😵.

This is the power of the internet we live by where we can teach others how to do stuff in their life and create a change.

Create a Print on Demand business online

A print-on-demand business is an idea that has been popular for a long time now.

To put it simply, it’s simply printing merch and related products and delivering the same to the customers on board.

If you have a blog or any other social media platform where you have a good solid audience coming in too often, you can create a good business out of this.

All you would be required to do is to create a platform where you can put the design onto different products and sell it online.

Some of the popular products in this space are:

  • Mugs
  • T-Shirts
  • Pillows
  • Hoodies etc.

Print on Demand is a flourishing business that can bring tremendous value to the existing content creators out there.

This business would definitely take time to bring in revenue, but that’s the case with any side hustle around us.

A beginner Print on Demand store can make upto $1000 per month with a steady traffic of around 10000 – 20000 visitors coming to the page.

This can be a really successful side hustle if continued long term.

Sell vintage bags online

Selling vinage bags is one of the trending business ideas that can be a successful venture in long term.

Women can make the best of this opportunity when there are a lot of options to do this business long term.

Vintage bags are in demand among the millennials and this can be a great way to make money during the spring season as well.

One can take help of different marketing channels present around them such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or even WhatsApp to promote their business across worldwide.

People are building 6 figure business selling designer purses and stuff online.

This can be an amazing venture for anyone who has an interest in design and fashion.

The above shows how Nica Yusay, 29 year old millennial makes upto $55000 in a week selling vintage bags that converts into a 6 figures business for her.

Here’s few examples of some of the items Wilglory Tanjong, 25 sells as luxury handbags:

Blue Tiger Zaza$375
Fuschia Zaza Grande$680
Jaguar Zuri $720

Source: YouTube

People love to buy stuff online especially when its related to luxury products and fashionable items that they can connect with.

Bake cakes for others

Who doesn’t blow a cake on their birthday or anniversary or logn time homecoming etc.

If you love to bake cakes and have a keen liking towards the skill, you can be in a seriously good position to make money out of it as well.

Baking cakes is still a wonderful business model, that can bring a huge amount of money especially when you have the whole support of the family in it.

Here’s a story of Justin Ellen, a year 19 year old guy who makes $100k a year just from selling cakes to people.

This may sound a small amount of work, but this is seriously a big business which needs a lot of attention and passion for work.

There are so many types of cake which people love to have for their big events.

Justin sells a wide range of cakes which starts from as low as $175 to as high as $3575.

This goes to show the potential that the market holds when you are looking to make money from this business.

Start a cooking business

Cooking is an amazing side hustle, especially when you are a foodie and love to cook on your own!!

This niche has carved out several millionaires across the globe, who have shown that their passion for cooking is unmatched when it comes to building a business.

If you are someone who finds love and often gets appreciation for the dishes you cook, then a cooking business can be a great way to start earning money.

This can be integrated with YouTube where you can showcase your cooking skills right from your kitchen.

Some of the ways you can make money from this includes:

  • Selling e-books or guides for Best Recipes to cook under 30 mins.
  • Providing courses or coaching to other cooks who want to set up their own business.
  • Earning revenue from affiliate commissions.
  • Making money from advertisements from YouTube.
  • Having brand collaborations with other food brands who are looking to associate with you etc.

This can be a million dollar business idea and Helena Faustin, 35 is a really great example of that.

She makes around $117k a year from her cooking business right from her YouTube channel showcasing about her Jamaican recipes to people.

Deliver groceries for others

People who want travel outside during the spring season don’t have time to fetch their groceries.

Even elderly people who stay in their house don’t love to get their own groceries.

If you can deliver groceries at the door step of others for some money, you can make some handy money on the side.

This is an amazing side hustle suited for boys and girls who are looking for some extra pocket money to take care of their expenses.

The basic requirement lies with an availability of a car or a bike along with a Driving License to get started.

The elite taskers who have been around for a while delivering groceries can expect to make upto $30 per hour delivering the groceries using several platforms.

We have covered 10 such best platforms to make money delivering groceries to get started with.

Final Words for side hustle ideas during spring

Side hustle during spring season or any season for that matter is something which is going to take time to bring revenue and success.

Anyone who is looking to start a side hustle at any time during the year must be willing to put time and effort into the game to harness the true potential.

If you have read till here, this means you have one thing which many don’t have, i.e. PATIENCE.

But, patience alone can’t take you till the end of the rope, what you would need is more guidance on how to get started with any of the side hustles mentioned above.

For this, I would love to put a Complete Guide from A2Z featuring successful hustlers of who have made money starting one of the above side hustles during spring for $10.

But, before that want to know how many of you are truly up for it and ready to get going right away.

Let me know in the comments section below.

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